So you are a new member to Rotary looking to get started or maybe even an old member of Rotary stuck in a pigeon hole. What can you do to get a buzz out of being a Rotarian?
Rotary is full of opportunities to learn new skills and explore new ideas and ways of thinking.  Your own established skills are tools to help you contribute to towards a Rotary objective but they can also be skills that might be useful to fellow Rotarians. Sharing is caring as they say so get involved.
Rotary is more than just doing good in the world. It is about building better people as well as better communities. We can give to ourselves with skills, friendship, belonging and respect while we give to the wider community and beyond.
So, you want to get more out of your Rotary Club of Berwick experience? Easy. Find the Rotarian that interests you the most and go and talk to them. Put the word out where your interest lies, what skills you have, what you want to achieve what you can contribute. Talk to someone else the next week and so on. Sooner or later things will happen for you. Sitting in the corner waiting for something to happen won’t make your time in Rotary very happy or productive. Almost all Rotarians are great people once you get to know them, but you have to make that little bit of effort. Next stop: THE WORLD.