Issue 14
4th October 2023
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Most Wednesdays at
The Beaconsfield Club,
Holm Park, Beaconsfield, 
Victoria, Australia 

6.30 pm for 7.00 pm

Enquire by Email:
Visitors and Rotarians are welcome.
Hi $FIRST_NAME$, In my role as District Public Image Director, I am constantly amazed by the incredible projects that many clubs do and at the same time dumbfounded by the lengths they will go to hide the fact that Rotary is doing them. Please be proud of your commitment to Rotary. Wear your Rotary uniform when you are working for Rotary so that everyone knows that Rotary is doing good in the community.
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The Presidential view for this week
Rotary Club Berwick has been out in force this week and it seems we will get a little busier.
I hope everyone at our weekly meeting enjoyed the presentation and talk by Jimmy Seeary from Operation Newstart. They really are doing some terrific work. As part of the relationship we are trying to build, Michelle Oliver-Rodrigues and I attended the graduation ceremony for Intake 59 on Thursday. It was terrific to witness first-hand the journey these kids have been on and the transformation they have achieved because someone cared enough to connect them with Jimmy & Tess. I was honoured to participate in the presentations alongside our Assistant / Area Governor, Leanne Byron.
The Art Screen team have been very busy as well, and now is an excellent time to let Trevor know if you can lend a hand. You don’t have to be a power weightlifter to join in. We need many hands to help stand the screens up and arrange them to our client’s wants and needs.
Friday morning Geoff Double and I completed a site visit at St John of God Hospital Langmore Lane and have progressed the project which will see the construction of our community garden in Langmore Lane Berwick. Geoff will give a brief update at our meeting next Wednesday.
Rotary Zone 8 Regional Council Elections will be held later this month and I have the responsibility to vote on behalf of the club.
I urge all club members to visit Regional Council candidates — Creating tomorrow | Rotary (creatingtomorrowrotary.org) to learn more. I will need to cast the club’s votes and any input you can provide after checking out the above link will be welcome.
Call to Action – I mentioned last week again that Marta is keen to help construct a meaningful and interesting program of meeting guest speakers. I’ve learned through my observations that our attendance numbers each week are reflective of how interesting our members think the speaker will be. Help make our program more interesting by letting Marta know of any ideas/contacts that you believe will be meaningful to others. It is our club program and the more people that contribute, the better. If each member were to contribute to the program by sharing just one idea / lead / contact with Marta it would help immensely. Marta’s email address is rfai9975@bigpond.net.au  Please help by sharing contacts and ideas.
Finally, I am also working on creating a meaningful, mutually beneficial relationship with Bunnings. They have asked us for some help on Halloween (31 October) with their store / carpark activities and I need a couple of helpers. I will provide more info as soon as I can.
Enjoy the meeting next week, and I’ll see you when I return from Adelaide.
When your fresh, its time to pivot

Rotary has been an integral part of our community for many years, but it's time to take advantage of a fresh wave of thinking about who we are, what we do and why we volunteer with Rotary.

Our Club have a strong group of fresh-thinking proactive leaders ( President Dave, Treasurer Andrew and Sergeant Jen) with different perspectives who are unafraid to change it up for our Club. Our range of activities and connections with our community are growing. The only thing missing is 20+ new members to drive and deliver innovation, connections, and integration to the opportunities that have opened up. We are perfectly balanced for growth but we need to find the right people and this article is about actively looking for new Rotarians who have a fortitude for adventure, compassion, learning, commitment and personal fulfilment.

When looking for new Rotarians, we often find people excusing themselves as being caught up in the whirlwind of daily life, citing busy schedules, the relentless pace, and other pressing priorities as reasons to stay non-committed. It's essential to recognize that these excuses, while valid on an individual level, shouldn't be a reason not to convince someone with talent, vision, experience, and passion to at least consider the difference their skill could make within the community if they joined Rotary. A remarkable transformation can occur when we look beyond those constraints and consider the positive influence we can exert through our knowledge, experiences, and actions. Suddenly, we discover pockets of time, small yet significant, that can be dedicated to enriching our community and, in turn, enriching our own lives. We give, and we receive something back for our efforts. Sometimes it isn't much, but other times, maybe years later, what comes back is profound. We know people are busy but we also know that busy people join Rotary because Rotary adds value to their lives. That value is derived from the effort they are willing to make to work with, expand using their skillset and integrate into the club. I think it is called involvement.

