Bunny about that!
I have to say that our Rotary Club is starting to make me smile! smiley
Membership Director, Di Scheepers gave a few of us chance to share our experiences in Rotary with the club at the last meeting. It was an opportunity to open up the possibilities we already have and hopefully inspire members to push the envelope a little bit harder. I am looking forward to hearing other members stories at future meetings to challenge our thinking and start getting creative with our involvement with the community and beyond.
So much more is going on than meets the eye. On the back of Simon Papero, our Busker/small business support meeting, which raised $240 on low club attendance sad, we have Jen Marshall and Jane Moore looking for new opportunities to help local business. We are leaders in our community and small business is part of our support network. We need to get with the program and do what we can to keep businesses viable in our community. It is challenging for sure, but if you care about our standing with local business, get behind Jen and Jane and do something about it! 
Then we have creative thinker PP Bruce Shaw. Bruce has come up with a new project to push us all to a new level. Easter in the Park is aimed at primary school children and their parents spending a couple of hours on an Easter Egg hunt, the Sunday before Easter in Pioneers Park. Bruce is at the concept stage and it will depend on how many members like and will support the concept, so it can be turned into a project. A lot of work has already gone into it. It is designed to replace Carols by Candlelight and Australia Day, as the Board is not confident that we could run these events under the current COVID restrictions.
Our Club is about engaging with the community. Please lend your support to Jen, Jane and Bruce to develop these projects further.
Walk with Us to End Polio
Imagine you could join a team of like-minded people and help to end Polio in the world at the same time. Through the work of Foundation Director Mark Caulfield, you can! Mark has created our Club group called the Berwick Boomers and Shakers and you can join here: 
So far, after only a few days we have raised $1,333.00. Our target is $2,500.00. As you can see we only have eight people out of forty-five, so it would be great to have a few more! All donations over $2.50 are tax-deductible. Each dollar donated has the potential to become three dollars with the matching 2 for 1 arrangement with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 
Well done Club Berwick for having a go. First Class Honors to PP Mark for making it all happen!
2021-22 Board Selection
It is about this time of the year that we look to putting together next year's Rotary Club of Berwick Board. Serving as a Board member is a privilege and can also have some challenges. In the past, the President and President-Elect would tap members on the shoulder to fill positions that might suit their skill set. The problem with this approach is that newer members, or members that have hidden skill sets, may be overlooked to the detriment of the Club.
This year I would like to do things a bit differently and ask for members to nominate suitable people, or if you want to contribute, nominate yourself. Now I don't want to confuse anyone, but our Rotary Club is going through a COVID evolution stage which means that we cannot expect to go back to our traditional format for some time to come, if at all. Our activities, goals and expectations are all in flux as we work through the endless opportunities that await the right mix of leaders. We are in exciting times and that calls for people with vision, imagination and purpose. To have the best chance to be a Rotary leader in these transforming times, now is a good time to get some training in. Both Rotary International and District 9820 have you covered. Having time to shadow the current Board members will also lead to a strong and easy transition.
To nominate yourself or another member for a position on the Board, please email Sam at All Director descriptions are in the President's Plan which was emailed to all members at the beginning of the Rotary year, or can be found here:
Treasurer update
Last week I wrote about our current Treasurer Gary Castricum stepping aside. Every now and then we do have issues inside the club that need to be addressed.
Our Club is no different to many others in that even with the best of intentions, things don't always go to plan. While I am really unhappy that Gary is stepping aside, I am also really happy that our members are stepping up. We cannot afford for our club to go backwards and as such two members have stepped up to fill the breach. Both Wendy Langdon and Cheryl Zuhldorff have independently volunteered to take over from Gary. That should leave the club in a strong position, as Gary is willing to go through a transition period of three months to train with a further six months to advise.
Wendy already has a strong understanding of how the accounts work. Cheryl, a qualified bookkeeper has a strong debt management background. Between all three, our club accounts should be in good hands.
I am very pleased about the outcome, but it is still up to Gary to make the transition happen. Please give Gary, Wendy and Cheryl your support. 
Opportunity to Update Our Local Rotary Signage
Posted by Sam McCurdy
District 9820 is offering financial support to all Rotary Clubs to enable them to upgrade the Rotary signs around their locality.  Details are provided below.
Rotary Logo Guidelines in a Nutshell
Extract from RI Zone 8 Public Image Newsletter Volume 3 Issue 2, September
Whilst great progress has been made over the past few years with adoption of the correct use of the Rotary logo by clubs and districts, there is still quite a bit of confusion about what constitutes 'compliant' use of our offical logo - our Masterbrand signature.  These are some of the most common questions/issues that are asked regarding use of the logo.  If you are unsure, please contact Gina Growden (, or on 0412 128 106).  Its easier/cheaper to ask first than to correct later!
Issue  14
30th September 2020

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