Posted by David Button on Apr 01, 2021
When Roger Thornton (RC of Pakenham) and David Button (RC of Berwick) get together for a chat, it is mostly about expanding what Rotary can do through networking because most Rotary Clubs don't have an expert in every field. Roger is the D9820 Donations in Kind (DIK) representative and works closely with many different groups that pass through the DIK Shed in West Footscray. The Rotary Club of Berwick is also a member of Rotary Donations in Kind Inc. and supports some of the costs associated with running a big warehouse. 
For those who are unfamiliar with DIK, its sole purpose is to repurpose new and used clothes, computers, medical equipment, school equipment, stationery, medical supplies and other things for use locally, or internationally. It is an amazing recycling organisation and Roger is a very hands-on representative.
Networking within Rotary Clubs is key to expanding a Rotary Club's reach into new areas and new experiences. As a good example, our Club's involvement with Balibo, Timor-Leste, is a result of networking. The journey with this one project has opened up so many new doors we would need an extra 100 members to work through them all. 
So through our chatting, we came up with a plan for a joint meeting! Obviously, we needed a few people to come along so we had Rotarians to network with. The next minute, eighty-seven people turned up for a vocational visit to Alameda Homestead Nursery in Devon Meadows. These members spanned eight Rotary Clubs. It was a very pleasant evening of good information, great fellowship and terrific food. Thank you to all that helped to set it up, the people who helped it run smoothly, the people who came and made it a great event and the ones who cleaned up the next day. Until the next one.......!