Posted by Sam McCurdy
 A team of six Rotarians met at Alameda Homestead Nursery on Thursday afternoon to sort through 3.5 pallets of boxes of clothing, which were donated by a large retail business through 'Donations in Kind' to the Rotary Berwick & District Benevolent Society.
The team consisted of David Button, Laury Gordyn, Graham Johnstone, Garry Cooper, John Rosenthal and Sam McCurdy. 
They were joined by Vanessa Shillito and Lidia Gruszka from Casey North Community Information & Support Service (CNCISS), who provided advice on which of the clothes were suitable for distribution to the community.  Those clothes with recognisable logos were considered to be unsuitable for local distribution.
Over a period of three hours of concentrated effort, the team managed to make up 2.5 pallets of suitable clothing for distribution to those in need within the local community. The clothes will be passed on to CNCISS in batches, for distribution over a period of time.