At Rotary, we have some amazing speakers. Lex Niebboer from Wilson Botanic Park is no exception. Every year, members from the Rotary Club of Berwick have a clean up night at the park followed by dinner. We enjoy the exercise and the opportunity to do something for the community. This is a superb park and Berwick should be proud to have it !
Lex Niebboer has been supervisor at Wilson Botanic Park since 1987.  He has overseen the transformation of a 117 year old bluestone quarry to the fantastic place it is today. The park is 40 hectares and was officially opened in 1992. It is still a work in progress with new plantings of exotic and native happening all the time.
There are 3 lakes that are home to a multitude of bird and animal life.  Some of the challenges of growing a garden in this area is lots of rocks, steep slopes and heavy clay soils.  Significant fossils have been found in the rock showing the area was much warmer millions of years ago.
The RC Berwick has a Magnolia Grandiflora planted near the water lily garden in 1992.  It was when the International Convention was in Melbourne.  The clubs of Berwick (Victoria), Berwick on Tweed (UK) and Berwick (Pennsylvania) jointly planted it.  It is still there.
Lex said that despite some difficulties in developing a garden is a disused quarry, there are many positives. PPPPPs! Look to the Past, embrace the Present, and plan for the Phuture (future), with Passion, and Perseverance.
Thanks to Lex and his team for providing Berwick with this wonderful space.