Contact: David Nutter
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The Beaconsfield Club
100 Beaconsfield-Emerald Rd
Beaconsfield, VIC 3807

This week we start 2022 back at Holm Park.

We have been away for so long, it is time for a relaxed social meeting to make up for missing our get together at Jack and Ann's Garden Party. Partners and friends are very welcome. The focus of the meeting is fellowship so there will be no formalities apart from David Nutter and PP Gus massaging our brains to fill out the program for the year. 

Almost every Rotary Club I talk to is itching to do "SOMETHING". Life has been shut down to curb the spread of COVID and in doing so, put everyone's life in neutral. It is very hard to get out of neutral and into first gear, so let's talk about a few baby steps to get us active in the community again after "The Long Sleep".

While we are chatting we will discuss Omicron’s effect on RCB events, how we are feeling about the current situation and what we are concerned about.

David and PP Gus will sprout about the great exciting program they have lined up for the 9th of February and an exclusive preview of the list of future program events.

There might be a hint of travel feature fun nights organized by Di Double.

David and Gus will be asking for program suggestions, your favourite Rotary Program idea or event, and then a list of who we want to volunteer as our next few ‘behind the badge’ speakers.

See you all on the 2nd.


RCB Meeting Feb 2nd 2022 by David Button