The Rotary Staircase
When I look at the picture above, I realise that all of these characteristics can be developed in the service of Rotary. Rotary is as much about making a difference to yourself, as it is about making a difference to others. Just being the President this year has tickled all the steps, but I am still standing on HOPE with a hand on PERSEVERANCE. SELF-CONTROL has had a workout lately, but GRATITUDE to my team and fellow Rotarians has made the difference. While you are reading this, you might find you know people who might benefit from joining Rotary and adding a new intangible asset to their life too. 
I believe that our Rotary Club has come a long way this year, despite COVID and all that has been put in our way. We have great ideas, social connectivity, and projects that bring meaning and purpose into the Club. Meaning and purpose are the two things that motivate (most?) us to get out of bed in the morning, and if you can share that meaning and purpose with others, that is a bonus! The one thing we have not done is grow and grow substantially we must! 

The active members of the Club make the Club what it is today: happy, vibrant and productive. We still need to replace ourselves and add some refreshing vigour into our membership, to ensure the work we have put in will be built upon. To grow, we need to ask people, who we know will enhance our Club and build our ability to make a difference in the world, to join our Club. It might even mean telling our friends and families about what we do at Rotary. I have been quite surprised by what people already know about Rotary and how willing they are to talk about it to learn more. I do know the efforts that Public Image Chair, Sam McCurdy with his contacts in the local media, are not going unnoticed! Brand recognition is also a very important part of bringing Rotary into focus as a good volunteer organisation to belong to.

I would certainly like to think that all Club members will invite someone to visit our Club in the coming few months. You should be prepared and know all the good things about what our Club stands for, its direction, its projects, its culture and its social benefits. It is only your positive and knowledgeable recommendation of our Club that will bring new people into Rotary. We are past being just sausage turners! We have a lot of projects that need doing, but not enough people to do them.
Just for your information: Word of mouth (WOM) is the most meaningful form of marketing and has been that way for centuries. If you believe that Rotary is a great organisation and the Rotary Club of Berwick is the best Club, your personal recommendation matters to people who want to join an organisation that can effectively serve the community. If you also believe the Rotary Club of Berwick is fun and welcomes new members, your recommendation also satisfies the social aspects of joining a great club.
Believe in our Club and invite someone to Rotary soon!
60th Birthday Celebration postponed
Posted by Sam McCurdy
Celebration of the Club's 60th birthday has had to be postponed due to the 7-day COVID-19 "Circuit-breaker" lockdown, that began at midnight on Thursday 27th May.  This postponement is particularly cruel after all the careful planning and work that has been put in by our organisers, Jane Moore and Jen Marshall. 
However, it is still planned to have the celebration on a date to be decided, after this lockdown has been lifted, as all arrangements are already in place for an enjoyable evening sometime in the future.
This lockdown means there will be only 5 reasons to leave your home:
  • Shopping for essential goods and services (1 person per household, once per day, a support person can accompany if required)
  • Caregiving, medical or compassionate reasons
  • Essential work or permitted education
  • Exercise (up to two hours & one other person or members of your household)
  • To get vaccinated.
Other restrictions include:
You must remain 5km of your primary place of residence except:
  • To access necessary goods if you cannot access them within 5km of your home.
  • Caregiving, medical or compassionate reasons
  • Essential work or permitted education
  • To visit an intimate partner
  • To visit a person in your "single bubble"
▪ Private gatherings: Not permitted. Intimate partners visits are allowed,
▪ Public gatherings: Not permitted (two people for exercise, or members of your household)
▪ Work: If you can work from home, you must work from home
▪ Early learning centres, childcare, family daycare: open
▪ School: Schools closed and return to remote learning but open for vulnerable children and the children of essential works.
▪ Higher education and training: closed, remote learning only.
▪ Hospitality: closed except for takeaway.
Sport:  Local sport to stop, AFL to continue without crowds.
Retail: Non-essential retail can provide click and collect
Personal services: Hair and beauty services to close
Winter Coats for those in need!
Posted by Sam McCurdy
As winter is approaching it is time to get out the winter coats and keep warm.  Casey North Community Information Support Service (CNCISS) have requested our support in collecting pre-loved winter coats for their Winter Coat Drive.  Many of their clients are in need of a warm coat, but cannot afford to buy one.   
Coats can be dropped off at Casey North Community Information & Support Service, at Suite 2, 30-32 Verdun Drive, Narre Warren. 
Alternatively, you can bring any coats that you want to donate, to our next Club meeting (After lockdown) and we will deliver them to CNCISS for you.
Club's long association with Berwick College
Posted by Sam McCurdy
In recent communications with Berwick College, they reflected on the many contributions of the Rotary Club of Berwick to the College's evolution over the last 26 years and many of the personalities that have been involved.
They fondly recalled the contributions of Rotarians Tim and Jane Moore, Sjaak Kusters, Garry Cooper, John and Helen Rosenthal and Mick Morland, and the generous assistance that they provided.
Some of the contributions made by the Club to the College and enrichment of the student experience, are captured in the slides below and include:
  • Student involvement in Rotary's Youth programs, such as RYPEN and NYSF;
  • Organising Presentation Balls over the last 25 years;
  • Conducting mock interviews to assist students in their career aspirations;
  • Contributing funds for installation of a staircase from C Block to A Block;
  • Contributing to the Senior Centre upgrade;
  • Assisting with the installation of a permanent shade structure over the student assembly area;
  • Assisting with the creation of the Health & Wellbeing Centre at the College
Issue  45
26th May 2021
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Victoria, Australia

