Posted by Sam McCurdy
On Wednesday 3rd March, a team of Rotarians gathered at 'The Shed' at 4:30 pm to organise a delivery of all our Art Screens to Sorrento for their Art Show.  A convoy of two cars with trailers and David Button's truck then set off to Sorrento, arriving there at 6:00 pm as scheduled.
The team consisted of Gus Dominguez, David Nutter, Tim Moore, David Button, Russell Fellows, Andrew Somers, Andy Merrill, John Rosenthal, Garry Cooper and Sam McCurdy.
Unlike previous deliveries to Sorrento, the Art Screens were simply unloaded and placed against the wall of the venue, leaving members of the Rotary Club of Sorrento to assemble them within the venue, as per their planned layout.  This meant that our work was finished very quickly and we were able to sit at the barbeque tables and enjoy hot chips, which were kindly provided by Diana Nutter.  Thanks Diana, they were very  welcome.
Once the chips were consumed, the convoy made its' way home and the trailers were delivered safely to 'The Shed' by 8:00 pm.  This is a very successful and profitable project for the club.
As always, the fellowship between the Rotarians along the way was important, As the Irish say "the Craic" was good and several of the world's problems were almost solved.