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9th November 2022
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The Beaconsfield Club
Nov 16, 2022
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Travel Guide Partners night: Ski Slopes with ISFR
The Beaconsfield Club
Nov 23, 2022
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Christmas Dinner
Jason’s Restaurant
Dec 07, 2022
6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
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As the charitable arm of Rotary International, we tap into a global network of Rotarians who invest their time, money, and expertise into our priorities, such as eradicating polio and promoting peace.
Foundation grants empower Rotarians to approach challenges such as poverty, illiteracy, and malnutrition with sustainable solutions that leave a lasting impact.

Strong financial oversight, a stellar charity rating, and a unique funding model mean that we make the very most of your contribution. 

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Tim Moore
November 7
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November 13
Rosemarie Hughes
November 18
Maureen Scott
November 30
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Tim Moore
November 7
Judy Button
November 11
Helen Rosenthal
November 17
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Gary Castricum
November 1, 2017
5 years
Gerald Treasure
November 1, 1994
28 years
Laury Gordyn
November 3, 1994
28 years
Gus Dominguez
November 23, 2006
16 years

Visitors to Melbourne, site of the Rotary International Convention, will encounter an abundance of culinary, cultural, sports, and shopping options.


A Rotary club in Uganda, whose members are all women, uses microloans to help invest in their community.


Learn how Rotary clubs are taking action in the Dominican Republic, the United States, Romania, Germany, and Australia.

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This week at Rotary
Annual General Meeting of the Rotary Club of Berwick
On Wednesday the 16th of  November
All members have been sent the financials for the Rotary Club of Berwick and the Rotary Berwick Benevolent Society for the year 2021-22. 
Questions are welcome and we thank Past Treasurer Wendy Langdon and present treasurer Andrew Somers for their work of managing our finances for the club.  This can be an onerous job at times, and we thank them for their work.
We also thank our honorary auditors Andrew Harper and Fred Edwards.
Please note it is important that we have a quorum of members to vote on the agenda items.
We also have the pleasure in officially selecting Rotarian David Anderson as President for 2023-2024 year and our President Elect Andrew Somers for 2024-2025, and President Elect Nominee Jennifer Marshall.
PE David will also introduce his Club Office Holders for next year.
Really Past President Tim Moore
2022 Remembrance Day
A smaller crowd than usual attended the Remembrance Day ceremony held at the Berwick Cenotaph on Friday 11th November.
Following a tradition inaugurated by King George V in 1919, Remembrance Day is observed throughout the Commonwealth, to honour armed forces members who lost their lives in battle during the First World War.
At 11 am on 11 November 1918, the guns on the Western Front fell silent after more than four years of continuous warfare. The war left between 9 and 13 million dead.
To pay our respects to those who lost their lives on the battlefield in the service to others, PP David Button, Trevor Watson and Sam McCurdy laid a wreath at the cenotaph on behalf of the Rotary Club of Berwick.
A tour of self discovery
At our last meeting, PE Dave Anderson took us all on a tour of self-discovery as five teams battled it out to develop a Rotary Club of Berwick Coat of Arms. 
The concept was pretty simple, to create a Coat of Arms that uniquely describes "US" to others by way of pictures, words or symbols so that The Rotary Club of Berwick could be recognised anywhere we go, just by our Coat of Arms.
Part of the exercise was to throw in the confusion factor by not explaining how we should create the shield but relying on each team to propose a leader and see if each team member finds a useful and contributing position within each team. So the exercise was all about experiencing how a group of people can evolve to become an effective team when given a task after receiving incomplete instructions and being forced to interpret it and improvise to get a result. I could see that some people were uncomfortable not getting the concept and not knowing what to do. While that sounds harsh, that is exactly what can happen in real life. PE Dave was teaching a life lesson.
Leaders lead. Team Members who understand the project (or who can adapt quickly) contribute. The team members who don't understand the project need another team member to explain enough to make it possible for them to contribute. It is a very dynamic situation: creating a team that can work together, but it is also a dynamic situation to realise that all members can contribute if the balance within the team (leadership, confidence in the project and bringing everyone to the task).
The interesting thing for me (since I am writing about it and have only myself to ask) is to watch how different people reacted and to see natural leaders pop up in each team to get the job done.
I really enjoyed the process only because PE Dave uncomfortably shot out the Captain Obvious points of teamwork. Don't leave people behind. Don't underestimate the hidden potential. Don't be afraid of asking questions. Look out for your group. I am sure there are others.

