Posted by Sam McCurdy
Jen Marshall has organised our Club's involvement in the Clean Up Australia Day proceedings to be held on Sunday 7th March at 10:00 am. 
The Club is formally registered on the Clean Up Australia Day web page, so others can join us if they want. 
In fact, we will have company, as 25 Cubs and 10 parents from the Berwick Central Cub Group will be joining us to help complete this project. For members who just want to sleep in, GET OUT OF BED!!!!! Rotarians are "People of Action". 
Important information:
Date:Sunday 7th March
Buchanan Park, 72 Clyde Road Berwick          
 (Opposite McDonalds)   
Time:10:00 am onwards
Please wear your Rotary shirt to promote the Club. 
Although bags and some gloves will be provided by the City of Casey, it is recommended that you bring your own gloves to ensure that we have enough. For personal safety, participants are also advised to wear close-toed shoes and bring tongs.
A beautiful day is forecast with a maximum temperature of 27o Celsius. Therefore, it is recommended that you bring your own sun cream, hat and re-usable water bottle (Not single-use plastic).
We will clean up, then grab coffees/teas from McDonalds across the road, to have with morning tea and enjoy some fellowship. Morning tea will be funded by the City of Casey.
This is another project aligning with Rotary's 7th area of focus, namely: "Supporting the environment". We engage and develop relationships with other organisation to do more work than we could do alone. We are happy for others to take credit before ourselves. We are happy to drive change and create opportunities for others. We set an example for others. This Sunday is where you show your leadership.
Friends and family welcome - many hands make light work!