Due to falling congregation numbers, on Sunday 22 September, the last service was held at the historic Cardinia Presbyterian Church. David Collyer and Sam McCurdy were invited to attend the service as representatives of the Rotary Berwick District Benevolent Society. The Church has been one of the major benefactors for many years and dedicated this last collection from the congregation to the Society. As a result of the collection at the service and together with other donations, the Church presented a cheque of $1,720 to the Society.
David thanked the congregation for their continued support for the activities of the Society and explained that we work in collaboration with Casey North Community Information and Support Service (CNCISS) to distribute support to those members of the community in need.
Kay Morland also attended the service as a representative of the Board of CNCISS.  Kay addressed the congregation and thanked them on behalf of CNCISS for their continued support and explained how their donations have assisted many community members in need, over many years.
The service was followed by refreshments provided by the ladies of the congregation