President Isobel had the honour of presenting with a certificate for recently completing The Rotary Junior Community Award.
Josie Wilson, from the Rotary Club of Pakenham (who is passionately leading this program in her own Club and also within our Cluster), explained to us that in order to achieve this award, which is designed for boys and girls in their final year of Primary School, Callum successfully completed a number of activities in the following four areas: Community Service, Physical Recreation, Social Experience and Skill Development.
The award is designed to help Year 6 children bridge the ‘generation gap’ by helping people either older or younger than themselves. Participants learn about the joys of volunteering, they find out about people in their community who are different, they learn how community decisions are made, challenge themselves to practice new skills, gain confidence and a feeling of self-worth and develop healthy attitudes towards physical fitness.
As part of the award, Callam kept a diary outlining the activities he completed, which included interviewing an adult who immigrated to Australia, going to the Clunes Book Fair, being assistant coach and playing basketball, helping a lady with cancer with her housework and chores, taking part in swimming lessons and he even went to a School
Council meeting, to see how his school runs.

Everyone in the room was blown away by the achievements of this young man. Callam personally sought out the Awards and in his own words Callam “would certainly recommend this award to everyone!”
Congratulations Callam on such an outstanding achievement!