So the results

Every team did a splendid job and showed that we all understand our Club and what we do. My personal stand out was from Sam's table. They had their own latin inscription to add an extra level of importance. It might have been: 'Semper in Excretia'. What does it mean?  Very creative on several levels.
As a prize for all, (because all our teams' work was unique and wonderful), we all shared in a bunch of Jokers Wild tickets, but none of us won.....sad
Who's the Joker Now?
I am very happy to report that PP Laury Gordyn has snapped up the grand prize and pocketed a tidy $1100 bucks for just holding the winning Jokers Wild ticket. You have to be in it to win it, as they say. Here is a man/person who walks the talk and is going home with something to brag about. Love your work Laury! 
Photos of the week
Sandi had a camera malfunction so there are not as many photos as usual
A great crowd of bubbling creativity. Who knew there was so much talent in our great Rotary Club!
David and TrevorIsobel and Di
Dave, Gus and Russell....always smiling for some reason.The Guru and Di
SamMark, Gus, David and Isobel just being silly
The New Math
Make more money by giving away more money? It adds up if you have a ‘Generosity Purpose’
By Derrick Kinney
the new math
few years ago, Dave, the owner of a local manufacturing company, came into my office. I was a financial adviser, and Dave was a longtime client. Whenever we met, I always enjoyed his positive, enthusiastic attitude. But that afternoon I could tell by his body language that something was off. "Tell me what’s going on," I said.

"The business is going great," Dave explained, "but I’m no longer into it. I’ve lost my motivation. I don’t really feel a lot of satisfaction."

As we were talking, a thought occurred to me. I asked Dave, "Are there any causes or organizations you find interesting that you would like to support?"

The question caught Dave by surprise, and he sat back and pondered it for a moment. Then he told me that a couple of years ago, he and his family had gone overseas and visited a little village with no real school building and no resources to properly educate the children. They had said to themselves, "It would be neat to do something for these kids." But then they just kind of tucked the idea away, returned home, and went about their lives.

Hearing all that, I had another question for Dave. "What if you did this?" I asked. "Over the next 12 months, set a goal to increase your business, and a portion of that increase could go to building that school." His eyes got as big as saucers, and he sat up with a start.

Three months later, Dave returned to my office. He had much more zeal for his business — and for his life. "Derrick," he said, "you’re not going to believe this, but our sales are already up 20 percent, and we’ve almost fully funded that school." As a business owner, he was reinvigorated. He had found a way to connect profits to purpose. By giving away more money, Dave was actually making more money.

This is the untold secret to making more money: giving it away. I call it the "Generosity Purpose." It’s the reason my client’s life changed — and yours can too.

Now I want to ask you some questions. What injustice keeps you awake at night? What really bothers you and makes you say, "I want to do something about that"? What wrong do you see in society that you want to make right? Is it in your local community? Is it elsewhere in the world? What is the cause that you care deeply about? Connect your cash to a cause, your money to a movement, your profits to a purpose. That is what changes everything. That is the Generosity Purpose.

What’s your Generosity Purpose? Is it helping abolish sex trafficking? Helping your city’s homeless population? Or is it more personal, like funding your children’s college tuition or paying for the piano lessons your granddaughter has always wanted to take? It’s not about you, but about someone or something that you believe can do more good and leave an impact on the world. After all, the Me Show will one day get canceled. The We Show always gets high ratings and airs longer.

Most people lead with, "I want to make more money." But what if you led with, "I want to give more money, and to do that, I’ll have to make more money"? This is the path that gives purpose to your money, and to your life, no matter what your job is or your stage of life.

Now you might believe that making a lasting impact on the world — or even your local community — requires a lot of money. That’s not even a little bit true. Start small. Help one person at a time. As you do that, you will realize you are changing their world and the world.

Regardless of the attitude toward giving that you have now, I’m asking you to rethink money — to rethink its purpose. Imagine a cause you have felt passionate about ever since you were young but didn’t think you could do anything about. Now is your chance. Small or big, just get started. This is where the fun begins.

Many entrepreneurs I interviewed for my book emphasized how important it is to start early to become accustomed to both making money and giving it away. That’s because both behaviors become muscle memory, as do their corollaries: bad earning and saving habits and an accompanying stinginess.

When I visit with clients, we sometimes talk about the impact of the economy on their money. But I would point out to them the difference between the overall economy and what I referred to as their personal economy. For example, while knowing the key economic indicators was important, what really mattered was their ability to put food on the table and save for personal financial goals. In other words, what does all this economy stuff mean to me? It’s easy to think that making a lasting impact on the world, or even your community, requires loads of cash. But that’s thinking like the overall economy. I’m suggesting you make it simple: Do what you can where you are right now as an outflow of your personal economy. Remember: Start small and make an impact on one person at a time. That’s how you start to change the world.

