4 July, 2018, Volume 58 Issue 1
Executives & Directors
President Elect
International Service Director
Rotary Foundation Chair
Vice President
Membership Chair
Public Image Chair
Club Administration Chair
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Club Protection Officer
The Rotary Club of Berwick meets
Every Wednesday evening at
Holm Park Reserve
(Beaconsfield Football Club)
Emerald-Beaconsfield Road
6.30 for a 7.00pm start

Please email your apology
or book in your guest to
All bookings and apologies
To submitted by 10.00 am on
Tuesday prior to the meeting.
Next Week's Meeting Responsibilities
Chair:             Viv Armstrong
Fellowship:   Gary Castricum
                        Russell Dunn
Attendance:  Steve Paton
                        Di Double
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Mark Caulfield
July 3
Murray Newby
July 10
Steve Paton
July 14
Graham Johnstone
July 17
Diana Gomez-Fullaway
July 21
Betty Tudge
July 28
Gerald Treasure
July 28
Vivienne Armstrong
July 30
Spouse Birthdays
Mark Caulfield
July 3
Steve Paton
July 14
Viviana Dominguez
July 19
Anand Amarnath
Sheeja Prabhakaran
July 2
Doug Anderson
Rhonda Anderson
July 2
Rhonda Anderson
Doug Anderson
July 2
Gary Evans
Carol Evans
July 7
Berwick & District Benevolent Society Inc.
Since 2015, the Rotary Club of Berwick has had responsibility for the management of the Berwick & District Benevolent Society Inc. 
The current Office Bearers are:
President:  PP David Collyer
Treasurer:  PP Peter Batterham 
Secretary:  Eric Boon
Upcoming Events
Volunteers-Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)
Holm Park Recreation Reserve
Jul 11, 2018
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Free Flow Networking Night
Holm Park Recreation Reserve
Jul 18, 2018
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Rotary Australia World Community Service RAWCS
Holm Park Recreation Reserve
Jul 25, 2018
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Well, here we are.  My first Presidential message.  What to say? 
After months of preparation, updating spreadsheets, tracking payments, meetings with Naomi and lots of angst, Changeover went off without a hitch (or at least that’s what I am telling myself).  In early June, when I only had 15 people confirmed, I was thinking this year’s Changeover might be a very intimate affair with only a couple of tables in the huge room at Holm Park.
As it turned out, we had 88 people in attendance which made for a great atmosphere.  Naomi had set the tables out in a fan shape which worked really well.  Everyone was able to see and hear the proceedings whilst the smaller tables made for better conversations.  I liked the hum in the room when we had breaks for fellowship.
I have had a lot of positive feedback from the event and hope that you all enjoyed it.  We tried to keep it light and short which seemed to be well received on the night.
President Ricardo thanked the Board and the Club members for their support throughout the year, in what he described as an amazing experience.
He reported that the Club has been very active in many and various service endeavours, but also in our fundraising activities.  As a result, we will be able to distribute approximately $75,000 to various domestic and international Rotary causes, and perhaps most importantly to worthy causes within our local community.
Six new members have been inducted into the Club, including an unprecedented quadruple induction ceremony on 8th November.  Unfortunately, we also lost three members from the Club for various reasons and two others moved to other Clubs, but are still Rotarians.
Outgoing President Ricardo Balancy had the pleasure of inducting Adwin Town as a new member of the Rotary Club at the 57th annual Changover meeting on 4 July.  Adwin was accompanied by his wife Mary and says he can't wait to start helping the community as a Rotarian.
Born in Shanghai, Adwin was educated in Hong Kong before migrating to Australia in 1985.  He works as a Senior Migration Consultant providing pro bono services for the Australia for Christ Church in Rowville. 
Adwin says that there are a lot of new migrant families in the City of Casey and they need some advice and service.  He will try to give them help, so that they can "stand on their own feet" and hopes to gain grants from State and Federal levels to assist in their education and migration.
The Rotary Club of Berwick was chartered on 3rd May 1961 and Past President Bill Minns is the sole surviving Charter member.  
In 2005, Past President Gus Dominguez agreed to collaborate with Bill to document the history of the Club  since its inception.
After 13 years of extensive research, they presented the history of the Club to date, to outgoing President Ricardo Balancy at the annual Changeover on 4th July.  President Ricardo thanked both members and expressed his great appreciation for the work done, adding that the history must now be maintained.
A pdf copy of the history will be emailed to all members.
Visit to Balibo in Timor Leste
I visited Balibo in June along with Geoff and Di Double, Roger Thornton, Greg Peck (RC Pakenham), Doug Hemmingway (RC Port Melbourne) and David Dippie (RC Keilor and Donations in Kind).
As you may be aware, our Club has been part of some amazing things in the Balibo area. We have been part of creating a Dental Clinic within the Balibo House building and fitting out a Convention Centre which was built through funding by the Victorian Government. Our Club has been actively involved with Donations in Kind pickups (some of which are now in Balibo) and also purchasing exercise books, pens and pencils for overseas schools. Sounds pretty cool don't you think, but are we making a difference?
Short answer is YES! Everything that we have put money towards and the help we have given has been gratefully received and most of all appreciated beyond belief. Timor Leste is a young country. There are not a lot of older people as most were killed in recent conflicts. They are working hard to rebuild their country and are very proud of it! Many countries and many charities are also helping Timor Leste rebuild. They have a mammoth task ahead from infrastructure to education and health. Rotary is only one in a sea of helpers but we have been recognised which is great to see.
Have you ever wondered why the Rotary Year begins on 1st July?
The international convention initially played a key role in determining the start date of our fiscal and adminstrative year.  Rotary's first fiscal year began the day after the first convention ended, on 18 August 1910. The 1911-12 fiscal year also related to the convention, beginning with the first day of the 1911 convention on 21 August.
At its August 1912 meeting, the Board of Directors ordered an audit of the International Association of Rotary Clubs' finances. The auditors recommended that the organization end its fiscal year on 30 June to give the Secretary and Treasurer time to prepare a financial statement for the convention and board, and determine the proper number of club delegates to the convention.  
At the back of the Rotary Club Handbook there is a heading Acronyms.  If you don’t have one of these handbooks or are new to reading about Rotary, these acronyms can perhaps cause confusion.
Changeover Photos