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June is 'Fellowships' Month
Rotary Fellowships are international groups that share a common passion. Being part of a 'Fellowship is a fun way to make friends around the world, explore a hobby or profession, and enhance your Rotary experience.
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Jun 02, 2021
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Club Meeting: At Holm Park
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The "Coffin Project"
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“We Stop COVID” initiative draws on volunteers’ diverse skills to support vaccination campaign in Italy’s Verona region.


Julie Dockrill, recipient of Rotary’s People of Action: Champions of Health, led a team of midwives in training health care professionals as part of a comprehensive well-being program that’s saving mothers and babies.


By building on a proven concept — such as efforts to stamp out malaria in Zambia — Rotary’s new multimillion-dollar Programs of Scale grants help make good better.

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Vocational Visit: Metro Tunnel Project
Diana Gomez-Fullaway has been working in the background to bring to the club some extracurricular activities to reinvigorate the social and intellectual side of Rotary. In this excursion, there is a chance to learn about the Metro Tunnel project on the 9th of July. 

The tour is limited to 20 people and will be open to other Rotary Clubs. The tour session usually runs for 1 hour, which includes a detailed project overview that focuses on project rationale, progress so far and construction methods used. They offer a sidewalk tour of some of our nearby worksites, where they will go into more detail about what occurs on-site. They do not offer any tours on to the construction site unfortunately, due to safety reasons. 
Now each boring machine has a name, as you can see in the image above. There is a great deal of information about this project that needs to be understood to fully appreciate the magnitude of the undertaking. If enough members make the effort to attend, I might see if my friends can attend a club meeting to fluff out the project from a project management side. One was a person who greased and maintained one of the boring monsters. The other a bit higher up the tree.
Book on in HERE or Get the flyer HERE.
Satellite update
The Satellite Club that was proposed to this Club, has moved to the Rotary Club of Casey.
As a subcommittee of the Rotary Club of Berwick, I was expecting that the Satellite Club would work with our experienced team to integrate with the Rotary Club of Berwick's outward-facing Public Image, but that didn't happen.
The Satellite Club is vital to introduce a new membership group into District 9820. I am very happy that it has found a home with the Rotary Club of Casey and wish them every success for the future.
Lets play Rotary a different way
Please indulge me a little and take a moment to immerse yourself in classical wonder and enjoy a little light music with your morning cuppa. There is more than one way to play a tune and plenty of scope to cross over to the wild side to pump up the beat if we want. (Translation: Appreciate change and all that comes with it. Learn from the past and look to the future. Play like you know the limits. Make it so you love it.)
Thank you to our sponsors.