Issue  7
18th August 2021
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August is 'Membership and New Club Development' Month
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Coffee Club
Aug 21, 2021
10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Rotarian Elevator Pitch Facilitated Workshop
ZOOM: Password: Rotaryzoom
Aug 25, 2021
7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Coffee Club
Aug 28, 2021
10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Natasha Liddell WPI Development Manager
Sep 01, 2021
7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Coffee Club
Sep 04, 2021
10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Coffee Club
Sep 11, 2021
10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Speaker: Danielle Kutchel - Star News
The Beaconsfield Club
Sep 15, 2021
7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
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Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Wendy Langdon
August 2
Di Double
August 15
Gaetano Fina
August 17
Jim Wilson
August 18
Eric Boon
August 19
Jack Kraan
August 23
David Grant
September 3
Bruce Shaw
September 17
Geoff Double
September 20
Spouse Birthdays
David Fullaway
August 1
Diana Nutter
August 7
Di Double
August 15
Sharon Verbi
August 17
Lisemay Balancy
August 24
Robyn Shaw
August 29
Josie Wilson
September 9
Geoff Double
September 21
Rob Wingrave
Pat Wingrave
August 22
Bruce Shaw
Robyn Shaw
September 4
Alf Giesen
Debbie Giesen
September 27

Rotaractors harness the power of their networks to amplify their impact.


Learn more about the projects that Rotarians and Rotaractors are bringing to life in their communities


Gordon McInally selected to be 2023-24 Rotary International President


Members and government health officials use boats to reach villages deep in the rainforest.


Learn more about the projects that Rotarians and Rotaractors are bringing to life in their communities.


Meeting update:

