Issue  21
24th November 2021
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November is 'Rotary Foundation' Month
The Rotary Foundation is recognised as one of the most effective and well-managed charitable organisations in the world.
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Saturday morning coffee
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Nov 27, 2021
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Behind The Badge - Sandi Tarant
The Beaconsfield Club
Dec 01, 2021
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Saturday morning coffee
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Dec 04, 2021
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Retirement Living. Mary Lyn Gilberthorpe.
The Beaconsfield Club
Dec 08, 2021
7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Saturday morning coffee
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Dec 11, 2021
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Christmas Party
The Beaconfield Club
Dec 11, 2021
4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
No meeting this week
Dec 22, 2021
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December 4
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December 21

Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta joined the Rotary delegation to the 26th United Nations climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, on 10 November to explore ways Rotary can work on environmental challenges.


Youth Exchange students often say their experience abroad was the best time of their lives. Being part of the program can be life-changing for Rotary members as well


Learn how Rotary clubs are taking action in the U.S. and Canada, Brazil, Finland, Korea, and New Zealand.


Young Ugandan Activist Speaks Out About Climate Change in

ClubRunner Mobile
Meetings can be awesome!
As a Club President, I get to compare notes with other Club Presidents from my own District and from other parts of the world. We each pull out the positives and negatives, apply them to our demographics, stick a finger up to the wind and gauge how our Clubs are going. The world has not had a good time with COVID. It has changed everything for everyone. We could take Rotary in isolation and say we have suffered through COVID but in reality, there are plenty of people, businesses and organisations in worse shape than us.
So it is time to start bouncing back and if the turnout for this weeks meeting is anything to go by, we will be back to doing some great community work sooner rather than later. This week, thanks to the hard work of our Program Directors, David Nutter and PP Gus Dominguez AND our Events invitation/registration guru and Apprentice Sergeant Andrew Somers, we had a totally out of the box fun, informative and socially fulfilling Club meeting. The team managed to collect Thirty-Five dinner registrations for our awesome meeting which really surprised the caters, Vicky and Bob. We had members, partners, family, guests and fellow Rotarians. It was a buzz! A meeting is only as good as the people who attend and this week, I would like to thank everyone who came along to make it a Stella evening. Most members registered by Sunday which really helped with the catering forecast. Booking as early as you can (last call by Tuesday 10.00am) certainly makes it easier to plan the meals for the caterer and reduces the need to constantly remind people to book in or apologise.
Our guest speaker, Sarah Hocking talked about hearing loss in a very fun presentation complete with a Fredo Challenge. I learned a lot about a serious subject without feeling it was a serious subject! Thank you, Sarah and her manager Alex who also added valuable information to her presentation. Sarah and Alex can be found hear (Lol) if you would like to follow up with a hearing test. Sarah is the daughter of RC Berwick Membership Director David Anderson.
Clyde Road Berwick Audika,  Unit 2/30 Clyde Road, Berwick VIC 3806
Monday9:00am - 5:00pm
Tuesday9:00am - 5:00pm
Wednesday9:00am - 5:00pm
Thursday (today)9:00am - 5:00pm
Friday9:00am - 5:00pm
Next week, Sandi Tarant will do a Behind the Badge talk. According to David Nutter (who has had privileged access to the presentation) it is going to be a cracker. There also promises to be a couple of guests who have said they are coming along. Let us try and make our last few meetings of 2021 worthwhile before our Christmas Break. At writing this we already have 10 people booked in and it is only Friday!
****Our Christmas Social on Saturday11th December is looking a little neglected for bookings with 10 adults and four children booked in so far. This year, we are slipping out of the cramped restaurant Christmas Do in favour of a more family-friendly late afternoon early dinner affair. Not that long ago, our Club had kids running around everywhere so now it is time to create an opportunity to have a real Rotary Family Christmas that suits everyone. SO if you have not booked in yet, please do! Here is the link which should work for everyone including guests, fellow Rotarians and family: 

Christmas Collections Underway

Posted by Sam McCurdy:
The generosity of the local community is being demonstrated by the early donations to the Rotary Berwick & District Benevolent Society's 2021 Christmas Appeal. 
This week, Laury Gordyn and I picked up donations from full Collection Cages at Eden Rise and Berwick Square Shopping Centres, as well as Nossal High School.  These were the first of several collections to be delivered to Casey North Community Information Support Service (CNCISS).
Berwick College has been proactive with the following colourful Facebook posting encouraging donations from the school community.
"Each year our school generously supports Rotary Berwick & District Benevolent Society's Christmas Appeal. This fantastic drive seeks donations of non-perishable food items or toys and distributes them to those in need and people experiencing hardship. A collection crate is located up in our Main Front Office, and will be there for donations until the 10th December. If anyone in our school community has items they can contribute to this worthwhile cause, feel free to come and drop them in. #Givingback #ChristmasAppeal #BerwickCollege"
The bulk of the collections will take place from 1st-10th December. We will establish a schedule for pick-up from the schools and deliveries to CNCISS, so if you can assist us, please let Sam know ASAP.
CNCISS is also looking for volunteers to help them sort the donations into Christmas hampers for distribution to those in need within the local community.  If you can help them, please contact Julie Leonidas at, or phone 9705 6699.

