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19th January 2022
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January is Vocational Service Month
Vocational Service is at the heart of Rotary, which was founded on the classification system of membership.
Business and professional life are the bedrock of Rotary, and Vocational Service is a major force in promoting honour, integrity, and trustworthiness in business.
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Saturday morning coffee
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Jan 22, 2022
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Rotary Safe Families Event @ Nossal High School
Nossal High School
Jan 26, 2022
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Saturday morning coffee
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Jan 29, 2022
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Rotary International president-elect announces 2022-23 presidential theme to district governors-elect.


Rotary Projects Around the Globe - January 2022

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President's Message
I am pretty sure most of you are sick of talking about COVID. It has interfered with EVERY aspect of daily life from work, school, home, friends, family, socialising and even ducking down to the shops for a few rolls of dunny paper. Belonging to groups such as Rotary, Industry, Associations, volunteering and hobbies is just fraught with problems. Hermit life is looking easier and a sense of belonging and contributing to "the tribe" is becoming a dream. 
It makes no difference which way you paint it, the picture is still the same. We have to make our own way through our COVID tainted world and be willing to adjust, take chances and live a life or forever lock ourselves away. Pandemics are not a new phenomenon, there have been plenty of them throughout history. It is just because we are in the middle of one that we are put out of our rhythm. We still have a couple of years to go, so are we going to sit around talking about the good old days or are we going to create a new future even if we might not see how it turns out?
In my industry, horticulture, we are suffering from the same things that we are suffering from in Rotary. Low attendance to events, scared and flitting people, lack of willingness to engage in face to face communications and certainly not keen on Zoom! The supply of materials is unreliable, staff are in short supply and input prices have risen over 20%. My industry is booming! Innovation is all around. Sales are ridiculous. Opportunities are everywhere. It is not easy, but it is exciting.
So what is happening to my Rotary Club?  Same MO. Low attendance to events, scared and flitting people, lack of willingness to engage in face to face communications and certainly not keen on Zoom! The supply of projects is unreliable, new Rotarians are in short supply and meeting prices have risen over 20%. Is my Club booming? I could only wish.
Rotary is not special. We are washing around with every other entity trying to deal with COVID. From my perspective in the horticultural industry, horticulture is actively building for a sustainable and exciting future by engaging young people because the fate of humanity depends on it.  Rotarians haven't yet realised that they must engage and pass on the knowledge and passion to young people because the fate of humanity depends on it. The difference might be that horticulture has a few $$$ riding on it. Employment and economic growth do have persuasive power that draws the attention of the Government.
Is Rotary just a concerned Community group trying to make a difference while enjoying a bit of social engagement?  From my experience, Rotary is an extremely powerful organisation when in the right hands with the right people. Most of us already know that we love being part of Rotary but we have not invited younger people to pass our experiences and knowledge on to. Horticulture or Rotary, we don't live forever and neither does an organisation that isn't willing to empower a new generation. If you look at my staff (above), am I looking towards a bright future? You bet I am!
David Anderson is putting together a team of progressive thinkers to reimagine our Club and turn it into a powerhouse of innovation and teamwork. If you would like to be part of David's team, please contact him on
2022 Berwick Cemetery Working Bee
Posted by Sam McCurdy using a photo collage from Jane Moore's Facebook posting:
Despite the pandemic, our Rotary Club is back working in the community, albeit in a COVID-safe manner.
Approximately 25 volunteers, made up of Rotarians and guests together with five members of the Berwick Cemetery Trust, conducted the annual ‘Working Bee’ at the Berwick Cemetery on Wednesday 19th January. 
This entailed activities such as a general clean-up of fallen leaves and branches, pruning, and watering the roses, as well as other allocated duties.
The ages of the volunteers ranged from 2 to 97 showing that age is no barrier to the community work conducted by Rotary.
This activity marked the 57th year that a Working Bee has been conducted at the cemetery, continuing the long partnership between the Rotary Club of Berwick and the Berwick Cemetery Trust, which began in 1965.
The first Cemetery Working Bee was organised by Allan Funston, who chaired the Club’s Community Service Committee and later became Club President.  He was also a member of the Berwick Cemetery Trust.
Interestingly, recent Working Bees have been coordinated by Allan Funston’s son, Adrian, (Better known as Funno).  Funno and his dad both served as Presidents of the Rotary Club.
After the work was completed, the volunteers enjoyed a barbeque and refreshments provided by the Rotary Club, together with some welcome social interaction.