Rotary provides a unique platform where we actively seek opportunities to elevate those around us, helping them unlock their hidden potential. Rotary extends our reach to distant communities, equipping them with essential resources and technology that might otherwise be out of reach. Rotary offers care and support to the vulnerable, wherever they may be. We work in areas where we see a need, using the available talented Rotarians we have available at the time. Rotary is only limited by the number of good members who can work together towards delivering a set goal. It is always fun to have a destination, a good bunch of people to travel with and a reason for doing what needs to be done.  

It's time to share the incredible journey that Rotary offers. When we are able to convey the boundless opportunities within an effective and welcoming Rotary Club to a potential member, then most of those initial excuses naturally fade away. So, let's not keep this transformative experience to ourselves. Invite others to join us in making a difference together.

These are the attributes of a perfect Rotary candidate. I will qualify this by saying that I didn't meet any of these qualities, but Rotary helped to awaken and develop them over time. Rotary is a journey of personal fulfilment and not a short-term volunteering exercise.

  1. Commitment: A perfect community-minded volunteer is committed to the cause and shows dedication over the long term, not just for short-term gains or personal recognition.

  2. Empathy and Compassion: Volunteers should have a genuine concern for the well-being and needs of others. They should be able to put themselves in the shoes of those they are helping.

  3. Reliability: Dependability is crucial. Volunteers should be punctual and fulfil their commitments to the best of their abilities. This includes showing up for scheduled activities and meetings.

  4. Adaptability: Communities and their needs can change, so volunteers should be flexible and willing to adapt to evolving circumstances and challenges.

  5. Effective Communication: Volunteers should be able to listen actively and communicate clearly. This includes both conveying information effectively and understanding the needs and perspectives of others.

  6. Respect: Volunteers should respect the diversity and cultural differences within the community they serve. Treating everyone with dignity and respect is essential.

  7. Teamwork: Many community projects involve collaboration. A good volunteer should be able to work well with others, contribute to group efforts, and build positive relationships with fellow volunteers and community members.

  8. Problem-Solving Skills: Volunteers often encounter challenges. Being able to think critically and find creative solutions to problems is valuable.

  9. Integrity: Honesty, ethical behaviour, and trustworthiness are crucial. Volunteers should uphold the values of the organization they represent.

  10. Continuous Learning: A perfect community-minded volunteer is open to learning and improving their skills. They stay informed about the issues and needs of the community and seek opportunities for personal growth.

  11. Resourcefulness: Volunteers should be resourceful in finding ways to address community needs, whether that means connecting people with resources or finding innovative solutions.

  12. Patience: Not all problems can be solved quickly, and not all individuals or communities may be receptive to assistance immediately. Patience is vital in building trust and making a lasting impact.

  13. Positive Attitude: Maintaining a positive attitude, even in the face of challenges, can inspire others and contribute to a more constructive and harmonious community atmosphere.

  14. Safety Awareness: Depending on the nature of the volunteer work, safety awareness and the ability to follow safety guidelines may be essential.

  15. Passion: Finally, a perfect community-minded volunteer is genuinely passionate about the cause or mission they are serving. Passion can be a powerful motivator and inspire others to get involved.

It's important to note that no one is perfect, and volunteers may possess varying degrees of these qualities. However, a willingness to work on developing these traits and continuously improving as a volunteer is often more important than achieving perfection.

Meeting in review
View in full HERE
Art Screen Roster update
Please look at Art Screen Roster update for the period 10-October > 20-October. If you see a slot you can jump into, please get in touch with me!
Trevor Watson
Phone: 0417 479 804

Tuesday 10-October > Delivery (Noble Park Community Centre) *45 screens - 8:30am at the shed (2-Trailers) - Driver Tow: Mark Caulfield; (Blue Trailer) *30 screens - Driver Tow: Laury Gordyn; (White Trailer) *15 screens - Helpers: Allen Roberts; Isobel Caulfield; Gary Evans; Wendy Moseley; (2-more required)

Friday 13-October > Pick-up (Kilbreda College, Mentone) 8:30am at the shed (White Trailer) *34 screens - Driver Tow: Mark Caulfield; Helpers: Isobel Caulfield; Gary Castricum; (2-more required) **White Trailer to continue on to (Berwick College) > Delivery 10:30am *8 screens

