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Lee Alexander is a Breast Care Nurse working across several private hospitals and Cancer Centres in the Mulgrave and Waverly catchments.  Lee has been a Breast Care Nurse for over 20 years and follows her patients from diagnosis, through treatment and theatre procedures to post-operative and, on occasion palliative care.  Lee truly provides holistic care and is a leader in the provision of a unique service through providing sexual, menopausal and family counselling.  Most recently Lee was appointed as the Breast Care Advisor to the Otis Foundation.

Lee has over 4 decades nursing experience as is a qualified midwife, theatre nurse with extensive experience in Emergency, surgical and paediatric nursing.  To support her practice Lee has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Nursing) and Academic Breast Care Nursing qualifications from Latrobe University.

One of Lee’s career highlights include winning a “Local Hero’ award through Knox Council in recognition of her fund raising and research.

In describing how she feels about the work she does Lee says;

“I feel very honoured and humble to be able to work in the field of oncology, knowing you’ve been able to make a difference to a patient and their families life is a pretty amazing feeling.”