Ricard Garvey, Chairman of the Berwick & Harkaway Cemetery Trust Committee, thanked the volunteers for their work and acknowledged the ongoing support of the Rotary Club of Berwick for the Trust, over the last 57 years.
Rotary SAFE Families Australia Day event
Posted by Sam McCurdy:
The deteriorating COVID situation has necesssitated changes to the Rotary SAFE Families Australia Day event being held at Nossal High School. 
"Rotary SAFE Families is a preventative program that will assist Rotarians to be “part of the solution” and to spread “NO” to Family Violence across your community, your Club and throughout Australia."
It had been intended that approximately 200 invited guests from multi-cultural backgrounds would attend the event.  However, due to the escalating COVID problem, the program has now been reduced to a ZOOM broadcast showcasing the Rotary SAFE Families model and Rotary projects across Australia. 
The Rotary Club of Berwick was to provide barbeque services involving a range of food, including some indigenous treats.  However, this activity is no longer required.
The event will pay respect to First Nations people, with a 'Welcome to Country' and a display of indigenous art and artefacts.
The Australia Day broadcast will be held on Wednesday, 26 January, from 1:00 pm at Nossal High School.
Cancellation of Inner Wheel's Australia Day Party
Posted by Sam McCurdy:
Please note that the:
Inner Wheel Club of Berwick's 'Australia Day' Garden Party that was to be held at Diana and David Nutter’s home, has been cancelled.
The Garden Party is another victim of COVID – 19.
Art Screens Funds raiser
Posted by Graham Johnstone for Gus Dominguez.
 Art Screens program
The art screens hire program continues to ramp up and we have a booking for March, two bookings for April and one for late May.
On 11 January the team composed of Gary Evans, Andy Merill, President David, Mark and Isobel Caulfield, Russell Fellows, David Anderson, Rosmarie Hughes and Gus collected the screens hired to the Sorrento Art Show. Thanks to all for their contribution.
A group of the above took the opportunity to visit the new "weekend shack" built by David and Diana Nutter, enjoying great views of the bay and Arthur's Seat. Thank you David and Diana for hosting us in this beautiful setting, fostering club fellowship.
The District Conference awaits!
21/1/22 ONLY SIX RC Berwick members booked in so far. I would like TEN please!
That means Conference Fees and Accommodation will be FULLY COVERED. Still time to book in here:
Get in while its hot!
For those who don't know, I am currently the Conference Registrar and have the inside running on the District 9820 Conference. It will be held in a brand new state of the art venue. This venue is better than most similar venues in Melbourne according to people who have recently toured the building (still in construction) Rotary is the first patron! The speaker set is brilliant! There will be a couple of high profile Rotarians including a Past International President and Past District Governor who is also a high profile lawyer. The people in the header image above are our current District Governor Bill Degnan and his wife Judy.
A Rotary Conference is more than just a whole lot of boring people sitting around talking about Rotary. It is about people sitting around talking about their lives, their futures and their children's futures. Life experiences, opinions on where we are heading as a species and even what we can do to change "something". Rotarians can be up the front as change-makers or down the back as peacemakers. As individuals, we are limited but together we have a chance. A Rotary Conference brings together day to day life with a chance to be a part of the future instead of just an observer. 
