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15th February 2023
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Travel Guide Partners night: Northern Territory
The Beaconsfield Club
Feb 22, 2023
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
D9820 District Conference
Feb 24, 2023 – Feb 26, 2023
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February is Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution
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During February, we’re celebrating our commitment to build peace and mitigate conflict.
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Turkey and Syria were struck by a devastating earthquake on 6 February that has killed tens of thousands of people, destroyed homes and other structures, and left people across the region without shelter.


Rotary Foundation approves targeted funds for Pakistan and

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Co-President's message
Posted by Co-President Jack Kraan:
This week I spoke at the Combined Probus Club of Berwick at the invitation of one of our Past Presidents, Bert Ainge (1986-87), to tell them about Rotary and our Club. 
The Combined Probus Club is one of three such Clubs in our area. The others are the Probus Clubs of Berwick and Casey.
A Probus club is a local association of retired and semi-retired professional and business people, and others who have had some measure of responsibility in any field of worthy endeavour, who are of character and respected in their communities.  Clubs meet regularly for fellowship and an extension of their interests.
The Probus Club movement was formed in the United Kingdom in 1965. Probus had its beginnings in two clubs, both created by members of Rotary. The Campus Club in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire and The Probus Club of Caterham, Surrey were the beginning of an organisation that now has an informal network of Clubs around the world, and about 110,000 members in Australia. 
The name is an amalgam of the abbreviation of the words professional and business. Probus is also a Latin word meaning honest or virtuous, from which the English word “probity” is derived.
The Probus Club was an initiative of our Club and our late Past President, Roger Gordon, and was formed back in 1983.  The Club currently has about 60 members and meets monthly at the Old Cheese Factory, as well as undertaking various social activities.
In many ways, I was preaching to the converted as several members of the Club are Past Presidents, or former office bearers or members of our Rotary Club, or their partners.  
It was an ideal opportunity to inform members of our community about our Club and spread the word about Rotary.
Thanks to PP Gus for his illuminating presentation on the Australian Bureau of Meteorology at our last meeting.  I think we all learnt quite a bit. 
Now we look forward to hearing Co-President Geoff’s & Di’s experiences on the Ghan and in the Northern Territory.
Co-President Jack Kraan
Bureau of Meterology
Posted by Sam McCurdy:
The guest speaker at this week’s meeting was PP Gus Dominguez, who is a Project Manager with the Bureau of Meteorology in Melbourne. 
When club members experience bad weather, he is always blamed!
Gus enthralled the meeting with a very interesting and informative summary of the BOM’s activities which enable accurate predictions our weather patterns.
We learnt about the amazing number of measuring instruments placed strategically around the country that feed information to the Bureau 24/7, requiring immediate computer analysis.  This information is readily available on their website.
We also learnt that Australia is a member of the World Meteorology Organisation and our complex instrument network and data analysis capacity places us within the top five countries in the world in climate predictions. 
The World Meteorological Organisation in Geneva is a specialised agency of the United Nations responsible for promoting international cooperation on atmospheric science, climatology, hydrology and geophysics.
Their early and reliable warnings of severe weather and fluctuations in air quality as well as of climate variability and change, allow decision-makers, communities and individuals to be better prepared for weather and climate events. 
Gus used the 9-minute cartoon of the 'Climate Dogs' above to explain the intricacies of our changing weather patterns around the country, including the infamous La Nina. 
His presentation prompted several interesting questions, including his view on ‘Climate Change’.  The response was a confirmation that “Climate Change’ has always been there, but the scientific data shows an exponential change in climate in recent years that can only be caused by mankind.
Thank you Gus, for your awesome presentation.  We’ll try not to blame you next time we experience foul weather.
Membership Questionnaire
Posted by David Anderson:
Just a reminder if I may. As Membership Chair, I am charged by each member with the responsibility of looking out for all things membership, which also includes Membership Engagement.
To date I have received 9 responses (around 20% of membership), which doesn’t give us a real feel for the pulse of the club and doesn’t really give us the clear insights to match your wants and needs to the club’s imperative.
If you haven’t taken a few minutes to respond, could you please do so. Ideally I want to give an update to the Board at our meeting next Tuesday night.
I can do that, but just so you are aware, I am attending the 2-day President Elect training this coming weekend and that is going to impact on my ability to provide a meaningful update to the board.
Your early responses using the following email address will help. 
Clean Up Australia Day 2023
Posted by Sam McCurdy:
Projects Director, Jen Marshall, advises us that the 2023 Clean Up Australia Day will take place on Sunday 5th March.
Buchanan Park in Clyde Road (Opposite McDonalds) will be the chosen venue for our clean up this year again.
Mary McIvor will register the Club with the City of Casey as a Clean Up Australia team and coordinate the activity.
As in previous years, a breakfast will be sponsored by the City of Casey, for participants.
Note the date and join us in this very worthy cause.
Art Screen Hire Schedule
Posted by Sam McCurdy:
As we roll into the 2023 calendar year we have a number of upcoming confirmed Art Screen bookings and it’s time to start filling the roster shifts.
Thanks to everyone that has been able to assist in the past. It was good to see some new faces to spread the workload in the latter part of last year.
When looking at the delivery/pick-up locations, if it suits you to meet at the venue rather than travelling to and from the Shed (to save you time), let me know.
Please remember to wear your Rotary polo shirt if you’re rostered on, and carry some gloves (if you’ve got soft hands like me).

