Journalism in a changing world
Posted by Sam McCurdy:
This week we had the privilege of having Danielle Kutchel as our Guest Speaker and her topic was 'Journalism in a changing world'.
Danielle has been a journalist for around a decade and is currently the lead writer on Berwick Star News and Cranbourne Star News for the Star News Group, based in Pakenham,
She enjoys sharing the stories, successes, passions and problems of local people and chasing that old journalism adage of shining a light in dark places.
Danielle graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Master of Journalism in 2016. While journalism as a profession is currently undergoing a number of changes, she believes that journalists still have an important role to play in the community - especially local communities - and is passionate about keeping people informed of what's going on near them.
In her informative presentation, Danielle highlighted several significant changes that have had an impact on journalism.  To name a few, these included:
  • recent changes that make the News Company legally responsible for any racist or inflammatory comments that individuals may make on Facebook;
  • a downward trend in advertorial revenue as a result of the COVID pandemic, but an increase in readership;
  • the trend to present advertisements as local interest stories;
  • the influence of technology
  • partnerships with Google and other platforms to supply news.
The comprehensive nature of her presentation prompted many questions from the ZOOM audience, including:
  • Is there a difference between a reporter and a journalist?
  • Is it always necessary to gain permission from individuals before publishing their photo in the paper?
Danielle was thanked for her interesting presentation and for her support in publishing articles about the Club's activities.
2021 Footy Trivia Night
Extracted from a Facebook posting by Jane Moore:
Feeling bored in lockdown? Missing pre-final footy hype?  Then jump in to our Annual Footy Trivia Night next Wednesday. Adrian "Funno" Funston has a great night in store, so you’re guaranteed an hour of laughter!
To prepare, brush up on your footy trivia knowledge, roll up in your best footy gear (Demons) and jump on ZOOM for a fun time!  The link is: 
Password: Rotaryzoom
Come and be a part of it - meet your fellow footy tragics! Its a great way to brighten up lockdown 6, and everyone is welcome!
Thanks Funno!
Public Image Training Session
Extracted from Facebook and posted by Sam McCurdy:
Want to brush up on Rotary's Public Image? Join Zone 8 Coordinator Sarita McLean for her introduction webinar.
Public Image is an important part of communication by Rotary clubs to the public, so that the message is clear and consistent.
Rotary International Zone 8 looks after Australia and the Pacific. Following the excitement of the Public Image breakout session at the recent Zone 8 Virtual conference, Sarita has scheduled an "Introduction to Public Image" training session on Sunday the 26th of September, starting at 12 noon Australian East Standard Time.
This session will provide an overview of The Rotary Brand, the importance of our visual identity and logos and explore resources available in the Brand Centre.
Click on the link to register. REGISTER
This Public Image training session is open to all, with an option for non Rotarians to join in too. Sarita and her public image team will inspire you and provide you with the basics to best showcase your Club, District or help you in your business life.
Baby clothes for Fiji
 Posted by Graham Johnstone from Peninsular Rotary facebook page.
We all know the effect the Covid-19 Pandemic has had on the world - our neighbouring Fijian mums need our help!

The maternity wards of the Fijian hospitals are in a dire situation. Seven out of Ten mums admitted to the maternity ward are being diagnosed with covid-19 and as a result there is a huge shortage of baby clothes!

Peninsula 2.0 Rotary together with Frankston City Council are collecting clean Baby Clothing in good condition Sizes 0000 - Size 1 to send to Fiji.

If you can help and have donations please contact Trudy at 
Joker's Wild
Posted by Graham Johnstone
This week Maureen Scott drew the 7 of hearts.
Next week’s jackpot is $293 plus
Issue  11
15th September 2021
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September is 'Basic Education and Literacy' Month
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Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA)
Posted by Sam McCurdy:
The purpose of the Rotary Model United Nations Assembly (or MUNA, pronounced 'mew-na') is to encourage young people to learn about other countries and to develop an understanding of the workings of the United Nations. 
Rotary MUNA simulates the workings of the UN General Assembly right down to the Rules and Processes. Teams of two students from year 10, and (preferably) year 11, represent a nominated UN Member State. They are given topics well in advance. Resolutions are typically drawn from those passed through the General Assembly or the Security Council and cover issues such as Education, Environment, Health, Human Rights, Nuclear Proliferation, Poverty, and Terrorism, the role of Women in promoting Peace and Security, and World Peace.
Delegates must research the topics and be able to express the views of the country that they are representing, not their own or Australia’s (unless they are the Australian Delegation!).
Delegates are encouraged to wear an appropriate national costume and they have fun doing it. The objective is to encourage young people to learn respect and tolerance for people of all cultures, races, religions and nationalities. MUNA is all about building bridges of goodwill for world peace and understanding in the minds of our youth.
This year, due to the COVID pandemic, the Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA) Committee offered an alternative 5-minute video submission award, instead of the usual face-to-face event.  Submissions closed on 17th September.
The MUNA 2021 Video Submission Portal is now officially closed.
22 Video Submissions were submitted for evaluation, which is an exceptional effort by all those participants involved.  Well done!! 👍🏼🎉
Thank you to our sponsors.