The Conference Dinner has now been cancelled due to COVID restrictions. This now means the cost to attend the basic conference is now only $200. This is awesome value. In the last few days, registrations have risen by 10%. As a Berwick Rotarian, you could make it a one dayer if you didn't want to sleep over
8.30 amGolf Tournament commences 
8.30 amShowcase area opens for set up 
9.30 amRegistrations open 
10.00 amWinery Tour commences 
12.30 pmRegistrations pause for lunch 
1.30 pmRegistrations continue 
2.30 pmWinery Tour concludes 
3.00 pmGolf Tournament concludes 
5.00 pmRegistrations continue 
5.20 pmDoors open for Opening Session 
5.30 pmWelcome and Welcome to Country (5 minutes) 
Housekeeping (5 minutes) 
5.40 pmDistrict Governor, Bill Degnan Opening Address (15 minutes) 
5.55 pmMayor of Latrobe City, Kellie O’Callaghan Welcome Address (15 minutes) 
6.10 pmRIPPR Jennifer Scott Opening Address (15 minutes) 
6.25 pmAnnouncements and Opening Session Wrap-up (5 minutes) 
6.30 pmEvening free for local dining experiences- Club or Cluster dinners  
7.30 amLeadership Breakfast (at Quality Inn – Latrobe Convention Centre) 
Rotary International Past President Ian Riesly (20 minutes) 
8.00 amRegistration / Information Desk opens 
8.30 amShowcase opens 
8.50 amDoors open for First Plenary Session 
Welcomes (PDGs & Special Guests) (10 minutes) 
Housekeeping (5 minutes) 
9.15 amEntertainment – Merryn & Ryan, Steph & Ryland (15 minutes) 
9.30 amLudovic Grosjean Presentation 1 (30 minutes including introduction and questions) 
10.00 amPRIP Ian Riseley Presentations to Ludovic Grosjean and Bob Johnson (10 minutes) 
10.10 amRae Mackay Presentation 2 (30 minutes including introduction and questions) 
10.40 amAnnouncements and First Session Wrap-up (5 minutes) 
10.45 amMorning Tea and Showcase 
10.55 amDoors open for Second Plenary Session 
11.05 amCharlie Allen Presentation 3 (30 minutes including introduction and questions) 
11.35 amAustralian Rotary Health Showcase (10 minutes) 
11.45 amErin Coldham (Star of the South) Presentation 4 
(30 minutes including introduction and questions) 
12.15 pmDisaster Aid Australia (Bhutan project) Showcase (10 minutes) 
12.25 pmEntertainment – Merryn & Ryan, Steph & Ryland (15 minutes) 
12.40 pmAnnouncements and Session Wrap-up (5 minutes) 
12.45 pmLunch 
1.20 pmDoors open for Third Plenary Session 
1.30 pmEntertainment – Merryn & Ryan, Steph & Ryland (15 minutes) 
1.45 pmWinthrop Professor Fiona Wood, FRACS AM Key-Note Speaker Presentation 5 
(1 hour including introduction and 15 minutes question time) 
2.45 pmRAWCS Showcase (10 minutes) 
2.55 pmLuke Richmond (oloc adventures) Presentation 6 
(40 minutes including introduction and questions) 
3.35 pmPeninsula Trail (Ross Kilburn) (10 minutes) 
3.45 pmRotary Overseas Recycled Playgrounds (Wayne Jenkins) (10 minutes) 
3.55 pmAnnouncements and Session Wrap Up (5 minutes) 
4.00 pmResolutions Session for Official Delegates 
Evening Free for local dining experiences - Club or Cluster dinners 
8.30 amShowcase opens 
8.45 amDoors open 
(30 minutes) 
Housekeeping (5 minutes) 
9.35 amLeigh Woodgate (The Woman from Snowy River) Presentation 7 
(30 minutes including introduction and questions) 
10.05 amMyeloma Showcase (10 minutes) 
10.15 amRoslyn Teirney (Public Image) (10 minutes) 
10.25 amRotary International & Zone 8 Director Jessie Harman Presentation (10 minutes) 
10.35 amAnnouncements and Session Wrap-up (5 minutes) 
10.40 amMorning Tea and Showcase 
10.50 amDoors open for Last Session 
11.00 amDistrict and Golf Awards (15 minutes) 
11.15 amOn to Conference 2023 (10 minutes) 
11.25 amInternational Conference Video (10 minutes) 
11.35 amRIPPR Conference Summary (20 minutes) 
11.55 amDistrict Governor’s Closing Remarks and Thanks (15 minutes) 
12.10 pmFinale – Merryn & Ryan, Steph & Ryland (15 minutes) 
12.25 pmAnnouncements and Conference Wrap Up (5 minutes) 
Lunch at local cafes 
Board Meeting Highlights
On Tuesday 18th January the RCB Board gathered on Zoom. The Board are a brilliant group of people who want the Club to prosper well past their respective terms. Each month Board members do a comprehensive report on their respective portfolios. Even though we are stuck in COVID neutral, we are still in top gear waiting for the moment we can put the pedal down and get some Rotary action. At the moment, we see a world that seems to be upsidedown.
I am very proud of the work my Board members are putting in. I am very concerned that the work they are putting in is not being appreciated by the regular Rotarian because we have been stuck in limbo for so long. I thought it would be a great opportunity to share with you a few highlights.
PDG Tim Moore on Foundation:
Update on RC Foundation plan/objectives for 2021-22:
  • Working to get a least one district grant this year for a local project – approved for $500 match for Berwick Secondary College – Low level Scholarship for disadvantaged students – eg. $200 each x 5 for books etc tbc with BSC Report soon, actioned Gregg Lee!