Let me know by return e-mail or text, if you can assist as a Driver Tow or Helper for any of the following shifts.
Friday 17 MarchDeliveryElsternwick98:30 at the Shed
Monday 20 MarchPick-upElsterwick98:30 at the Shed
Thursday 23 MarchDeliveryBerwick278:30 at the Shed
Monday 27 MarchPick-upBerwick278:30 at the Shed
Tuesday 4 AprilDeliveryBlairgowrie498:30 at the Shed
Tuesday 11 AprilPick-upBlairgowrie498:15 at the Shed
Tuesday 11 AprilDeliveryHastings35From Blairgowrie
Wednesday 19 AprilPick-upHastings358:30 at the Shed
Friday 5 MayDeliveryDandenong88:30 at the Shed
Monday 8 MayPick-upDandenong88:30 at the Shed
Saturday 20 MayDeliveryPakenham168:30 at the Shed
Monday 5 JunePick-upPakenham168:30 at the Shed
It’s a fun activity, which usually finishes with a coffee. If you have any questions, give me a call.
I expect more booking enquires to be confirmed in the short-term and will circulate a roster update if there’s any material change.
2023 Presentation Balls Update
Posted by David Anderson:
The 2023 Presentation Balls will be held at The Grand, Cathies Lane in Wantirna on Wednesday 17 and Thursday 18 May.
Here’s an update on how our Dance Practice support schedule for the Balls looks right now:
 DateWednesday GroupThursday GroupAttendees
1Monday 27 Feb3:30 - 4:304:40 - 5:40 
2Monday 6 Mar3:30 - 4:304:40 - 5:40G Dominguez
3Tuesday 14 Mar3:30 - 4:304:40 - 5:40G Dominguez
4Monday 20 Mar3:30 - 4:304:40 - 5:40T Watson/G Dominguez
5Monday 27 Mar3:30 - 4:304:40 - 5:40T Watson
6Monday 3 April3:30 - 4:304:40 - 5:40D Anderson
 School HolidaysFriday 6 April - Monday 24 April 
7Monday 24 April3:30 - 4:304:40 - 5:40D Anderson
8Monday 1 May3:30 - 4:304:40 - 5:40D Anderson
9Monday 8 May3:30 - 4:304:40 - 5:40D Anderson
10Monday 15 May3:30 - 4:304:40 - 5:40D Anderson
Ideally we should have two Rotarians at each practice session. I have put myself down to attend a number of sessions, but in reality I may struggle with the 3rd April and 24th April.
I am keen to lock this down as soon as possible, because I need to share the schedule with the College and Dance Instructors.
Call to action:
If you can help with any of the above could you please email David Anderson andersonfam@internode.on.net with dates and times you are able to attend. We’ll then complete and share the practice schedules with all.
RAWCS Disaster Fundraiser
Extracted from a RAWCS Media Release:

Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) is a not-for-profit charity that aims to be the leading Australian charitable organization for people’s wellbeing, supporting Rotarians and Rotary Clubs undertaking humanitarian projects in Australia and overseas. 

RAWCS has commenced fundraising activities to support the impacted communities resulting from the Turkey and Syria Earthquakes and the New Zealand Floods. 

Death toll in Turkiye & Syria surpasses 40,000
NZ declares a national State of Emergency
They will work with local and international Rotary networks to facilitate the distribution of funds raised. 

The fundraising campaign was launched last week to support the communities in need, as these disasters continue to cause significant loss. 

“The money raised from the Appeals will go directly and quickly to support those impacted, providing essential items and financial support to supplement the funds that are being provided by World Governments,” said RAWCS CEO Andrew Woodward. 

RAWCS has previously raised money for the Ukraine and see this disaster as just another where the network of Rotarians can step in to assist. 

Mr Woodward said that he expects the appeals to not only raise much needed funds, but also specific goods, including medical equipment and supplies that can be repurposed in the affected areas.

Tax Deductible Donations to the appeals can be made on the Rotary Australia World Community Service website at https://rawcs.org.au or directly to the appeals using the links below: 

Turkey and Syria Appeal
New Zealand Flood Appeal
The Red Centre
Posted by Jane Moore:
Our first 'virtual travel night' for this half of the Rotary year is coming up!
This is a great social evening! All our members, partners, friends of the club, cluster clubs and our Inner Wheel friends, are invited to join us on a journey to the Red Centre on Wednesday 22nd February at our usual meeting place, The Beaconsfield Club, Holm Park Reserve, Emerald-Beaconsfield Road, Beaconsfield at 6.30 for 7.00pm. 
Meal cost is $30 for a two course meal, drinks at bar prices, bookings and payment need to be made by 10.00am Tuesday 21st February and can be made via the event page on our website: 
This is our ninth travel guide evening! They are hugely popular for those looking to travel to an area, or for a jolly good armchair ride experiencing an area through the eyes of the traveller!
Everybody is welcome! 
On behalf Di Double, our travel guide initiator and coordinator, we look forward to seeing you there!
Saturday Coffee Catch Up
Saturday Coffee Catch Up over Zoom, and all members are welcome to drop in for a chat.
Password: Rotaryzoom
Every Saturday morning, 10.00am
ALL club members are welcome.