Art screen team

Posted by Graham Johnstone from an email by Gus Dominguez.
November marks the revival of the Art Screens fundraiser and we have to help with the following jobs please:
November 24  - Wednesday morning - Delivery to 10 Elgin Place, Hawthorn - 3 x 2.5m and 3 x 2m screens - 1 tower and 1 helper
November 25  - Thursday morning - Delivery to Rye Community House - 16x2.5m and 8X2.5m screens - 1 tower and several helpers
November 26  - Friday morning - Delivery to Montesori School, East Brighton - full white trailer - 1 tower and several helpers
November 29  - Monday morning - Collection from Rye - 1 tower and several helpers
December 1 - Wednesday morning - Collection from Hawthorn - 1 tower and 1 helper
December 3 - Friday morning - Collection from East Brighton - 1 tower and several helpers
The crew will meet at the shed at 8:30am each day to depart for the corresponding destination.
Please indicate which days you could contribute by emailing

Jokers Wild

Posted by Graham Johnstone
In Jokers Wild on Wednesday 24th Isobel Caulfield drew the Queen of clubs
and kindly donated the consolation prize back to the jackpot which now stands at $579.10.

2022 District Conference Incentive

Posted by Sam McCurdy on behalf of Jane Moore:
Those with long memories will recall the Club raised members funds from Jokers Wild to sponsor attendance at the conference the Rotary Club of Berwick was running, or rather “The Conference that Never Happened”, in Bendigo 2020.
There is money in the bank to be spent on Conference subsidy!
At Tuesday night’s Board meeting, it was ratified the funds be used to sponsor Club members’ attendance at the upcoming District Conference to be held in Traralgon over the weekend 25 – 27 February 2022.  The very purpose for which the funds were raised!
It is expected there will be a minimum $200 refund to every Rotary Club of Berwick member who registers and attends the conference, payable after the Conference concludes.
What you need to do:

1. Click on this link to be inspired by the program and line up of speakers, view your registration and accommodation options and find the all-important registration link. Getting your Club on board | District 9820 (

2. Register and pay. 

3. IMPORTANTLY, book your accommodation. There is an abundance of accommodation in Traralgon with options listed in the above link.  Accommodation is in high demand by contract workers coming into the town. The nature of upcoming works makes this demand unpredictable.  DON’T RISK MISSING OUT.  The very new, very “smick” Mantra is the closest accommodation to the conference venue. Some Berwick members are already booked there.

4. Following the Conference, the sums will be done with subsidies being refunded across registered members.

To read more about what’s in store, go to: Welcome | District 9820 (
Need more inspiration and motivation?  Here’s Jen’s take on Rotary conferencing:
“It was brilliant and has once again reminded me why I joined Rotary 6 years ago. One outstanding reason I joined was because of the stories we hear at conferences. The presenters were all brilliant, diverse, interesting, and inspiring. 
Again, like all Rotary conferences, I am filled with that overwhelming feeling I get from hearing the humanitarian stories of struggles, challenges, and injustices. They remind me that the world is full of people less fortunate than myself and that small feeling of how can I help anyone out there? But that's the beauty of Rotary, I am part of this group of people, all contributing in whatever way they can, to achieve big, amazing things - and that makes me feel good 😊”
Top that off with large doses of fun and friendship, why wouldn’t you want to take up this opportunity?
The District Conference awaits!
The COVID lockdown is finally over for Melbourne and that means we are looking forward to a freedom filled future with some certainty.  A nice weekend away in Traralgon with friends could be a refreshing activity to rekindle the reason we are Rotarians! The District Conference is on from 25th to 27th February in a brand new facility with Rotary District 9820 being its first gig. It will be a wonderful experience! The Gippsland Performing Arts Centre is nearing completion.
A Rotary District Conference is a fun and inspiring experience.
Club members have the opportunity to flourish by finding and building new connections outside their Clubs and into the bigger world of Rotary. A spark of inspiration could change the world.  Rotary is a big picture organisation and needs Rotarians who can serve from a club level right through to an international level. Experiences such as attending a District Conference are all it takes to turn a member into a Rotarian.
Your members will bring back new ideas and experiences to your Club which will give your Club a stronger edge for growth and innovation. A District Conference is just fun, entertaining and full of surprises!

Whether you've been a Rotarian for 5 days or 50 years, our District Conference offers plenty of great reasons to attend.

There is a shortage of accommodation because Traralgon is a drive-in, drive-out town for workers at the power station and paper mill. I would recommend that you book as soon as you can.
Mantra Hotel
50 rooms370 metres BOOKED OUT
Comfort Inn Traralgon31 rooms580 metres BOOKED OUT
Creek Cottage B& B3 cottages800 metres
Traralgon Serviced Apartments24 apartments930 metres
Strzelecki Motel24 rooms990 metres
Governor Gipps Motel  22 rooms1,000 metres
City Gardens Motel13 rooms1,250 metres
Bridges on Argyle75 rooms1,370 metres
Connell’s Motel    14 rooms1,610 metres
Motel Traralgon  22 rooms2,750 metres
Quality Inn Traralgon 61 rooms3,550 metres
What will it cost you? What is it about? How to book. That information can be found here:
2022 Registrations Condensed
Club NameRegistrationsGolfersWineryLeadership Breakfast
eClub Latitude 38 Inc.1000
Frankston North4021
Frankston Peninsula 2.02002
Greater Dandenong and Endeavour Hills4200
Mount Eliza194109
Mount Martha Rotary5000
Rotary Club of North Hobart1001
Traralgon Central13020

Inner Wheel Garden Party Invitation

Posted by Sam McCurdy:
Please find attached an invitation for the members of the Rotary Club of Berwick to attend a Garden Party at Diana and David Nutter’s home, hosted by the Inner Wheel Club of Berwick.
President Stephanie is hoping that our Rotary friends will join us for this event, that is an important fund raiser for our Inner Wheel Charities.
All the details for registering and paying to attend the event are on the invitation. Please be aware that all attendees will need to show their proof of vaccination to ensure that this is a COVID Safe event.
Thank you to our sponsors.