On Wednesday night, members and guests donned their football gear to take part in the traditional Australian Football League (AFL) Trivia and fellowship night.
After a busy few months tackling important issues that impact our community, members of the Rotary Club of Berwick got to “let their hair down” (well… at least those that have hair).
If there was a prize for the best dressed, Jim Armstrong would have won it hands down.
He turned up in his Cameron Ling outfit, wig and all, and was a major contributor to the winning team.   
It was great to welcome Anne “Bomber” Kraan, Scott “Not a Handballer” Double,
Rob “Mr Magpie” Wingrave, and Cheryl “That’s not Rugby” Zuhlsdorff.
They all contributed to what was a fun night.
This year’s AFL Trivia Night was expertly compèred by Adrian Funston and Julie Allgood. They did a fantastic job putting together questions and setting the room up to create the atmosphere.
They also introduced new features such as the half time handball competition, which was won by Gary “Dead Eye” Evans, who showed poise and skills with the Sherrin. To everyone’s surprise, round ball expert Gus Dominguez was runner up, hitting the rim three times… close but no cigar. Honourable mention went to Scott Double who must have been blindfolded as he did not get within cooee of the target…
After four quarters of challenging and interesting AFL related questions and fun facts, team “Tippy’s Goodies” finished first (by a mile), followed by “Treasure’s Treasure”, the “Riolis”, and “Betty’s Crew”. With experts such as Anne and Jack Kraan, Viv and Jim Armstrong, Jim Wilson and Terry Carmichael, team “Tippy’s Goodies” were never going to lose!! They were humble to the end, accepting their prize (one pack of fresh “whole chicken” each) with all the grace that one might expect of true champions…
Finishing last, team Betty’s Crew promised to brush up on their football knowledge for next year. Judging by Di Scheepers’ answer to which team played in the semis (Melbourne v Port Melbourne), it will be a steep learning curve!!
Congratulations to all participants and the hosts, Funno and Julie, for a great night of fun and fellowship. Thanks also to Rob Wingrave for the AFL hits and misses video!
A big thank you to all members and friends who have responded so positively to our “Book Drive” during the Basic Literacy and Education month in September. We will have a final collection on Wednesday night, for those who have not had a chance to contribute. Well done to Jane Moore and Jen Marshall for making it happen.
Next week we will have the honour of welcoming District Governor (DG) Don Ripper and his wife Jude to the club, on the DG’s official visit. Assistant Governor Allan Collier will also be in attendance as well as other visitors including PP Rotarian Robert Ong from the Rotary Club of Sitiawan (District 3300), Malaysia.  
It’s great to hear that our Bulletin Editor Sandi Tarant and David and Rosemary Collyer will be in the audience for Q&A programme on ABC TV on the 9th of October. If other members are attending we would love to hear from you.
I hope you enjoy this week’s edition of the Spoke ‘n’ Words. Well done to our trusted Editor Sandi.