Clyde Road Level Crossing
Greg Lee organised a great meeting for this week via Zoom. Greg is our club's representative on the Strategic Liaison Group (SLG) for the Clyde Road Level Crossing Removal project. The SLG was established as a key information sharing avenue between the project and the local community during major construction.
With some help from Jane Moore, who promoted it widely, we peaked at 46 attendees, which was pretty good for a cold bleak Wednesday night out.
The feature of this talk was to get up to date with the status of the project, which is a major headache to all locals at the moment. Once completed, the project will be fantastic.
It was very interesting to learn about the level of thought that goes into each rail crossing removal in order to bring individual meaning to each one.
In the Clyde Road case, the crossing is on the boundary of the basalt hills and low lying grasslands. The colours and textures in the final product will reflect the natural colours found in the surrounding areas. 
Meetings update
COVID-19 once again threw a little curve ball and ruined the flow that we had going in the Club. Many members have indicated they will be off travelling as soon as they can, which is to be expected after the Caulfields made a break for it early.
Some members have now moved away from Berwick (Ricardo, Betty and Rob) and others are stepping back due to health. So just to bring everyone into the picture, for the next few weeks, this is the current state of play.
  1. The 60th Birthday party is still going to happen, but we are working on an alternative date, most likely after members have returned from their travels, which may even be as late as August.
  2. 16th June 2021: This week's meeting will be at Holm Park. The topic will be flat pack coffins and caskets. Adwin Town has organised Casey Wong to present to the Club. If you are interested in trying one out, there is supposed to be a demonstration! If you are interested in the recycling/environmental aspects, there is certainly some value in attending too. BOOK here: by 10.00 am Tuesday.
  3. 23rd June 2021: St John of God Gibb Street redevelopment presentation at Holm Park
  4. 30th June 2021: Changeover. BOOK Here:
After the end of this Rotary Year, Gus Dominguez and David Nutter are putting together the program, with the help of all members who can organise speakers. Contact Gus or David if you have speakers in mind that will inspire members and guests. Gus can put them into the program and if they are good, we can promote them outside of the Club. 
Mick Morland Reserve Completed
Posted by Sam McCurdy
Information and photos provided by Jen Marshall
Construction has now been completed on a new $4 million recreation reserve at Kilora Estate in Clyde North.  The facility includes an AFL/cricket field, 2 x netball courts, multipurpose pavilion, cricket practice nets, car parking, high performance LED lighting and is rounded out with a playground, public art and landscaping. 
The new reserve has been named the Mick Morland Reserve in memory of the late Mick Morland OAM. 
Mick was a colourful character, a former Mayor at the City of Casey and an Edrington Ward Councillor.  He was also a member of the Rotary Club of Berwick, serving as President in 2012-2013.
The Mick Morland Legacy Link is also being constructed along Copabella Circuit which leads towards the recreation reserve, comprising of porphyry stone thresholds, furniture and plantings.
The Rotary Club of Berwick is in discussion with the City of Casey to place a seat in Mick's honour. The council are planning to have a Quercus Lobata planted on the far side of the sports ground facing back down the walk. The intention is for Mick's seat to be set under his tree, so that you can sit and reflect back on the walk.
Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA)
Posted by Sam McCurdy
As reported in previous bulletins, the MUNA experience this year will be significantly different as compared to the residential programs of previous years, due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Instead, delegations (teams) of 2 students, from either Year 10 or Year 11, will be tasked with producing a 5-minute video in response to an adapted United Nations resolution.  The 2021 Rotary District 9820 resolution for senior students is "Sustainable Development: Protection of global climate for present and future generations of humankind."
The MUNA Resolution topic and guidelines for the activity were discussed at the online workshop on Saturday 29 May. It was recorded and is available to view for those who couldn’t attend on the Rotary D9820 MUNA YouTube channel.
The aim is for students to gain deeper understandings of complex humanitarian issues, further develop their research skills and ability to prepare and present information specific to their chosen UN Member State (the Country they represent).
Supporting MUNA provides an excellent opportunity for Rotary Clubs to connect with local secondary school/s (public and private) and involve students in a Rotary Youth program.  
At this point, we have four teams from local schools registered, two teams from Nossal High School, one from St Margaret's School and one from Berwick Grammar. 
The cost of the 2021 MUNA activity is $50.00 per delegation, payable by the Rotary Club and will be used to cover costs incurred to deliver an online event and cover prizes for winning delegations.
Registration close on Friday 25th June.  The 5-minute videos have to be completed and uploaded by Friday 13th August and the winners will be declared at a live event on Sunday 29th August.
We wish all our participants every success in the program, but we especially hope that they enjoy the experience.
Use re-useable cups for takeaway coffee
Posted by Sam McCurdy
We all know that Greater Melbourne is the coffee capital of Australia, if not the world!  Many people feel unable to start their busy day without their takeaway coffee.  It is really a very social thing!
Did you know that disposable coffee cups are not recyclable and must go in the rubbish bin?
Even 'compostable' or biodegradable coffee cups cannot be recycled and cannot go in your compost or Food and Garden waste bin, because Australia's existing composting facilities can’t process them effectively.
Using a reusable coffee cup to get a takeaway coffee helps reduce waste going into landfill, which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 
Did you know most cafes are accepting reusable coffee cups? So remember to bring yours next time you head out for a take away coffee to help reduce waste.  Also, many cafes offer a small discount to those who provide their own reusable cup. 
Note that there are no health standards or regulations preventing businesses from taking your clean reusable coffee cup for use. 
Let's do our bit for Rotary's 7th area of focus "Supporting the environment"!
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9th June 2021
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June is 'Fellowships' Month
Rotary Fellowships are international groups that share a common passion. Being part of a 'Fellowship is a fun way to make friends around the world, explore a hobby or profession, and enhance your Rotary experience.
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Common Ground: Rotary Magazine 2021 Photo Awards. In a time of separation, our winning photographers used their cameras to make connections.


Julie Dockrill, recipient of Rotary’s People of Action: Champions of Health, led a team of midwives in training health care professionals as part of a comprehensive well-being program that’s saving mothers and babies.

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Luc Heller's news from Switzerland
Letter provided by Funno
The following letter was sent to Adrian Funston by Luc Heller earlier this year. 
Luc was an international exchange student from Switzerland in 2014-2015, when Gus Dominguez was President.  He proved to be one of our most popular exchange students and still keeps in touch with Club members.  Funno thought you would be interested in reading the news from Luc.
Recruiting the right people for our Club
For the Rotary Club of Berwick to grow and flourish, we need to recruit people who fit with our club culture and direction. We are playing the long game and what that means is, we are building the Club purposely so we can deliver effective programs and projects to our community for years to come. This past year was about the stabilisation and refocusing of the Club. Most of that work has been done.
We have added three terrific members, even though the Club wasn't quite ready. This coming year will be about actively recruiting new members who are ready to work, evolve and strengthen the Club. We are not looking for just anybody, we are looking for specific motivated and long term members, who are willing to invest their skills, talents and vision into the Club.
Recruiting new members for Rotary is the same as finding the right staff, adding players to a sports club, or finding the right friends. Have a look at the video and see if you agree.
Thank you to our sponsors.