It is unlikely we will be able to meet in person for a few weeks yet. Please take the opportunity to embrace technology because you have to not because you want to!
We are People of Action, so let's get on doing as much as we can while we can.
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You are doing Great!
One of the good things about Clubrunner is to keep most things in one place! On feeling a little bit nostalgic about how the club has been in the past, I ventured into the Club bulletin archives. Any member can do this if they want within our Club website provided it is a Clubrunner bulletin. There is certainly some interesting reading to be had!
So I wondered what the Club was up to on 17th August 2016. Here is the bulletin link: 
There is an article on attendance. If you have a chance please have a look. Nowadays it is a little different, but the principle is still the same. A club that plays together stays together. 
I was also drawn to Gus's Article on 5 reasons to love Rotary from the 10th August 2016: It might help with this week's Elevator Pitch workshop with PEN David Anderson. I am really looking forward to learning how to say why I love being a Rotarian in 30 seconds to a complete stranger, in such a way that they want to know more. We are in a truly unique place with regard to volunteering and personal development opportunities. 
Don't forget to register if you are coming: 
David is primed and ready to roll!
The Taliban have kids too!
Article submitted by DG Bill Degnan and posted by Sam McCurdy
The situation in Afghanistan has escalated since a zoom meeting of RI END POLIO NOW Coordinators was held last week, but several messages with great impact were delivered by our senior leaders during that meeting.
Many Rotarians have expressed concern about the future of our Polio Eradication Initiative – when ultimate success is so close. 
However, RI Past President and 2021/22 Chair of The Rotary Foundation, John Germ, told the meeting that Rotary’s team has been working with the Taliban for some time and we need to remember  ‘the Taliban have children too – and want them protected against Polio’. ‘We acknowledge the tragedy of the situation in Afghanistan, but there have always been obstacles in the way that have been overcome,” he said. 
RI Past Vice President and International PolioPlus Chair Mike McGovern stated that Rotary’s team is working closely with Afghan PolioPlus chair, Ishak, and news is positive.
‘We have only one wild virus case in Afghanistan and Pakistan for the past eight months – and very little trace is being found in environmental samples.  We need to work with all elements of leadership in that country and the anti- government element has indicated a willingness to work with us,’ he said. ‘Historically, the Taliban have never been against Polio vaccination. They are wary of people involved in delivering the vaccines, but they want to target the end of Polio and are very well organised.’
Further, following dramatic events this week, Mike McGovern updated last week’s comments …
‘In 2021, despite internal conflicts and a global pandemic, Afghanistan is seeing unprecedently low transmission of wild polio, with just one case reported this year. Not only has the country seen a drastic reduction in cases of wild polio. Polio surveillance data confirms this progress and significantly less virus is being detected in the environment. ‘As conflict in Afghanistan quickly evolves, we must advocate for the children of Afghanistan. The Polio program must work and communicate with all stakeholders involved to ensure that polio immunisation remains a priority to ensure the gains we have made against polio do not diminish. ‘We look forward to working with our polio eradication partners and the Afghani people to completely eradicate polio,’ he concluded.
Conference 2022 Registrations Now Open
District Governor Bill Degnan and Judy, together with the Rotary Club of Traralgon Central, invite you and all your members to come and join us in beautiful Traralgon, where the D9820 Conference will be held on the weekend of February 25-27, 2022, in the new Gippsland Performing Arts Centre.
Registrations are now open, and we look forward to seeing many of you in the Valley for a conference filled with inspiration, fun and fellowship.
This conference will focus on environmental sustainability and what part Rotary can play.
We also have Dr. Fiona Wood, AM FAHMS, as our keynote speaker.  Professor Fiona Wood is one of Australia’s most innovative and respected surgeons and researchers. 
A highly skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeon and world leading burns specialist, she has pioneered research and technology development in burns medicine. 
Professor Wood’s greatest contribution and enduring legacy is her work pioneering the innovative ‘spray-on skin’ technique, which greatly reduces permanent scarring in burns victims.
Further information about our speakers, tours and entertainment will be posted on the District Conference Facebook page and the District Website.
We look forward to seeing you all in February. To find out more or register, CLICK HERE
Haiti Earthquake Disaster
The death toll from the 7.2 magnitude earthquake which shook Haiti on Saturday 7th August at 8:30 am local time, has now risen to more than 2,000, with an estimated 61,000 homes damaged or destroyed and 135,000 families displaced. The quake overwhelmed hospitals, flattened buildings and trapped people under rubble in at least two cities in the western part of the country’s southern peninsula. The search and rescue to find survivors is the priority right now.
Haiti has still not recovered after the 2010 earthquake struck, which killed over 200,000 people. The dire situation has been made worse by the arrival of Tropical Depression Grace, bringing heavy rain, flooding, and landslides. Many people face these conditions without a roof over their heads or fresh water to drink. 
ShelterBox is deploying an operations team to the regionThe emergency response team will assess damage reports, understand from communities what they need, and work on the challenging logistics of delivering aid during a pandemic. Shelterbox are also in active discussions with local partners in Haiti, including Rotary International, Habitat for Humanity, and the IFRC, to understand the shelter needs and how they can best respond to help displaced families.
Communities who have lost their homes to disasters urgently need your support. Please Donate today.
Living Well Survey
The City of Casey is seeking our assistance in completing the City of Casey’s Living and Ageing Well survey. 
They are doing this survey in response to Commonwealth Reforms in the Aged and Disability Service sector, which were recently announced following the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. Council would like to know what is important to residents to help them understand how best to support our seniors and those living with a disability now and into the future.
The survey can be completed online at:  
Everyone who completes a survey can choose to go into the draw to win one of three $50 Westfield Vouchers. The survey will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete and closes 5.00pm Thursday 9 September 2021. 
Please note that any personal information you provide in this survey will be treated in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014.
You can access your personal information by contacting the Council's Privacy Officer on 9705 5200. For more information, please see the Council's Privacy Policy at 
Rotaract literacy day
 Posted by Graham Johnstone From a Rotaract Facebook post.
We are placing a call out for children's books so that we can create book bags to donate to Casey North Community Information and Support Service (CNCISS). We will be decorating book bags at our meeting on the 2nd of September in preparation for International Literacy Day on the 8th of September.
Our world is changing: global health crises, accelerated climate change, growing use of artificial intelligence, strong social movements across the globe, just to name a couple of things.
What will tomorrow look like? Like UNESCO, we believe that EDUCATION can help us to build the future we want. Together, let’s reimagine how knowledge and learning can shape the future of humanity and the planet.
Learn more about the #FuturesOfEducation initiative launched by UNESCO:
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Posted by Graham Johnstone for Sjaak Kusters.
WRITE your life RIGHT
Death is certain for all of us. What is not certain, is how we are remembered.  What if you could be assured your life story is told accurately, your loved ones know how you felt, your most treasured memories shared with family and friends? 

As an experienced writer, storyteller, and celebrant, I can provide that peace of mind. 

Rather than relying on your family to provide information on your behalf in their time of grief, I will meet with you now, regardless of your current health status or age. Together, before your passing, you and I will tailor a funeral service for you. I will write your eulogy and, when the time comes, faithfully deliver your story, well wishes and parting words in first person to your family and friends as a true celebration of your life. 

Meet with me and together we will… write your life right. This service is also available for your elderly parents.

Sjaak Kusters
0418 149 715 
Zone 8 Virtual Conference Breakout sessions
Posted by Sam McCurdy
Thank you to our sponsors.