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26th January 2022
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January is Vocational Service Month
Vocational Service is at the heart of Rotary, which was founded on the classification system of membership.
Business and professional life are the bedrock of Rotary, and Vocational Service is a major force in promoting honour, integrity, and trustworthiness in business.
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Jan 29, 2022
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The Beaconsfield Club
Feb 02, 2022
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Dr Michael Beech
The Beaconsfield Club
Feb 09, 2022
7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
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Women and polioWhy it’s important to consider gender at all levels of eradication

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This week at the Rotary Club of Berwick

This week we start 2022 back at Holm Park.

We have been away for so long, it is time for a relaxed social meeting to make up for missing our get together at Jack and Ann's Garden Party. Partners and friends are very welcome. The focus of the meeting is fellowship so there will be no formalities apart from David Nutter and PP Gus massaging our brains to fill out the program for the year. 

Almost every Rotary Club I talk to is itching to do "SOMETHING". Life has been shut down to curb the spread of COVID and in doing so, put everyone's life in neutral. It is very hard to get out of neutral and into first gear, so let's talk about a few baby steps to get us active in the community again after "The Long Sleep".

While we are chatting we will discuss Omicron’s effect on RCB events, how we are feeling about the current situation and what we are concerned about.

David and PP Gus will sprout about the great exciting program they have lined up for the 9th of February and an exclusive preview of the list of future program events.

There might be a hint of travel feature fun nights organized by Di Double.

David and Gus will be asking for program suggestions, your favourite Rotary Program idea or event, and then a list of who we want to volunteer as our next few ‘behind the badge’ speakers.

See you all on the 2nd.

P.S. Here is the easy registration link for friends and guests or members who don't like logging on:

Presidents Message
This week has been full-on from every angle. Epic journeys through construction, staff management, plant production, COVID and Rotary are at every turn (and it is only Friday!). 
Rotary has been the dominator though with our Club's involvement with an Australia Day event in conjunction with RC Southbank, Nossal High School and Rotary Safe Families.
Between Sam and myself, we were able to distribute 150 meals split between Transit in Narre Warren and The Salvation Army in Pakenham. Meals were also distributed through the MISSION TO SEAFARERS VICTORIA to those stuck on vessels. All meals were gratefully accepted and both Sam and I made new connections to local organisations that our Club and Cluster Clubs can contribute to.
The other part of the Australia Day event was an outside broadcast to Rotarians around Australia about what Rotary can do in the community. I personally attended the presentation at Nossal High School and I have to say I learn't about Rotary on a whole new level. I hope that many of our RC Berwick members attended the online presentation. It was well worth the hour of watching it. Our Club and all Rotary Clubs in Australia have a whole new set of tools and opportunities ready to go if we can find the right people to drive them.
  1. Environmental Projects and opportunities through ESRAG including getting involved with local schools to promote awareness of the environment.
  2. Environmental, Social, and Governance, ESG Investors are increasingly applying these non-financial factors as part of their analysis process to identify material risks and growth opportunities in which Rotary can play a part. This is a really serious topic and will take a couple of goes to get your head around.
  3. Rotary Foundation Australia: Now we can do big Rotary Projects in our own country if we have the right project and people to drive it. 


    Register now to find out if your Rotary project is eligible to connect with a Rotary Foundation Australia corporate or philanthropic partner and receive A$50,000.

