At the back of the Rotary Club Handbook there is a heading Acronyms.  If you don’t have one of these handbooks or are new to reading about Rotary, these acronyms can perhaps cause confusion.
For people using this terminology in documents “The rule is to use the full word followed by the acronym in brackets.  So, we would say Past President (PP) Mark Caulfield.”  Thanks President Ricardo for this advice.  What I also learned was once you make this statement for any new acronym that is being used, you can then go on using the acronym throughout the rest of the document without stating the full title each time.
  1. ARH – Australian Rotary Health
  2. FAIM – Fourth Avenue in Motion
  3. INTERACT – Interaction between youth and service
  4. INTERPLAST – International Plastic Surgery Programme
  5. MUNA – Model United National Assembly
  6. NYSF – National Youth Science Forum
  7. DGE – District Governor Elect
  8. GETS – Governor Elect Training Sessions
  9. DGN – District Governor Nominee
  10. DGND – District Governor Nominee Designate
  11. PDG – Past District Governor
  12. PE – President Elect
  13. PEN – President Elect Nominee
  14. PEND President Elect Nominee Designate
  15. PETS – Presidents Elect Training Seminar
  16. PHF – Paul Harris Fellow
  17. PP – Past President
  18. PROBUS – Professional and Business
  19. RAM – Rotarians Against Malaria
  20. RAWCS – Rotary Australia World Community Services Ltd
  21. RC – Rotary Co-ordinator
  22. ARC – Assistant Rotary Co-ordinator
  23. RLI – Rotary Leadership Institute
  24. RPIC – Rotary Public Image Co-ordinator
  25. RI – Rotary International
  26. RIPE – Rotary International President Elect
  27. RIPPR – Rotary International President’s Personal Representative
  28. ROMAC – Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children
  29. RDU – Rotary Down Under
  30. ROTARACT – Rotaract is a club for adults ages 18-30
  31. RYLA – Rotary Youth Leadership Award
  32. RYPEN – Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment
  33. YEP – Youth Exchange Programme