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This week we will have a night that will be a little challenging, but full of fun, with a chance to catch up.  Please send in a photograph of one of your tools. Why you may ask? Because the challenge will be to match the tool with the owner!

The choice is yours to make! It may be a favourite tool, an old tool you can’t bear to part with, a tool you bought on a whim and then never used very often, a gardening tool, a building tool, a cooking tool, a craft tool, or a tool that you can’t live without! The choice is yours for whatever reason, but do have a story to go with it!

Please send the picture to by Tuesday Oct 5th at the latest to make the night successful and a bit of a fun!  Have pen and paper ready to write down your answers on the night.  Everyone will score at least 1 on the quiz, when they see their own tool on the screen.