Another part of my Rotary week was networking. I have spoken to many different Rotarians from many different clubs to see how their Clubs are going during COVID.
I am happy to say, but sad to say it that most are having a tough time.
Members are bored with doing nothing for months on end and members are drifting away. It is no surprise and it is no one's fault. The key is how do you get Rotarians back into service when we are still in unchartered waters?
Remember why you started in Rotary. You are not alone. Many Rotarians feel the way you do about all the roadblocks in our way. We just need to collectively find the path to sidestep or jump over them!
There is a lot of benefit to our Club by working with others. By others, I mean other Rotary Club, Rotary Districts and Rotary Zones. Local groups such as Business Associations, Cubs, Scouts, Schools and volunteer groups. We have so many opportunities to grow. Do your part and invite people to Rotary to diversify our membership so we can take advantage of everything Rotary has to offer. This Australia Day event was one small part of being involved in the bigger picture.
It's a secret, past it on.
Some members might know by now that I am the current District Conference Registrar. I like the job because I get to talk to Rotarians throughout our District and further afield. 
There is Rotary at a Club level which most Rotarians are comfortable with but there is a huge world of Rotary beyond that which most Rotarians have no idea about.
The easiest way to take a few steps into the next level of Rotary is to front up to a District Conference. I get that you might be all shy and scared but that lasts all of five seconds. Rotarians are just the same as you and me. Yes, some may not speak the same language or have the same culture but we are all on the same page.
The District Conference is a very useful tool for new Rotarians to find contacts to build their networks and find information to build their understanding. It is fun, as engaging as you want it to be and if you hit the right people, a pathway to do great things early in your Rotary years. Surrounding yourself with a diverse range of people will always keep you mindful of the world around you. 
So, take a chance and see what you can learn on level one: District Conference 101. If you are like me, you could make a few friends over a couple of bevs or gain the ability to change lives because you met the right people.
Register HERE: Only $200. It is in Traralgon, so not too far away. 25th - 27th February. Well worth the trip!
Rotary's Australia Day Food Deliveries
Posted by Sam McCurdy:
The Rotary “SAFE Families” Australia Day event at Nossal High School had to be modified due to the increase in COVID transmission in the community.  
The planned face-to-face interactions showcasing various significant Rotary projects to about approximately 200 invited guests of diverse cultures and closing with a social BBQ, were cancelled, and replaced with a 1-hour open broadcast featuring inspirational Guest Speakers and top-class performers.  The broadcast from Nossal High School took place from 12:00 noon until 1:00 pm on Australia Day.
The BBQ component that was to be provided by the Rotary Club of Berwick volunteers, was replaced with a packaged meal alternative.  The meals were prepared for distribution to people doing it tough within the local community.
They were produced By Executive Chef, Julian Robert-Shaw, who heads up the catering and food operations at Moonee Valley Racing Club and Melbourne Showgrounds.  Julian collaborated with a local indigenous catering company, Bunji Catering, to produce dishes for the food packs, and with Farmer’s Daughters restaurant to produce two signature dishes under their brand. His team have extensive experience in putting together food packages, complete with compostable cutlery, plates etc and packed in refrigerated boxes.
Approximately 150 meals were prepared and delivered to the Salvation Army in Pakenham and Transit Soup Kitchen and Food Support in Narre Warren.  Both organisations have refrigeration facilities and direct links to large numbers in the community in need of food support, thereby facilitating an effective meal distribution.
PDG Mark Humphries from the Rotary Club of Mt Eliza, who also  works at Nossal High School, coordinated the SAFE Families event and the distribution of the food packages.  Sam McCurdy delivered 70 meals to the Salvation Army and the remainder were delivered to Transit by President David Button.  
This was a great example of Rotary in Action, while celebrating Australia Day.
The District Conference awaits!
21/1/22 ONLY SIX RC Berwick members booked in so far. I would like TEN please!
That means Conference Fees and Accommodation will be FULLY COVERED. Still time to book in here:
Get in while its hot!
