Holm Park Recreation Reserve
Emerald Rd and Holm Park Rd
Beaconsfield, VIC  3807
Free Flow Networking is about strengthening our Club through communication, building connections with our visitors and expanding our Rotary knowledge. 
Ideas can become reality. Current projects can be strengthened and improved. Questions can be answered.
  1. We have the chance to talk about our Projects in small groups to develop deeper understandings of them by asking questions of the project leaders. Ideas can be explored, expanded, developed and questioned.
  2. There are opportunities to become involved in the areas that really matter to YOU by either joining an existing project or building a framework for your own project.
  3. Learn about the different functions within the Club by sitting down with one of the Board Members.
  4. Rotary information: Rotary is a very complicated organisation capable of doing amazing things in so many areas. This meeting is the place to be if you want to learn about what Rotary does and how you can get from Joe average to really making a difference to the world.
  5. This is a fantastic opportunity to interact with Visitors to our Club. Rotary is about sharing connections to make a difference in the world. A visitor may only be passing through but we have the opportunity to showcase what Rotary can do and enthuse them to help where they can. We are always looking for well-informed Friends of Rotary!
  6. Visiting Rotarians: Wow, what we can learn from our Rotary friends can bring new ideas and enthusiasm to our Club. Maybe start a joint project.....
  7. Learn, get connected and be part of something amazing! Above all...Tell a few jokes, have a good laugh and have some fun! 

Free Flow Networking: Get out of your comfort zone and do something you really want to do.

Anyone is welcome to attend a Rotary Meeting. Dress is neat casual.

Bookings are essential and close 10.00am the Tuesday before the meeting.

Book this meeting online by using the Online Registration buttons on this page.

MEMBERS: Book Club Members and guests GUESTS: Book visitors, fellow Rotarians and members of the public

Book this meeting by email or find out more: attendance@rotaryberwick.org

Wednesday nights, 6:30pm for 7:00pm The Beaconsfield Football Club 200mt from Emerald and Holm Park Road intersection Beaconsfield, VIC 3807, Australia Cost: $30.00 per person (2 courses) plus drinks at bar prices. Payable at the door.

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