Posted by David Button on Nov 18, 2021
Erin Coldham is the Chief Development Officer at the Star of the South project, which seeks to harness Bass Strait winds to power more than a million homes with clean energy, while creating thousands of jobs.
Erin is proud to be part of the team progressing this critical infrastructure project for Australia, bringing her extensive experience working with all levels of government on major, multi-billion-dollar infrastructure projects.
In her role at Star of the South, Erin is currently responsible for all development activities required to bring the project to construction and operation, working with industry, regulators, policy-makers and local communities to bring offshore wind to regional Gippsland and the State of Victoria.
Included in 'A Word About Wind’s Top 100 Women’s Power List 2021', Erin is a champion for female talent in the energy industry and is driven by the positive opportunities offshore wind represents for Australia.  
The upcoming District Conference in Traralgon is starting to take shape with the speaker list starting to build.
This Conference will be all about the environment which fits in with Rotary's new seventh area of focus. It also has a link to our Club's own Environmental Policy project started by Jen Marshall in the hope that all Rotary Clubs in the District will use zero environmental impact process while running projects.
Our Club has just signed this agreement and I think it is an important step forward to walk the talk. Jen has done a great job preparing this policy and creating our first Environmental project. It would be perfect if our Club members went to the Conference just to show our support and commitment to the environment and learn of other ways Rotarians and Rotary are working in this area.
•Prof Fiona Wood, Perth – Bali bombing & burns specialist & spray-on-skin
•Charlie Allen, Institute for Economics & Peace – Rotary Peace Scholar
•Vic Grosjean, Melbourne Rotaract – Environmental speaker
•Luke Richmond, solo adventures – Motivational speaker
•Rae MacKay – Latrobe Valley Mine rehabilitation
•Erin Coldham, Star of the South – offshore wind farm
•Leigh Woodgate, Woman from Snowy River  – Motivational speaker
•Jessie Harman, Rotary International Director – Leadership Breakfast speaker
There is a shortage of accommodation because Traralgon is a drive-in, drive-out town for workers at the power station and paper mill. I would recommend that you book as soon as you can.
Just to tease you a bit, imagine that you wanted to attend the District Conference. Where might you stay? DG Bill apparently had some time on his hands and this is what he came up with:
In an idle moment, I thought I would measure the distance on Google Maps from various accommodations in Traralgon to the Gippsland Performing Arts Centre where the conference will be held.
Mantra Hotel
50 rooms370 metres
Comfort Inn Traralgon31 rooms580 metres
Creek Cottage B& B3 cottages800 metres
Traralgon Serviced Apartments24 apartments930 metres
Strzelecki Motel24 rooms990 metres
Governor Gipps Motel  22 rooms1,000 metres
City Gardens Motel13 rooms1,250 metres
Bridges on Argyle75 rooms1,370 metres
Connell’s Motel    14 rooms1,610 metres
Motel Traralgon  22 rooms2,750 metres
Quality Inn Traralgon 61 rooms3,550 metres
What will it cost you? What is it about? How to book. That information can be found here:
All I can tell you is that I have registered for the District Conference in February and I hope to see you all there too!