When you start earning and saving with a purpose that excites you, it will motivate you, lighting a fire within you that burns so bright that it will lead to success in every area of your life. It will motivate you to do whatever you have to do to build your bank account — whether it’s being successful in your job, getting a raise, or growing your own business. You will acknowledge your power to radically revolutionize your family’s future and the future of the world around you.

You have two paths you can take. Path 1: Keep making money and stay unhappy and unfulfilled. Path 2: Make good money and lots of it, but do it by adding meaning to your money.

If you choose the first path, you are leaving on the table money and a lasting legacy that could benefit you and your family. You’re missing out on helping right the wrongs that bother you the most. It’s not enough to say, "I’m going to work now so I’ll have more to give away later." It means nothing unless it’s attached to the powerful emotion that you will feel when you have made a real impact. If you choose the second path, you are now ready to start earning with a purpose. After all, if you don’t have money, you can’t give any away.

I’m asking you to rethink your attitudes about money and giving and find your Generosity Purpose. One person at a time, your money can impact the world.

A member of the Rotary Club of Arlington, Texas, Derrick Kinney is the author of Good Money Revolution: How to Make More Money to Do More Good, from which this essay is excerpted.

Looking for a meaningful Generosity Purpose? Your donation to The Rotary Foundation can have a profound impact on projects to eradicate polio, promote peace, and improve developing communities. Learn more at rotary.org/donate.

District Conference 2023
The District Conference starts off on Friday, 24th of February, with captivating choices to explore the local area. Take a delicious winery OR garden bus tour with lunch, or try your luck on breaking your handicap in a round of golf on the delightful RACV Cape Schanck course. There are also eight self-drive tours for those who like to explore. For more information, CLICK HERE
On Friday night, arrange your Club dinner in any of the multitudes of cafes and restaurants which abound in the local area. 
On Saturday, settle in to enjoy an impressive array of presentations by the following Keynote speakers:
ACCOMMODATION: The RACV Cape Schanck Resort has just released its Conference offers for the Conference!    CLICK HERE to view offers
  • Kate Roffey, President of the Melbourne Football Club,
  • Warren Tate, Communications expert,
  • Julia Kay, 2022 Young Victorian of the Year and co-Director of Great Wrap,
  • Samuel Johnson, 2018 Victorian of the Year, actor and founder of Love Your sister,
Rotary projects and discussions will also be made by:
  • Jennifer Jones, Rotary International President and Ian Riseley, Rotary Foundation Chair and Past Rotary International President will share a virtual conversation with us
  • Jessie Harman, Zone 8 representative.
  • Bernie Farquhar, Rotary Club of Mitchell River
  • Ross Kilborn, Rotary Club of Mornington.
After enjoying a day of learning and connection-building, it is time to kick up your heels at the Saturday night-themed Beach Party dinner. Accompanying the gourmet event, the Baker Boy Band will treat you to fabulous music. The Baker Boy Band have played at a number of District Conference dinners and they are always on point with their entertainment.
Sunday morning starts with a breakfast session and a presentation by Kevin Sheedy, 2022 Victorian of the Year and Libby Wilson, Rotary Club of Rosebud Rye (RCRR). A tour of the Rotary Rosebud Warehouse: https://www.facebook.com/rosebudwarehouse/ will be offered to interested Conference participants as they leave from breakfast and head home. This is a major project of the Rotary Club of Rosebud-Rye and well worth a visit if you are interested in how a Rotary Club can run a very big and ongoing project that requires a lot of capital investment.
This conference has a lot to offer every Rotarian. Have a squizz at https://rotary9820.org.au/page/district-9820-conference-2023/. to learn more.
Registrations update: So far, 115 people have registered to attend the 2023 District Conference. Five of those are from Berwick and four of the Berwick crew are booked for the winery tour! Berwick Rotarians know how to socialise!
There is no one from Casey, Pakenham or Cranbourne yet, but there are four from Greater Dandenong and Endeavour Hills and two from Narre Warren (Our Cluster Club friends). I am an RACV member and got a great deal on accommodation at the Cape Schanck Resort using the above link. If you want something different to do that is reasonably priced, the District Conference could be for you.
Saturday Coffee Catch Up
Saturday Coffee Catch Up over Zoom, and all members are welcome to drop in for a chat.
Password: Rotaryzoom
Every Saturday morning, 10.00am
ALL club members are welcome.