Issue 1
3rd July 2024
Join our dinner meeting most Wednesdays at The Beaconsfield Club, Holm Park, Beaconsfield, Victoria, Australia. 

6.30 pm for 7.00 pm

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Visitors and Rotarians are very welcome.
Welcome to our vibrant and relaxed Rotary Club, where community spirit thrives alongside a sense of ease and camaraderie. Picture a place where laughter mingles with purpose and friendships are forged through shared experiences and meaningful endeavours.
Above are the star performers from our Club who organised the District 9815 Inaugural Changeover. This was one of those events where you find yourself in a room full of 300 strangers, but you are already friends just by saying hello.

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District Changeover 2024
On Saturday, 30th June, two great Rotary Districts became one. District 9810 and District 9820 were once neighbours, but now they are friends.
Welcome to District 9815
Well District 9820 Rotarians including the Rotary Club of Berwick, we are now off and running after almost three years of navigating the processes of merging two very different Rotary Districts.
The merger of District 9810 and 9820 to create 9815 has brought exciting opportunities to extend our Rotary family and diversify our collective impact in our communities. Our new District now contains 2067 members and 267 honorary members across eighty-seven Rotary, Rotaract, and Satellite Clubs. 
We have seven Community Groups led by seven incredible Rotarians. If you would like to find which Community Group our club is in, please click here: https://rotary9815.org.au/sitepage/community-leaders/community-groups-clubs-and-leaders
A few more things must still be done to complete the new District 9815 website, but if you get a chance, why not look around? There is plenty of good information on there. https://rotary9815.org.au/
During the District Changeover, the Rotary Foundation and the reasons why Rotarians should support the Rotary Charity was talked about a lot. Here is a link to get you reacquainted with one of the most important parts of the Rotary engine https://rotary9815.org.au/sitepage/rotary-foundation/personal-giving-to-the-rotary-foundation
Naturally, my favourite page is the Communications Page:  https://rotary9815.org.au/sitepage/communications/welcome-from-the-communications-chair so I am hoping you will give it a squiz and see if I have missed anything.
If you have any problems finding anything, please contact either Gus Rozycki gus.rozycki@Rotary9815.org.au or David Button david.button@Rotary9815.org.au

Supporting our Speaker John

This week's Rotary meeting was an emotional rollercoaster as our speaker, Sergeant John Murray, a former policeman with 38 years of experience, shared his journey as an officer and police dog handler. Many of us felt a personal connection to his stories, having seen the events he described on the nightly news in the '80s and '90s.

While his presentation was vivid and engaging, John's primary purpose was to discuss his ongoing battle with PTSD. He highlighted the crucial support provided by Police Veterans Victoria (PVV), a nonprofit organization aiding Victoria Police veterans and their families. John explained that PVV is organizing a walk along the Kokoda Trail to raise $96,000, which will help support veterans like himself.

He has taken a brave step by approaching local organisations like our Rotary Club to help spread the word and raise the funds he needs to join this cause. https://thepvvkokodatrek.raiselysite.com/john-murray


Rotary Berwick Changeover
Photos of the week
A big THANK YOU to Di Double (and Geoff on occasion), who took this year's photos. I have heard on the grapevine that Jahanne is taking over this challenging position.
The photographer is the visual recorder of our history (as is the Bulletin Editor with the words that go with it), and it is always nice to look back in time with a photo or two.
Now is that Peace Two U Jane?
Collective Wisdom: These are three are amazing.
Do you think Gus is looking a little rough? Perhaps a new candidate for Santa in the making?
PP Jack and Anne. Always great to see them both at a meeting
Retired Sgt John Murray delivered a sterling but emotional presentation
It should be evident that we have a bit of fun at Rotary. 
Rotarians Trevor and Michelle get to know our guest John before the meeting.
Sandi, who has been our Club photographer for several years.
Terry and Di
I love it when Jahanne has a good question. Rotary is a complicated organisation which takes a lot of questions to understand. People with enquiring and compassionate minds make Rotary tick.
As you can tell, PP Geoff is fact checking my answers and add his knowledge.
9 minutes to go and the yarns keep on going.
Three wise men: Over the course of my Bulletin Editor journey I have noticed that people mostly hang out in three's when there is a deep and meaningful conversation going on.
Is Gus writing Andrew a cheque? Andrew is looking very happy!
These three are still at it. They must be talking about something big!

RC Berwick Changeover 2024
The Beaconsfield Club
Jul 10, 2024
6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
REWIND 80's Mix Tape - Tribute Show
The Beaconsfield Club
Jul 19, 2024
6:30 pm – 11:30 pm
BackPacks for Kids
The Beaconsfield Club
Jul 24, 2024
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
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Rotary’s latest alumni award honoree, Gaetano Scamarcio, pursues scientific and societal progress


Awash in woodland wonder, a skeptical writer acknowledges the therapeutic benefits of forest bathing.


As an avid sports fan, President Stephanie Urchick is well-positioned to light the lamp, clear the bases, and split the uprights. Whatever the sports metaphor, she’s destined to keep Rotary in the winner’s circle


Second woman takes office as president of Rotary InternationalOne-year term will prioritize adapting to changing times and advancing peaceEVANSTON, Ill., USA – 25


Rotary clubs engage with refugees by training teachers, organizing medical care, and offering other assistance


Exhibit documents the scope of polio eradication efforts worldwide


The Rotary Club of Milwaukee revitalized its city’s riverfront with a contribution from a local landowner — a strategy that could work in other communities.

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Thank you
This week's contributors to
the Spoke 'n' Word
  1. Di Double - Thank you for a year of great photos 
  2. Michelle Oliver-Rodrigues - photo

Our Rotary Club has a story to tell, and countless members have helped me shine our Rotary light to the outside (and inside) world over the last year.

Special thanks to President Dave for his weekly wrap-ups and to Di Double for her dedication to capturing our weekly meetings and events in pictures. Dave and Di are invaluable role models who document our history and tell our story for future club members. Their efforts shape the image of our club and showcase our values to the world. Through their work, potential members gain a clear view of our fantastic club. I encourage those interested to visit our club and see for themselves.

We often need to reflect on our past to help shape our future! Without people like Dave and Di, we would always start from zero. Think about that one.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed something over the year, whether a few photos, a story or an event. I hope you'll continue your support for our next Bulletin Editor, Gus Dominguez. Expect a shorter, more concise edition coming next week.

Remember, we have a fantastic Rotary family here in Berwick. It's always worth sharing our excitement about our diverse activities and the joy we derive from being part of our community.

So it is goodbye from me and Hello to the amazing and talented Gus!

Keep Rotarying along!

David Button, former RCB Bulletin Editor. Peace Out