8 August 2018 Volume 58 Issue 6
Next Meeting Responsibilities
Chair:             PP Gus Dominguez
Fellowship:  PP Ricardo Balancy
                        PP Peter Batterham
Attendance:  David Nutter
                        Jenny Marshall
Rotary Information Sessions
The Rotary Information series continues with presentations at our weekly meetings.
The team members involved and the roster are as follows:
August 15 - Cheryl Zuhlsdorff
August 22  - Adwin Town
August 29 - Gary Castricum
The Rotary Club of Berwick meets
Every Wednesday evening at
Holm Park Reserve
(Beaconsfield Football Club)
Emerald-Beaconsfield Road
6.30 for a 7.00pm start

Please email your apology
or book in your guest to
All bookings and apologies
To submitted by 10.00 am on
Tuesday prior to the meeting.
Executives & Directors
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International Service Director
Rotary Foundation Chair
Vice President
Membership Chair
Public Image Chair
Club Administration Chair
Avenues of Service Chair
Fundraising Chair
Club Protection Officer
Upcoming Events
District Governor Visit
Holm Park Recreation Reserve
Aug 15, 2018
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Free Flow Networking Night
Holm Park Recreation Reserve
Aug 22, 2018
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Free Flow Networking Night
Holm Park Recreation Reserve
Aug 29, 2018
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Wendy Langdon
August 2
Di Double
August 15
Jim Wilson
August 18
Eric Boon
August 19
Jack Kraan
August 23
Spouse Birthdays
David Fullaway
August 1
Diana Nutter
August 7
Di Double
August 15
Kate Mangan
August 17
Lisemay Balancy
August 24
Robyn Shaw
August 29
Rob Wingrave
Pat Wingrave
August 22
President's Preamble 8-8-18
We had lots of guests at our meeting this week but Graham wasn’t there to do the Emergency Evacuation Procedure, so I had to improvise. 
Luckily there wasn’t an emergency because, although I told everyone where the emergency exits were, I didn’t inform them about the Assembly points in the car parks.  We could have been milling around at the bottom of the stairs for hours.
It was a delight to meet the two young ladies from Kids Under Cover.  Sheryn Cooper and Amy-Lou Cowdroy-Ling came to our Club to give a talk on what they are doing to prevent youth homelessness. 
After Sheryn’s presentation, I asked her how KUC were able to ensure that the studios that they built were used by the young people they were intended for. 
Sheryn explained that they monitor the studios by using site visits and surveys.  She also told me that they started trialling a new service which involved placing studios on foster carer’s properties for emergency youth accommodation.
I thought the Donate Your Car®  was a great initiative.  Had I known about it, I would have donated my old Ford.  Here is the link if you have a car you could donate:
Rotary Outbound Exchange Student
Our Rotary Outbound Exchange Student, Tara Wilkinson, addressed the Club at Wednesday's meeting to provide some personal background.
Tara is a Year 10 student at Berwick College and a Team Leader for Chisholm Learning Team.  Learning Teams aim to improve student-teacher-parent relations and student connectedness to the school.  She is also a member of the Berwick College Dance Academy.
Tara also has a casual job at McDonalds and she loves it, as it makes her feel independent and she gets to meet lots of new people.
She wants to experience new places and cultures, as well as to learn the history of the host country.  Her preferred country for the exchange is the USA, with Canada and Switzerland as second and third choices respectively.  Her allocated host country should be announced on Sunday 19 August.
Rotary Information - 2
The second in our series of short Rotary Information Sessions was presented by Gaetano Fina.  He addressed the subject of 'Engaging Young Professionals in Rotary'.
Gaetano advised that young professionals are passionate and talented people, who are looking for inspiration.  They generally learn from mentors with clout and experience, and want to engage in activities that provide them with personal development and fulfilment.  Rotary members have a wealth of experience that can be used to inspire and motivate them.
However, it is essential that we learn the audience's culture in order to connect and engage with them effectively.  This will involve extensive use of social media and technologies. Rotary should aim to engage ordinary young people in extraordinary circumstances with the goal to create something that outlives us all.
Gaetano finished his presentation by asking "who can interpret the acronym WIIFM".  Di Scheepers quickly responded with the correct answer "What's in it for me" and was duly rewarded with a bag of Lindt chocolates.
Kids Under Cover
Our guest speaker, Sheryn Cooper, provided a summary of the role and activities of the Kids Under Cover organisation.
Kids Under Cover is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to preventing youth homelessness and it currently operates in Victoria, Queensland and the ACT. 
It is estimated that there are currently 116,427 homeless people and 29% of these are under 25 years old.  The organisation has assisted over 3,000 young people to date.
The reasons for a homeless status are varied and include trauma and grief, family homes are often overcrowded and mental health issues can really affect relationships within the home.   Homelessness can result from having no physical or emotional space at home.
Kids Under Cover provides secure accommodation within the home environment by supplying studios, as well as educational scholarships.
Jokers Wild 8-8-18
Our Outbound Exchange Student, Tara Wilkinson, picked the winning ticket from the bag which turned out to be PP Gerald Treasure's.
On splitting the deck Gerald confidently drew the "Joker" and won the jackpot of $688.  Congratulations Gerald!
Make sure you purchase a ticket next week before the meeting begins.
Fighting for our Farmers
After a 7-year drought, it's very clear that our Farmers and their families, the “backbone of Australia”, are doing it exceptionally tough.  They are the lifeblood of our country and they are in crisis. 
With the driest winter on record, they are struggling to feed sheep and cattle, and to keep crops alive.  Farmers need our help!
Channel 9 and Rotary Australia have partnered with the National Farmers’ Federation, launching an appeal to big business and everyday Australians, so we can provide some emergency relief.
Club visit by DG Janne Speirs
On Wednesday 15th August the District Governor Janne Speirs will be visiting the Club.
This is a perfect opportunity to bring along your partners and friends to listen to our yearly DG's inspirational speech.
Please book your guests in at
International Literacy Day - 8th September 2018
In support of this special day, proclaimed by UNESCO, the Rotary Club of Berwick is once again asking members and friends to donate books for children aged 4 to 14 years.
Members are asked to bring along books over the next four meetings - 15th, 22th & 29th August and the 5th September.
As in previous years, books collected will include our club’s 'donated by' sticker and be delivered to the Casey North Community Information Support Services (CNCISS) for distribution to children throughout the City of Casey and to the Edrington Park Child Care and Preschool's new start up library.  
Members are also urged to seek their friend’s support for this important project.
Rosemary Hughes
Project Coordinator        
District 9820 Membership Forum
DG Janne Speirs requests that you come to hear inspirational speakers and participate in workshops on how to make Rotary interesting, so as to attract new members and inspire existing members.
When:  Saturday 13 October
Where: Nossal High School, Berwick
Time:    10:00am until 4:00pm
2020 District Conference
DGE Adrian Froggatt asks members to note the dates for the 2020 District Conference which will be held from Friday 20 March - Sunday 22 March, at a venue to be confirmed.  The theme will be "Breaking the chains".
Adrian invites all members of the Club to get involved in the planning process to make the conference an amazing, exciting and enjoyable experience for all participants.
Regular updates on progress will be provided.
Since its launch on Thursday morning last week, Nine’s 'FIGHTING FOR OUR FARMERS' drought relief appeal has now raised $3,399,714, as of 8.30am Friday August 10.

Due to the amazing response to the Appeal, Nine has announced a Farm Aid Telethon to be broadcast on Monday, August 20, from 5.30am and continuing throughout the day on Nine and 9Now.

This special event will raise more money to support our farmers who are experiencing the driest winter on record.

2019 Multi-District Conference


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