Posted by David Button on Mar 31, 2021
Last Saturday I had the great pleasure to attend the very first D9820 Interact Conference, held at Nossal High School. This conference was organised by the District 9820 Youth Chair, Josie Wilson, with the help of RC Berwick members Geoff and Di Double, Greg Lee, Andrew Somers, and Jim Wilson. Also helping were Erica Peck and Rob Cook (Peninsula Rotaract). No doubt I am missing people, but let's just say it was an enormous effort from everyone. Three Interact Clubs were represented.
The RC of Berwick, in partnership with RC Emerald, sponsor the Interact Club of St Margaret's School and Berwick Grammar School. The picture above is representative of our 40 member strong Interact Club. The program was engaging, informative and thought provoking. The presenter, Kate Wilde, was in tune with the Interactors, bringing out some amazing insights to what young people are thinking and how Interact is giving them a pathway to make a difference. Kate's presentation style was very interactive with the participants and she quickly made everyone at ease enough to problem solve issues with people they had only just met.
Josie made a big effort to get banners, materials and representatives of as many Rotary programs as she could. Then we showcased around the room, so that the Interactors could see the depth Rotary has. I was able to do a short tour of some of Rotary programs with our group and they asked some very deep and meaningful questions. Good thing I knew the answers! My personal opinion was WOW! They were all keen to learn more and even come and visit our Rotary Club.
Thank you Josie and her team on putting on a very worthwhile event. I am looking forward to the next one for sure.