Monday 16-October > Pick-up (Noble Park Community Centre) *45 screens - 8:30am at the shed (2-Trailers) - Driver Tow: Mark Caulfield; (Blue Trailer) *30 screens - Driver Tow: Gary Evans (White Trailer) *15 screens - Helpers: Trevor Watson; Michele Somers; Allen Roberts; Isobel Caulfield; Eric Boon; Russell Fellows ✅ **Blue Trailer to continue on to (St Kilda Primary School) > Delivery 11:00am *15 screens **White Trailer to continue on to (Kew Golf Club) > Delivery 11:00am *10 screens

Friday 20-October > Pick-up (St Kilda Primary School) 8:30am at the shed (Blue Trailer) *15 screens - Driver Tow: (1-required); Helpers: Trevor Watson; (2-more required)

Friday 20-October > Pick-up (Berwick College) 8:45am at the shed (White Trailer) *8 screens - Driver Tow: (1-required); Helpers: Trevor Watson; Gary Castricum

Statistics at a glance
It is essential to understand if our Public Image efforts are making some impact and our message is getting out. We need to know who our audience is (if we have one) and how many people are engaged. The aim is to build awareness of our work through the relevant platforms that our target audience might use. I think the Website and Facebook are the most relevant to our current audience. The local Newspapers might be less relevant. Once we build our skills in these areas, Instagram and TikTok may be potential new platforms. Whatever we do, we need to be informative, build our reputation and brand, and allow two-way communication with the outside world. We should inspire people to join us and become part of our expanding and diverse story.
I have been looking after the website while Jane Moore has done a fantastic job with our Club Facebook page. Trevor Watson runs the Art Screen Hire Facebook page, which is also steadily growing. You can see by the stats below that our audience appears to be a lot younger than we might expect. So based on what we are seeing in the statistics, what can our Club do to integrate younger people into our current club culture? I know that we love to see children at our meetings and we also like to impart some worldly wisdom to the young so they can become happy and successful in the future. Most of us have already made every mistake in life and we are happy to share the experience!
The weekly Bulletin is also getting some feedback:
Dear Rotarians,
A read of this week’s bulletin confirms that the Club is burgeoning. Congratulations to all. If you manage to garner the number of strong and fond memories that I have, then you will no doubt enjoy Rotary for all of its’ many facets. Thanks for keeping me informed.
Best wishes, Terry Carmichael, PP.
Hi David,
Hope you are going well.
I read a number of Newsletters / Bulletins every week.
Yours is a fabulous Example to others David.
Paul Mee PDG
Thanks Dave ….. another great bulletin!!!!! 
Jane Moore
Hi David,
Congratulations on another excellent edition of 'Spoke N Words'.
It is good to see more and more members contributing each week.
Keep up the good work.
At the end of the day, every Berwick Rotarian contributes to the success of the club by their time and talent. Attending meetings, meeting new people, getting involved with projects, taking up leadership positions, learning about Rotary procedures and talking about their impact in Rotary are all positive parts of having a vibrant and exciting club. Please think about what you can contribute towards our Clubs success, either by contributing to our storytelling or introducing potential members to our Club.
Zone 8 Virtual Conference 28th-29th October 2023
           CONFERENCE - 28 & 29 OCTOBER 2023
Dear Rotary member,

Time is running out to secure your ticket for the 2023 'Moments That Matter' Rotary and Rotaract conference.

With a jam-packed speaker list, audiences will hear inspirational stories from business and community leaders and experts in their fields. 

Keynote speakers include Rotary International President Gordon R. McInally and Rotary International President-elect Stephanie Urchick.
At $25, it’s a really cheap way to hear speakers of this calibre.  The rest of the speakers and bios will become available over the next week. 

For more information and to purchase tickets head to the conference website.

Your South Pacific and Philippines Office Support Team

District Governor Visit
The Beaconsfield Club
Oct 11, 2023
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Disaster Aid - Brian Ashworth
The Beaconsfield Club
Oct 18, 2023
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
CFA - Community Safety
The Beaconsfield Club
Oct 25, 2023
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
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This week's contributors to the Spoke 'n' Word
  1. President Dave - story, photos, inspiration
  2. Trevor Watson - Art Screen update 
  3. Di Double - amazing photos
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