Posted by David Button on Jul 30, 2020
I had a very strange experience at my last Rotary meeting. I actually laughed and had a good time. How can that be? Surely Rotary is supposed to be boring. My club had been working through the goals and objectives for the year and next minute BAM fun times! 
Rotary should not be all work and no play, but equally Rotary should not be a social club with no action. Rotary is a service club focused on service but also focused on the people who make that service happen. Just like a machine needs a bit of grease to make it work more efficiently, Rotary members need some downtime to recharge, regroup and come together as friends so their service is more enjoyable and effective. On Wednesday night, the magic happened with the help of a team of people.
Our club is very fortunate to have a great mix of fine and interesting people. We come from diverse backgrounds, have amazing ancestors, history and experiences. While this meeting only scratched the surface of a handful of members it still goes to show that our membership is collectively deep. Can Rotary be fun without being trivial? Definitely! We are serious people with serious skills working on serious problems while having a seriously good time.
Zoom meetings are not for everyone but they are the only tool left in the shed to keep us together. Love it or hate it, we have no choice for the next month or so. Are you with us? It is child play after all!