  • Find status of our District Grant Park Bench install – approved! Re Jenny
  • Building on our Global Grant in the Philippines – Clean Water for 6 villages, to build on our trusted connections to improve on sustainability of our present project -awaiting video for Club from our partners !!!
  • To increase members understanding of the Rotary Foundation and the benefits to clubs and members – how the foundation works tbc
  • Present on Rotary recognitions such as a PHF - tbc
  • Enlist some helpers to build on the past work to encourage all members to donate via the Centurion Club – ie $100 donation per annum to TRF. Tbc – ideas for helpers?
  • I now have 4 Rotarians wanting to participate again, will keep promoting
PP Peter Batterham on Fundraising:
The amazing pandemic management lockdowns and restrictions on movement etc has wrought havoc on most of our fundraising activities.  We are apparently not alone in suffering from the restrictions.
The experience of most countries, having reached high levels of vaccinations, is that COVID-19 comes back.  Many are now re-introducing restrictions and lockdowns.  Why would we be different; in short it is my opinion that we will face event stalling or cancellations over the remainder of the year causing the Club to take a financial hit and waste Members (and Partners) time and effort.
President David Button on President stuff:
As a Board, now is the time to step up and lead as best as we can in unknown territory. We need Rotary to be there to serve the community after the COVID threat has passed (most likely two years from now). This is still our best chance to remodel our Club structure to be inviting for young members. Our current members are not the future (as Tim says) with most declining in activity and commitment.
We need to take the opportunity to set things up so that the new generation can pick up from our lead. This is possibly the most exciting time for Rotary and it will take a lot of lateral thinking to make it work. The young way of thinking is quite different to the old way of thinking.
Jane Moore on Public Image:
Social Media:
  • Curated 7 face book posts between 26 November and 3rd January – a mix of local RC Berwick community and Rotary International information posts
  • Top post reached 551 people with 70 engagements
  • 749 people like RC Berwick page
  • 1138 people follow the RC Berwick page
  • Art screen hire posted one post
Upcoming Learning Opportunities:
  • Zone 8 Public Image training session:
    • 5th February: Articles that Appeal
    • 27 March: Getting Started with our People of Action Campaign
    • 1 May: The Mobile Ambassadors
    • 29 May: Telling Rotary’s Story to a Broader Community
  • 5th February: District 9800 Diversity Equity and Inclusion session 3
David Anderson on Membership:

Share the club’s Value Proposition
Adopt “Fundraising for a purpose” as a key strategy
Link meetings, events to how RCB is helping in the community
Share via both traditional & Social Media the positive impact RCB is making in the broader community

Make meetings fun, interactive & meaningful
Range of guest speakers for every meeting – educate & entertain
Use Social Media to share what happens at meetings – link to purposeful fundraising
Members to share Social Media posts amongst their own Social Media Groups

Lift club visibility
Be an active part of community events – Get more involved than ever
Create a visual display highlighting what Rotary is and how to get involved & have “Role Model” Rotarians share our story – Everywhere possible
Bring out the BBQ – Egg & Bacon rolls / Sausages where the local people go
Leverage Traditional and Social Media

Jen Marshall on Projects:

RORP Playground harvesting – dates to be confirmed
7 playgrounds to be harvested in Berwick, Narre Warren, Hampton Park and Endeavour Hills.
Casey will assign a contractor to remove the playground, their contractor will contact us to let us know when the harvest will be.
We need 2 volunteers to label the playground 2 days before the harvest and 2 volunteers to harvest the playground and tow the trailer.
Birthing Kit Packing Event
Need project lead
Zonta Birthing Kits – packing 400 kits with St John of God midwives/nurses
TBC – need to request funding and then involve SJOG to set up an event to pack kits
Greg Lee on Youth:
Youth Programs Update
  1. NYSF – 2022 Kicked off to a great start however a decision was made to postpone the in-person site visits and for it to be an online program.  Ryan Speller is completing about 8hrs a day online and ‘loving it’. Last Friday night he was involved in a live cross to CERN Switzerland (particle accelerator) which he very much enjoyed. Ryan’s mum Keatha reports he is inspired, enthused, and making great connections with like-minded people. Ryan organised an online music jam session in his free time with 8 other participants last Saturday night. A proposal to conduct the site visits later in the year has been mentioned.
Sam McCurdy on Secretary matters:
Collaborated with Graham Johnstone to develop draft policies and procedures for COVID and Rotary
BBQ Management.
