Issue  10
8th September 2021
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Most Wednesdays at
The Beaconsfield Club,
Holm Park, Beaconsfield, 
Victoria, Australia

Enquire by Email:
Visitors and Rotarians are welcome.
Post: P.O. Box 30, Berwick 3806
September is 'Basic Education and Literacy' Month
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Saturday morning coffee
ZOOM: (Password: catchup)
Sep 11, 2021
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Danielle Kutchel - Journalism in a changing world
ZOOM: (Password: Rotaryzoom)
Sep 15, 2021
7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Saturday morning coffee
ZOOM: (Password: catchup)
Sep 18, 2021
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Footy Trivia Night
TBA - Zoom if still in lockdown
Sep 22, 2021
7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Travel Guide Partners night: Morocco
Sep 29, 2021
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Hearing Specialist - Sarah Hocking
The Beaconsfield Club
Oct 06, 2021
7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
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Meeting update:

It is unlikely we will be able to meet in person for a few weeks yet. Please take the opportunity to embrace technology because you have to not because you want to!
We are People of Action, so let's get on doing as much as we can while we can.
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Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
David Grant
September 3
Bruce Shaw
September 17
Geoff Double
September 20
Laury Gordyn
October 6
Gary Castricum
October 11
Alf Giesen
October 23
Shoey Schumacher
October 29
Spouse Birthdays
Josie Wilson
September 9
Geoff Double
September 21
Marlene Cooper
October 20
Helen Lay
October 23
Wendy Froggatt
October 23
Henny Castricum
October 27
Bruce Shaw
Robyn Shaw
September 4
Alf Giesen
Debbie Giesen
September 27
Bob Lay AM
Helen Lay
October 3
Eric Boon
Wendy Boon
October 7
Andrew Somers
Michele Somers
October 29

The relationship between Rotary International and the Peace Corps, made official with a 2014 partnership agreement, has its foundation in the organizations’ shared values.


Rotary is forging a path to full literacy in India


Meet the winners of the 2020-21 Rotaract Outstanding Project Awards

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President update
We are in interesting times as lockdown 6.0 grinds on with no finish line in sight. What we could do as Rotarians in the normal world has evaporated and innovation is running thin. Photo: Maras salt ponds located at the Urubamba, Peru. But evaporation is a useful process. It cools, it dries and it concentrates. So stay cool and dry and concentrate!
This year, as a Club President, I am trying my hand as a conductor rather than a doer. My current work schedule precludes me from doing the jobs I did last year. I have passed on the Club program to Gus and David N, regular articles in the bulletin to Graham and Sam, the website to Andrew S, meeting invitations and events calendar to Andrew S, and plenty of other hidden jobs have been put to idle. Perhaps you haven't noticed a thing out of place. Dave Anderson is doing a huge amount of work with the Membership portfolio and Jen is working on projects. 
Last year, Jane and Jen pumped through the Support local business, End Trachoma kits and a Zoom dinner party while we went through our early Zoom phase. Mark got a walk for Polio team together to raise money for End Polio. Sam whipped out a couple of Benevolent Society projects (Shoes and clothes) and we scrapped in a couple of Donations in Kind pickups with Roger Thornton too. We had something on the boil most of the time. The uncertainty of where we are with lockdowns has taken its toll this time around and getting on with Rotary business during this rollercoaster year has not been easy. 
We have, thanks to Jen and other members, some terrific projects in the wings. The untouchable projects. The Peace Pole Project, soft landscaping, tree planting, park seating, Mick Morland Reserve. Everything is set to go but when will we be able to do it? I have spoken with other Clubs and with our own Interact Club too. Everyone is frustrated but at some point, we have to get used to this situation and assume that we will not be doing Rotary as we used to do it any time soon.
District Conference 2022
District Governor Bill and Judy welcome you to the Latrobe Valley and more particularly to Traralgon where the D9820 Conference will be held on the weekend of February 25-27, 2022. 
Registrations are open and we look forward to seeing many of you in the Valley for a conference filled with inspiration, fun and fellowship.
For more information and registration please visit:
Now I know what you are thinking. Why on earth would you register for a Rotary District Conference in February? Well for a start, we should be out of lockdown mode by then. Many of our fellow Rotarians are suffering lockdown fatigue and really need an opportunity to talk and socialise with other Rotarians to bring the focus back to reality. 
PDG Adrian didn't get to run "our" conference, so we should make an effort to get behind DG Bill and Judy to make this conference the success we had hoped for Adrian's conference. Perhaps Adrian will get a cameo appearance.
DG Bill is focusing the conference on Rotary's new area of focus, the environment which tucks in well with our own club's activities.
Finally, we really need to let our hair down. Traralgon is not far away. The conference venue is brand new (it hasn't even been finished yet) and Rotary will be one of the first groups to use it.
Follow on from our Elevator Pitch Workshop
Thanks to all for your active participation in the workshop. I hope everyone is a little better prepared to help demystify what Rotary is and does, and why the organisation is important for you.
I have to say that the examples shared last night might be a glimpse into some unfinished work and we should come back to this topic and allow everyone the opportunity to refine, polish and continue to share with each other in a bid for continuous improvement.
I purposely didn’t share my elevator pitch as it may have jaundiced the outcomes, but from a leadership perspective it may have helped better guide what a well-crafted pitch might sound like….so here’s mine for now and it will probably change over time:
“You know, there are a few reasons why Rotary is the right thing for me to invest time into.
Firstly, I can help in local projects to aid our neighbourhood, or involve myself in global programs to aid humanity, my choice.
Secondly, Rotary gives me the chance to grow personally with access to world class mentors, leaders & training material.
Next, being part of Rotary gives me the ability to improve my self-satisfaction by knowing I am giving back.
Finally, and critically being part of the Rotary organisation I have the opportunity to meet with and spend time with like-minded people in social settings…………..And I’m getting better at cooking sausages.
It’s worth looking into, right? “
All in 30 seconds. Not saying it’s perfect, it’s just a guide into why I’m invested.
I encourage everyone to re-visit their individual elevator pitches and we’ll share at a meeting shortly, and I will have a reward for what is deemed to be the pitch best related to inspire someone to action. Remember, practicing out loud will allow you to inject your personality.
If anyone needs additional guidance, pick up the phone, You’ll find my details on the Clubrunner app, or in the member's area on the club website
Some interesting facts about Rotary
Posted by Sam McCurdy:
There are more than 1.2 million Rotarians, around the world.
The most remote Club is Papeete, Tahiti, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
The southernmost Club is Base Marambio, Antartida, in Antarctica.
The northernmost Club is Barrow, Alaska, above the Arctic Circle.
The highest Club is El Aguilar, Argentina, 4,880 meters above sea level.
The lowest Club is El Centro, California, USA,12.2 meters below sea level.
There are over 33,000 Rotarians in Rotary Zone 8, which is situated in the South Pacific. 
It includes the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, American Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji, French Polynesia, Kiribati, New Caledonia, Norfolk Island, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Timor Leste, Tonga and Vanuatu.
There's over 1,100 Clubs in Australia alone.
Some good news in Lockdown
Posted by Sam McCurdy:
I hope that you are managing to cope with COVID lockdown Number 6 in your own way.
I thought that I should share with you the following good news items that might help you.  They really complement each other.  
Thank you to our sponsors.