Issue  30
16th February 2022
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February is Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month
During February, Rotary Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month, we’re celebrating our commitment to build peace and mitigate conflict.
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Travel Guide Partners night: Morocco
The Beaconsfield Club
Feb 23, 2022
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Retirement Living. Mary Lyn Gilberthorpe.
The Beaconsfield Club
Mar 02, 2022
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Clean-Up Australia Day
Mar 06, 2022
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
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 Rotary statement on wild polio case in MalawiAs a result of ongoing disease surveillance, the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) has confirmed a case of type 1 wild poliovirus (WPV1) in a child suffering from paralysis


Rotary International president-elect announces 2022-23 presidential theme to district governors-elect.


Situated in different parts of the world, the Rotary Peace Centers offer tailor-made curricula to train individuals devoted to peacebuilding and conflict resolution — no matter where they land.


Young people from Rio de Janeiro’s infamous favelas find an outlet for their energy -- and a chance at Olympic gold -- through Rotary


Rotary projects around the globe February 2022


Rotary members meet with EU officials to examine Rotary’s role in achieving

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And then the magic happens
This will be my last story for a while as I attend to the rebuild of my greenhouse. That's a big storm damage rebuild in case you think I am skipping out for no good reason.
All our working members need some time to make or save a few dollars in their professional lives. I have to tell you that I need to do both in a big hurry before Autumn comes. For readers that don't know, I am a Production Nursery person who deals in a very seasonal business. Miss an opportunity and it is gone forever! Time is money and the stakes are high.
The photo above is about a bike race. Teams work together to help create a result. It is a fluid and dynamic flow of people doing their most to help other people. It is exciting, unpredictable and very strategic. Rotary could be seen as not that much different! Oh and that's my daughter Saffron riding for the Roxsolt Team. I learned a lot about teamwork, expectations of performance, club dynamics, team and morale building, marketing, financial mechanics and personal development when Saffron's team stayed over this week while they raced down at Phillip Island. Very interesting and practical stuff that surprisingly fits into a dynamic Rotary Club model. For me, the standout was the strong association with the governing bodies that create the events/opportunities that drive the whole thing. Without strong connections to the overarching organisations, it is hard to get anywhere. Are we a Rotary Club trying to paddle along on our own?
I have been waiting almost two years to see my people (that's my fellow Berwick Rotarians) go from doing not much to doing something special. Yes, I have had a great crew around me to keep the life support going, but I have been looking for something way greater than life support. It has been a long time coming, but David Nutter has been pulling a few terrific meetings together which play to the crowd and are bringing a great assortment of people to our Club meetings. A crowd creates a crowd as they say but other members are catching the vibe and inviting people along too. If David and our members keep that sort of behaviour up, we will certainly have a vibrant club and interesting club in no time!
Another thing that has happened recently is a realisation that what the Club has built up over many years is easily lost. We have a Presentation Ball project with Berwick College which has coursed through the Club veins for decades. PP Isobel and PP Pete Batterham with wife Sue have worked that project for years almost solo. It has been very hard on them to keep that project alive to support the fundraising activities of the Club. What they have done, without much fanfare has kept our Club going and this project needs to continue. With both PP Isobel and PP Pete, with Sue unable to go any further, it is up to the greater Club to come forward and step into their places to keep this iconic project going.
We have managed to shut down our other fundraisers such as the Farmers Market and golf day. We all know that a Club or business without an income stream is a dead entity, so why do we want to shut ourselves down? It takes a lot of effort to start new, but it takes less effort but the commitment to follow an established project through.
So the magic happens when people rally around and commit to saving something. Our Club Board know we need this project and the connections to Berwick College and the community that go with it. Our Board members are lining up to help where they can to ensure there are no hiccups. The real magic happens when the ordinary member steps forward to help carry the load. That may not happen, but all I can say is that I am seeing some signs that our Club Rotarians are thinking more about the prosperity and future of the Club than I have seen for a very long time.
So there is my hope for action this week. I am looking forward to a very fulfilling District Conference over the next weekend. I am looking forward to learning about the trials and tribulations of the other Clubs in the District over our COVID days and finding out how each has fared with projects in the community and abroad. To learn about their strategies and lucky breaks is a real opportunity to see a bigger Rotary picture, especially over a bit of social time and a beverage or two. The District Conference is the ONLY opportunity for club based Rotarians to peak outside the Rotary Club of Berwick to the bigger Rotary world. Thankfully, we are part of a larger Rotary story starting at Rotary District 9820 who will be our hosts at this week's District Conference. Bring it on!
AND, in three weeks time, on Sunday 6th March, our Club is going to get out into the community and pick up rubbish for Clean up Australia Day. Wouldn't it be awesome to get 30 Rotarians out into broad daylight with our uniforms on for the public to see us doing something positive in the community? You might think I am dreaming, but I am hoping you are dreaming the same dream as me!
Mock Interviews at Nossal High School
Posted by Sam McCurdy:
Mock Interviews will be held at Nossal High School on Thursday 31st March and Friday 1st April.
We are aiming for 10-20 interviewers, if possible, to get through the 200+ students as quickly as possible.  Normally, we allow about 10 minutes per student. We intend to collaborate with the Rotary Clubs of Casey and Narre Warren to be sure of having enough interviewers for the task.
The process that will be followed will be the same as in the past.  That is:
  1. Each student has a fictional job advertisement.
  2. They research the requirements for the job.
  3. They prepare an application letter.
  4. They prepare a resume to maximise their chance of success in the fictional  application.
  5. They present at the interview with the relevant documents, as if it were the real thing.
  6. After the mock interview, we provide constructive advice to the student on any improvements that could be made.
  7. We complete a very brief report on each student that we interview and give it to the supervising teacher.
More detailed information on times etc., will be provided before the mock interviews.
If you are available to assist with the interviews, please advise Sam McCurdy ASAP. 
Note that you will need to have a current Working with Children check.
Save the date: "The Duke" Movie Night
Posted by Sam McCurdy on behalf of Jane Moore:
You are invited to save the date  for a pre-release screening of one of the most anticipated movies of 2022 – "The Duke", starring Jim Broadbent and Helen Mirren
When: Saturday 19 March, 2022
Where: Cameo Cinema Belgrave
Time: 4.00 for 4.30pm start
Cost: $20.00 per person
This is Rotary End Polio Now fundraiser. Let’s get together to enjoy this feel good movie whilst supporting this amazing program to help stamp out polio once and for all!
The Duke is the true story of Kempton Bunton, a 60-year old taxi driver, who stole Goya's portrait of the Duke of Wellington from the National Gallery in London. It was, and remains, the only theft in the Gallery's history
Buy your tickets HERE
Please spread the word!  Your families and friends are most welcome to join in the fun!.

