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The Beaconsfield Club
Holm Park Reserve
100 Beaconsfield-Emerald Road
Beaconsfield, Australia 3807

Time for our next 'travel fix' and once again we have some excited people sharing their travel experience with us.

Make sure you bring along your partner, family and friends to enjoy 'travelling' to some amazing, interesting, historical and culturally fascinating places.

This month we will be travelling with Geoff and Di Double to Japan.
From Kimono-clad geishas in Kyoto to the buttet trains zooming between the cities, Japan is a fascinating land of contrasts, a heady mix of tradition and modernity that is astounding. Nowghere in the world blends the old and new quite like Japan; the speed of new technology developments is matched only by the longevity of its ancient customs and traditions.

From ornate temples, to intricate gardens, gourmet delights to magnificent scenery, Japan is a travel destination you must add to your bucket list.