The Beaconsfield Club
100 Beaconsfield-Emerald Rd
Beaconsfield, VIC 3807

On the 3rd of November, our guest speaker is Sjaak Kusters, formerly a member of RC Berwick. Sjaak is a Funeral Celebrant (12 years).  

He’ll talk to us about the new service he is offering “Write your life Right”.  His presentation outlines the many advantages of writing your life story before you pass to enable you to get ALL the facts and experiences 100% Right.

Often family members are too bereaved to accurately recall all your life experiences at a time of extreme sadness.  If your eulogy is pre-written, there is no better way to deliver a totally accurate story of your life.

Sjaak will give actual examples of where family members have completely got it wrong, simply because they had no idea of their father or mother’s life story in any detail.