Jane Moore
New Clyde Road Underpass Opening
Posted by Sam McCurdy with information supplied by Greg Lee:
Clyde Road will re-open to traffic in both directions on Monday 21st February. Yippee!!
The shared use path on the Eastern side of the underpass and access into Berwick Station will also open for pedestrians and cyclists.
The Southern car park at Berwick Station remains closed until early 2023.  There will be no vehicle access from Clyde Road.
To celebrate the removal of the level crossing and opening of the new underpass, enjoy a free coffee on us at Little By Little Cafe (Corner Reserve Street and Clyde Road) between 7:00am and 11:00am on Monday.
New RYLA dates
District 9820 bulletin posted by Sam McCurdy:
To our Rotary family 
It is with pleasure we can now confirm that RYLA will be held at Rawson, mid-year, and commence on Monday 27th June concluding Saturday 2nd July.
The program will remain reasonably unchanged with our Rotary Expo day on the Wednesday as originally planned. We will confirm with more details once we get closer to the date but look forward to you all joining us at Rawson on Wednesday 29th June.
These dates coincide with university semester holidays which will enable our 2022 Rylarians who attend those educational institutions to participate.
We will be advising the current participants of the new date simultaneously with this advice to clubs and requesting confirmation of their ability to attend. Should there be any issues or changes of circumstance we will advise respective sponsoring clubs.
Applications for participants will remain open until 5th May to give those that may have missed out a chance to apply.
For further information please contact Nigel Cousins (9820) at or Trish Carr (9810) at
Nigel Cousins, District 9820
Trish Carr,  District 9810
Help spread the word via Facebook
Posted by Sam McCurdy:
At the Board meeting on Tuesday night, Public Image Director, Jane Moore, advised that we need to use Facebook more efficiently, to spread the word about our Club. 
Despite an increase in the number of postings by Jane and others about the club's activities, we are not always achieving a large number of views. 
Although our members and others associated with the Club may be viewing the postings, not all are pressing the "Like" and "Share" buttons to maximise the audience.
Therefore, when you view a Club posting on Facebook, please be sure to press the "Like" button  and the "Share"buttons.
Inner Wheel Garden Party
Posted by Sam McCurdy:
Rotary Branding builds recognition
Branding is a critical marketing strategy used by most organisations to make whatever you are selling stand out and be subconsciously recognisable. Branding needs to be consistently applied to every aspect of the organisation. Most branding is a long term investment made generally by the business and it is regularly reviewed to keep in tune with changes in the marketplace. A brand is often modernised and relaunched when it becomes tired or out of date. I bet you can think of many brands that have changed significantly over time. Your local shopping centre is full of evolving household names with branding screaming out to be instantly recognisable which has changed over time. 
Rotary is certainly no different. In 2013, Rotary modernised its branding and rolled out a whole new set of logos. The difference between a household/ business brand and our Rotary brand is control of its use. Corporate businesses have strict legally enforceable rules on how their branding is to be used, presented and where it can or can't appear. Get it wrong and there are consequences.
Rotary does not have that sort of power over Rotary Clubs. It would be seen as unethical to sue a Club for misrepresenting the Rotary brand.  Most Clubs have spent their own money over the years on Club uniforms, banners and signs. They don't want to force their members to buy new correctly branded shirts, hats etc just to be "Correctly Branded" in public and this lies the problem. For Rotary to be seen as a united organisation across the world, it is the branding that ties it all together.
Our Club is a small corner in a global tapestry of Rotary Clubs. We don't work in isolation, we are a piece within the Rotary Brand. Please be proud of being a Rotarian and show our community, country and the world that you are a player in the main game by using the current branding.  Enjoy the video! I hope it will go some way to helping us all to understand why keeping our Brand fresh is an important part of building recognition and trust in Rotary across the world.
Thank you to our sponsors.