Zoom in the Room
The return to Zoom this week brought some very informative banter amongst the guests. Of particular interest was the growth of David Nutter's beard and moustache and how Mummy has let him get away with it. We are all looking forward to the end result! 
Gus sparked our curiosity with the unusual style of Argentinian BBQing, which reminded me of Joan of Arc. In Argentina, where there's fire, there's a dismembered cow slowly grilling over hot coals. Asado isn't just a barbecue, or a cultural tradition, it's a main source of national pride and is worshipped high on a majestic meat pedestal alongside fĂștbol, Messi, and the Pope. I guess we are all going to Gus's house for a BBQ sometime soon!
Greg Lee then spoke about the current situation with cyber crime and some of the ways that ransomware was infiltrating computer networks, encrypting data and then putting in a ransom for it. Very interesting and scary stuff!
Last cab off the rank was a fly around the Boral Quarry in Deer Park by drone, courtesy of PP Laury Gordyn. Excellent footage.
Next week, Wednesday 9th June 2021, will also be a Zoom meeting courtesy of the State Government. Greg Lee has organised a presentation on the Clyde Road Level Crossing Removal Project. Greg has been the Club's representative on the Stakeholder Liaison Groupto keep us informed on this project. There are a lot of interesting facts to learn not just about the project itself, but also about what gets dug up along the way. If you have seen how big the auger is on the drilling rig, you will realise that they are digging up the past! Well worth a zoom in! Starts 7.40pm Password: Rotaryzoom
FUN Fact: The Beard and Moustache Appreciation Rotary Fellowship is actually a real thing!  
If you want to get a bit more bang for your Rotary buck, join a Rotary Fellowship!
Ransomware update
Always check incoming email addresses. Although they may appear legit and from a friendly source, there may be a letter or digit or other which is not correct, eg 0 instead of O in the server address, and if unsure contact the sender by phone.  If there are any attachments which need opening, don't open them until you can verify they are all legit.  Make sure you back up your data and as suggested by Tim last night, your backups to be separated from your pc, eg external hard drive safely secured. Emails tend to be the easiest way criminals are getting access to your PCs and phone, by you clicking on links or opening emails, before checking. 
Email account access on mobiles:
Your mobile is connected to various apps and the internet. Make sure you have 2-factor authentication (2FA) turned on in your email account. 2FA should be used on all other apps, as well. This will mean that if someone gains access to your personal info, such as ID and phone number, and tries to log on to your emails to create an account, you will be notified provided you have 2FA in place.
For emails go to settings and you can turn on 2FA from there.  Other apps may vary.
Club Program
I have been hoping for almost a year that someone(s) will take on the Club program and bring back the crowds to the Club. PP Gus Dominguez and David Nutter seem to be getting some momentum and as of the end of the month, I am out and they are in. Please give them all the support you can.
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