Issue  42
18th May 2022
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May is Youth Service Month
Rotary International has consistently been at the forefront of providing opportunities for youth to develop the skills and characteristics necessary to be effective leaders of tomorrow. 
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Saturday morning coffee
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May 21, 2022
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Travel Guide Partners night: Japan
The Beaconsfield Club
May 25, 2022
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Saturday morning coffee
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May 28, 2022
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Saturday morning coffee
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Rotary members in Ukraine are helping neighbors return to their homes, distributing supplies from other countries, and organizing long-term aid — all despite being affected by the war


Across Europe, Rotaract members are using digital tools to share information and coordinate to help people who have been affected by the war in Ukraine


A surgeon in Spain finds a way to treat patients in Nigeria


Six Rotary members were honored in March as People of Action: Champions of Girls’ Empowerment during Rotary Day with UNICEF in New York City. This distinction recognizes the honorees’ commitment to improving girls’ access to education, health, and sanitation and hygiene resources, as well as their work to create environments where girls can flourish.

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Presentation Balls Rock!
Some parts are muted due to copyright!
On Wednesday and Thursday night, the Presentation Balls project came to fruition in glamourous style. The Team, led by David Anderson, including Sam, Russell, Andrew and probably someone I have forgotten to name, have gone through ten weeks of setting up dance training each Monday in preparation for the night. There were twenty-five Debs and partners on the first night and nineteen on the second night. 
The venue was pumping as PP Laury Gordyn took on the job as MC x 2. The funny thing to me, at least, was that Laury volunteered for the role, fully expecting that he could get out of it. As it turned out, Laury got the gig two nights in a row, and he is now so good at MCing that he cannot wait to do it again!!! (LoL).
The ushers and security on the door were enough to scare anyone away.

This year's food was first-rate, but we had to stop Laury from licking his plate!
The Rotary Club of Berwick has been involved with the Berwick College Presentation Balls for the last thirty-seven years. Considering the school is just forty years old, we have been there almost from the start. This is a project we are known for, a signature project if you like that has opportunities and possibilities embedded in it that the Club may not have taken full advantage of in past years. Jane made up some special flyers that were put on each table to give a brief rundown of our Club and our connection with the College. We made it known that our Club is strongly involved with most of the Rotary youth programs such as the National Youth Science Forum, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, Model of United Nations Assembly and Interact. Our Club is also planning a Vocational Awards night with the help of Jarrod Flanigan who currently works in the TAFE system. These awards will include VCal students from the Berwick area. We want to be better connected with our community and building stronger relationships with the local schools is a good way forward.
Our Club is very fortunate to have a good group of motivated members who have been actively learning all they can about Rotary in order to invest in sound strategic projects that will build our Club. We are heading for exciting times! Nice work Team!
Touring Japan
Posted by Graham Johnstone from an email by Di Double.
The travel guide nights have proven to be a popular night to leave our ordinary lives behind and imagine travelling to places we have yet to visit. They are both inspirational and educational as we learn about the culture and the experiences of each destination. This week we will be going to Japan!
While I am not going to spoil it, if you like to learn firsthand about a place you have never been without the pricetag to get there, now is your chance to hop on board! Anyone and everyone are welcome to attend our wonderful venue at the Beaconsfield Club at the Holm Park Reserve in Beaconsfield.
The cost is only $25 for a two-course meal and drinks at bar prices. Included is meeting with wonderful Rotarians (at no charge). Booking is simple, just use this link: BOOK HERE and that will take you to our booking form. A credit card will be required to complete the booking. We are all looking forward to meeting you on Wednesday.
Ask not what your Rotary Club can do for you.
Our Club has become very active over the last few months as we creep out of the COVID thing and push on with rebuilding the Club. Just as people went crazy with renovations and gardening to keep busy during lockdowns, many people have recentred their compass towards helping others and the planet post lockdowns. Travel and living the high life are not quite on the cards yet, although some people are having a crack at it. Volunteering is the new frontier and now is our best chance to provide help to our community by recruiting quality people into our Club. We don't want numbers, we only want doers with the potential for a higher purpose.
I have been hitting my head against the wall over the last two years trying to work out some way to get our inactive members back into active members again. I have given up on them now and am resigned to the fact that I have wasted my time and my energy. With only weeks left to fulfil my plan to return the club into a powerhouse of community service, I must admit defeat at returning them to active Rotarians. There really weren't that many, but it is hard to attract new vibrant members to our club when there are fence-sitters not doing much. So that said, I have moved on. It has taken me a while but I don't have to spare them a thought anymore.
Now, the Board and I are focusing on transitioning to a new Rotary year and a new President. We have a lot of pokers in the fire which will need attending to if we want to reap the rewards of sticking them into the fire in the first place. We are in a place of knowing what we need to do instead of making up pointless activities to keep ourselves busy. I am hardly sitting around waiting for my year as President to end. Rather I am frantically trying to bring all the bits together so we can build a new layer on a new foundation. I am not intending to end my Presidency by sitting on my backside doing nothing, there are still a lot of things I can do as an ordinary Rotarian.
That new layer can only be made by looking out for each other as the Director's portfolios bloat (ie two directorships become one, Project and fundraising, Membership and Public Image) in the new Rotary year. Our Board Directors will need every able member to step forward to help them complete their roles. I am a President that believes members will voluntarily step into roles they feel they can deliver the best impact with the time they have available. I also believe that some members will extend themselves by education in Rotary by taking advantage of any opportunity to learn something. I have seen that in all our recently inducted members. Those members have the greatest potential as leaders in our Club and I am seeing a very vibrant future that I want to stick around and be part of.
Now just in case you are thinking that I am expecting people are going to throw away their lives just to do Rotary, think again. Any good organisation allows for cross over. That means several people can do the same job if someone is away and there is always a seamless transition. Dave Anderson did it with the Presentation Balls, it can be done! Graham, Sam, and I have been doing it with the bulletin. David N, Gus and Andrew have been doing it with the program, Andrew and I have been doing it with the website, and the list goes on. It is just like skipping, learning the rhythm and just jumping in.
If you feel you have potential talent or interest in a particular area but don't have the skills yet, that is not a problem. Hit me up and we can make it happen. No one knows everything. Everyone needs to learn something. Not that long ago I had no idea that Rotary even existed and now I know I could have made a difference sooner.
CNCISS 'Winter Coat Drive'
We will be collecting coats at the Club meetings to enable all Club members and friends to contribute to our local people in need during our imminent winter season. This is a great opportunity to do something super amazing! Try standing outside with no protection at the moment and see how long you would last. A coat, any coat makes a difference, so please search around and donate anything you won't be wearing anytime soon.
For more information, contact Sam McCurdy at Please note, that donations are open to anyone. We just want to look after people in our community who are finding it tough going through winter. 
Changes to RDU Magazine prices
Posted by Sam McCurdy:
What is the price of inspiration? While a subscription to a Rotary based magazine is mandatory for every Rotarian worldwide, it is there to prompt us all to push the envelope and get our story out to others. Our Club as with many others don't like to publicise our successes or failures in our Rotary projects but it is important that we make an effort to show ourselves as active participants in our community as Rotarians. Contributing an article to RDU will show all readers that the Rotary Club of Berwick are actively contributing to the overall benefits that Rotary provides to local communities across Zone 8. The only reason we hate to read it is that we ain't in it! So, please read this magazine to learn from other Clubs and look for opportunities for us to tell our story too. 
We are People of Action
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