For those who don't know, I am currently the Conference Registrar and have the inside running on the District 9820 Conference. It will be held in a brand new state of the art venue. This venue is better than most similar venues in Melbourne according to people who have recently toured the building (still in construction) Rotary is the first patron! The speaker set is brilliant! There will be a couple of high profile Rotarians including a Past International President and Past District Governor who is also a high profile lawyer. The people in the header image above are our current District Governor Bill Degnan and his wife Judy.
A Rotary Conference is more than just a whole lot of boring people sitting around talking about Rotary. It is about people sitting around talking about their lives, their futures and their children's futures. Life experiences, opinions on where we are heading as a species and even what we can do to change "something". Rotarians can be up the front as change-makers or down the back as peacemakers. As individuals, we are limited but together we have a chance. A Rotary Conference brings together day to day life with a chance to be a part of the future instead of just an observer. 
The Conference Dinner has now been cancelled due to COVID restrictions. This now means the cost to attend the basic conference is now only $200. This is awesome value. In the last few days, registrations have risen by 10%. As a Berwick Rotarian, you could make it a one dayer if you didn't want to sleep over
8.30 amGolf Tournament commences 
8.30 amShowcase area opens for set up 
9.30 amRegistrations open 
10.00 amWinery Tour commences 
12.30 pmRegistrations pause for lunch 
1.30 pmRegistrations continue 
2.30 pmWinery Tour concludes 
3.00 pmGolf Tournament concludes 
5.00 pmRegistrations continue 
5.20 pmDoors open for Opening Session 
5.30 pmWelcome and Welcome to Country (5 minutes) 
Housekeeping (5 minutes) 
5.40 pmDistrict Governor, Bill Degnan Opening Address (15 minutes) 
5.55 pmMayor of Latrobe City, Kellie O’Callaghan Welcome Address (15 minutes) 
6.10 pmRIPPR Jennifer Scott Opening Address (15 minutes) 
6.25 pmAnnouncements and Opening Session Wrap-up (5 minutes) 
6.30 pmEvening free for local dining experiences- Club or Cluster dinners  
7.30 amLeadership Breakfast (at Quality Inn – Latrobe Convention Centre) 
Rotary International Past President Ian Riesly (20 minutes) 
8.00 amRegistration / Information Desk opens 
8.30 amShowcase opens 
8.50 amDoors open for First Plenary Session 
Welcomes (PDGs & Special Guests) (10 minutes) 
Housekeeping (5 minutes) 
9.15 amEntertainment – Merryn & Ryan, Steph & Ryland (15 minutes) 
9.30 amLudovic Grosjean Presentation 1 (30 minutes including introduction and questions) 
10.00 amPRIP Ian Riseley Presentations to Ludovic Grosjean and Bob Johnson (10 minutes) 
10.10 amRae Mackay Presentation 2 (30 minutes including introduction and questions) 
10.40 amAnnouncements and First Session Wrap-up (5 minutes) 
10.45 amMorning Tea and Showcase 
10.55 amDoors open for Second Plenary Session 
11.05 amCharlie Allen Presentation 3 (30 minutes including introduction and questions) 
11.35 amAustralian Rotary Health Showcase (10 minutes) 
11.45 amErin Coldham (Star of the South) Presentation 4 
(30 minutes including introduction and questions) 
12.15 pmDisaster Aid Australia (Bhutan project) Showcase (10 minutes) 
12.25 pmEntertainment – Merryn & Ryan, Steph & Ryland (15 minutes) 
12.40 pmAnnouncements and Session Wrap-up (5 minutes) 
12.45 pmLunch 
1.20 pmDoors open for Third Plenary Session 
1.30 pmEntertainment – Merryn & Ryan, Steph & Ryland (15 minutes) 
1.45 pmWinthrop Professor Fiona Wood, FRACS AM Key-Note Speaker Presentation 5 
(1 hour including introduction and 15 minutes question time) 
2.45 pmRAWCS Showcase (10 minutes) 
2.55 pmLuke Richmond (oloc adventures) Presentation 6 
(40 minutes including introduction and questions) 
3.35 pmPeninsula Trail (Ross Kilburn) (10 minutes) 
3.45 pmRotary Overseas Recycled Playgrounds (Wayne Jenkins) (10 minutes) 
3.55 pmAnnouncements and Session Wrap Up (5 minutes) 
4.00 pmResolutions Session for Official Delegates 
Evening Free for local dining experiences - Club or Cluster dinners 
8.30 amShowcase opens 
8.45 amDoors open 
(30 minutes) 
Housekeeping (5 minutes) 
9.35 amLeigh Woodgate (The Woman from Snowy River) Presentation 7 
(30 minutes including introduction and questions) 
10.05 amMyeloma Showcase (10 minutes) 
10.15 amRoslyn Teirney (Public Image) (10 minutes) 
10.25 amRotary International & Zone 8 Director Jessie Harman Presentation (10 minutes) 
10.35 amAnnouncements and Session Wrap-up (5 minutes) 
10.40 amMorning Tea and Showcase 
10.50 amDoors open for Last Session 
11.00 amDistrict and Golf Awards (15 minutes) 
11.15 amOn to Conference 2023 (10 minutes) 
11.25 amInternational Conference Video (10 minutes) 
11.35 amRIPPR Conference Summary (20 minutes) 
11.55 amDistrict Governor’s Closing Remarks and Thanks (15 minutes) 
12.10 pmFinale – Merryn & Ryan, Steph & Ryland (15 minutes) 
12.25 pmAnnouncements and Conference Wrap Up (5 minutes) 
Lunch at local cafes 
Thank you to our sponsors.