Isobel and PP Mark Caulfield went on this walk recently and took all those present on their Walk.
Here is Isobel's account of this adventure for us all to share. 
We walked the French way or the Camino Frances. Started in Saint Jean Pied De Port in France and finished in Santiago De Compostela in Spain.
This Wikipedia link has info about St James.  You can pick out things from this.
  • 1000 years:        Pilgrims have been walking
  • 800 km:              Total we walked (but really more)
  • 500 km:              On trails
  • 200 km:              Through villages
  • 100 km:              On paved roads
  • 37 days:              Walking
  • 3 days:                Resting (sort of)
  • 20-25:                 Km’s per day walked
  • 36:                       Nationalities chatted with
  • 5 Euro:                To transport pack
  • 0:                         Bed bug bites
  • Who knows:      Cafe con leche’s, vino tinto’s
  • Blocked out:      Snoring, pain, blisters, shin splints
  • Too many:          Photo’s taken
  • Wait and see:    When we  walk it again