Suspended work on the COVID policy and procedure, due to frequent changes to Victorian
• Worked with Graham Johnstone to conduct an inspection and maintenance to the Rotary BBQ, in
particular freeing and cleaning the seized Drip Tray.
• Organised and completed the RBD Benevolent Society’s Christmas Appeal collection, with
assistance from Laury Gordyn, David Anderson, Russell Fellows, Andy Merrill, Eric Boon and
Andrew Somers.
Sent out ‘Thank you’ emails to the 8 schools and 2 Supermarkets who participated in the Christmas
Appeal, inviting them to participate in the 2022 Appeal.
• Participated in the ZOOM meeting in December on the Rotary SAFE Families Australia Day event
and prepared a summary report.
These are just a few highlights. Our Board members do a lot of hard work behind the scenes. Thank you to them all. It is terrific to work with people from a diverse range of backgrounds who want to make a difference in the world.
Victoria Police Leaders Mentoring Program
Victoria Police Leaders Mentoring Program Overview 
Victoria Police, Rotary and the Victorian business community have established a 
successful partnership to deliver the mentoring program for police members who are 
considered to be high performing leaders within their field.  For over 14 years the 
program has provided valuable personal and professional development experiences 
to over 250 Victoria Police members and to their mentors, who regularly report they 
gained as much as their mentees.  All Victorian Rotary Districts participate in this 
program. It is governed by a Steering Committee, comprising members of Victoria 
Police, the Business Community and Rotary. 
The VPLMP will again run from March this year for 12 months. This document 
provides a brief overview and outlines what it would involve for a Rotary mentor and 
for their sponsoring club.  
Program Objectives  
The Victoria Police Strategic Objectives published in September 2015 are about 
effective police service delivery, improving community safety, working with its 
stakeholders, achieving through its people and developing its business. 
The mentoring program brings diverse perspectives and experiences from outside 
Victoria Police to benefit the capability of mentees in meeting these objectives.  It is 
delivered in two streams aligned to the developmental needs of participants.   Senior 
business executives are assigned as mentors to Police Officers from Superintendent 
and above (Stream 1) whilst experienced Rotarians are assigned as mentors to Senior 
Sergeants (Stream 2). 
The Role of Rotary in Stream 2 
Senior Sergeants manage over 70% of the Victoria Police membership and are 
responsible for the front line delivery of service to the community.  It is because of 
Rotary’s commitment to community service that it is invited to provide mentors to 
Stream 2 mentees.  Through the Stream 2 mentoring program Victoria Police seeks 
to develop the understanding and capability of mentees in: 
Developing leadership skills in a community service setting 
Building community partnerships, managing stakeholder relationships and 
building networks 
Community organisational approaches to addressing issues and needs   
Applying business management approaches to community service planning 
and delivery 
What is Expected of a Rotary Mentor? 
In summary a mentor’s role is:  
to assist the development of strategic thinking by the mentee; 
to be a careful and active listener; to hold up a mirror on the mentee’s own 
behaviours, or impact on others; 
to positively reinforce and encourage the mentee; 
to point out opportunities for growth and development;  
to expose the mentee to new learning opportunities. 
In addition to these general characteristics your experience and insights from being 
an active Rotarian can be invaluable to your mentee in areas like governance, 
community service project management, and leadership through influence.  Your 
mentee’s understanding of how Rotary delivers community service and its different 
leadership styles will be enhanced by witnessing your Club at work.   
Time Commitment 
Clearly the role requires a trusting open relationship be developed between mentor 
and mentee early in the program.  The time required to build mentoring 
relationships will obviously vary, but typically mentoring meetings are held once a 
month for one to two hours.   
Mentor Selection Procedure 
Victoria Police mentees are selected on a competitive basis and are stationed all over 
the state.  Once this information is at hand the Steering Committee approaches 
potential mentors or Clubs and located close to the mentee’s place of work or home. 
Expressions of interest are sought from mentors that have: 
Ability to fulfil the role of a mentor 
a sound knowledge of how Rotary is managed at Club and District level 
current or recent leadership experience 
sufficient time to commit to the program 
been personally involved in meaningful community engagement programs or 
the endorsement of their club president and the support of their club 
Detailed guidelines and a nomination form can be accessed by registering your 
interest on the website .  
Please contact PP Jim Wilson if you are interested in joining this program. Jim can be contacted on:
Thank you to our sponsors.