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27th April 2022
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April is Maternal and Child Health Month
Maternal and child care is one of Rotary’s main causes. Rotary makes health care available to vulnerable mothers and children so they can live longer and grow stronger.
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Club Service Night
The Beaconsfield Club
May 04, 2022
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Mothers Day Walk
Wilson Botanic Park
May 09, 2022
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Cyber Crime Presentation
The Beaconsfield Club
May 11, 2022
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Travel Guide Partners night: Japan
The Beaconsfield Club
May 25, 2022
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
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Across Europe, Rotaract members are using digital tools to share information and coordinate to help people who have been affected by the war in Ukraine


Learn more about the general secretary and CEO of Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation, John Hewko.


Rotary supports UN General Assembly resolutions calling for an immediate ceasefire and withdrawal of Russian military forces from Ukraine.

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Work hard, Play hard
I had the great privilege of inducting our newest Rotarian, Trevor Watson into the Rotary Club of Berwick family this week. In old fashioned terms, Trevor has all the qualities of a fine person. That is someone who is diligent, works hard for a cause and does what he can when he can. I was brought up to recognise people like Trevor in the workplace and the community as people who have untapped potential that just needs to land in the right place to develop it. With our current mix of "Young Guns" (Jen, Dave A, Andrew, Greg and now Trevor) plus a sturdy background of old guns (list suppressed because old guns don't like the publicity) Trevor is in the right place.
Trevor made the point that he was shopping around for the right group to join. We are just one group in a crowd of Service Organisations. Our saving grace was that Trevor knew Rotarians amongst his business associates. How well are YOU upholding our Rotary values amongst your friends and colleagues to bring a member such as Trevor into Rotary?
The Rotary Club of Berwick is doing many different activities in our community NOW, some in the planning stages, others in the active stages and there are even more in the "COVID to be awakened stages". We are active participants in our own sphere and making a difference to the people around us. If you have no idea what I am talking about, it is time you made an effort and catch up with the many amazing projects the Club has been working on.
BUT, back to Trevor. I have seen it in all of the new members I have inducted, an underlying drive to achieve and be part of a greater picture using their own initative. Trevor is one of those people. I expect that every member of the Rotary Club of Berwick will make an effort to make Trevor's Rotary journey fulfilling, fun and rewarding.
Congratulations Trevor for stepping forward to join Rotary. I hope you will find a path that will fill your life with purpose and fill your heart with happiness. A little frustration and learning will surely be involved but nothing comes for free! 
How many words are too many?

Ideas Connect People

As a Rotary Club of Berwick bulletin contributor, I cop a bit of flack because some of my stories can be a bit "wordy". I write so that someone who does not know anything about Rotary can have a chance to understand what I am writing about. My aim is to capture the imagination, educate on our motives and processes and celebrate our achievements and social engagement. Most Rotarians have a sense of purpose, the most powerful feeling anyone can have. I am about connecting with people who are looking for a strong and productive community organisation to be a part of and to make the world a better place.
For seasoned Rotarians, a bunch of acronyms are all that is needed for a good story. For others, a few dot points will suffice. For a new Rotarian, maybe a fuller version to flesh out a few concepts. But what about that potential Rotarian that knows nothing about Rotary, who we are, what we do or how we operate? 
Rotary is a complicated network of concepts and ideas. These concepts and ideas blur in and out of the Rotary structure as it engages with other like-minded entities and Rotary focused groups. As a Rotary member, WE have the potential and connections to do ANYTHING. We are not bound to one idea, purpose, direction or function. Rotary is everything and Rotarians have the choice to go in directions that many other service organisations cannot offer.
Rotary has the power to make a difference to individuals, communities and the world. It takes a bit of work to capture the essence of Rotary and present that in a way to inspire that potential future Rotarian in just a few words. That is obviously past my personal capability!
I am not a professional writer. If you understand the intent, skip through the wordy bits and share our bulletin with like-minded people who can help us change the world, then we are onto something good. Better still, join me to get our message across and build our Club collaboration network so we can do more. We have so much to do and not enough people who know about Rotary to do it.
I want to extend our reach to the unconverted. The people who have heard about Rotary but have no one to ask about Rotary. Cut me a break, let me continue the wordiness for just a few weeks longer.
Mother's Day Walk
Posted by Graham Johnstone from an email by Jen Marshall.

Register here:
Tips; Covered footwear recommended, some tracks are gravel and keep to tracks for safety.
Anzac Day 2022
Posted by Graham Johnstone.
Anzac Day commemorations returned after a two year Covid pauseThe gunfire breakfast at Bunjil Place was a shared event with the Rotary Club of Narre Warren. We were represented by Gary Cooper, David Hocking, Graham Johnstone, Jen Marshall, Andrew Somers and Trevor Watson. The moving ceremony accompanied by bugles, bagpipes and chirping birds welcomed the new day.  Veterans and their families were presented with a cooked breakfast and members of the public started the day with a sausage in bread.
Later in the day we were represented at the RSL ceremony in Berwick by President David Button, Secretary Sam McCurdy and Greg Lee. A parade of servicemen and women were accompanied by a flyover of RAAF planes.
Touring Japan
Posted by Graham Johnstone from an email by Di Double.
Chicago Meeting of Legislation
Posted by Graham Johnstone from an email by PDG Tim Moore.
Rotary’s Council on Legislation Chicago 2022
I have just returned from the 2022 Council on Legislation in Chicago which was conducted 11 – 14 April. 84 enactments were debated over the 4 days. There were 473 delegates, each one representing a Rotary district. I had the privilege and pleasure of representing our District 9820.
The Council on Legislation is Rotary's version of a congress. Every three years, representatives, selected by their districts, gather to consider proposals designed to move Rotary forward and adapt to the changing times. Passed enactments modify the Rotary International and Club Constitutions and ByLaws.
While the Rotary International Board may suggest enactments, most emanate from Clubs and Districts throughout the world of Rotary.
The experience and the debates at the Rotary Council of Legislation were interesting and thought provoking. Many of our colleagues from Australia and New Zealand couldn’t be here but participated in an elaborate virtual environment.
Just as rewarding I caught up with past virtual Zoom friends and, of course, face to face with our own Zone Director Jessie Harman, Past International President Ian Riseley plus President Nominee Gordyn McInally and Rotary Foundation Trustee Larry Lunsford. All will be visiting Australia for the ANZ Conference in October this year.
A summary of all of the enactments and outcomes will be available soon.
Mick Morland Rock
On Sunday 27th March, a small team of members got together to install the rock at the Mick Morland Reserve.

Thank you to all concerned (especially our little Rotary helpers), for a job well done!

Mick's plaque will be installed closer to the official opening of the reserve.

 The official opening of the Mick Morland Recreational Reserve will be held in Clyde North on Saturday 7th May at 10 am.

This is a Casey Council event. For information and RSVP please contact or ph 97055200.

Our young Heros!

We are People of Action
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