Posted by David Button on Mar 10, 2021
One of the main features of our set of member surveys is the desire for social functions. Vocational visits, nights out to restaurants, visits to wineries, camping trips, bus tours, Christmas parties and maybe even a Club birthday party are all on the cards for members to get involved.
The fact is that everyone says they want more of this type of activity, but no one is willing to do the work to make it happen and even fewer people are willing to commit to supporting the events. Another survey furphy!
furphy is Australian slang for an erroneous or improbable story that is claimed to be factual. Furphies are supposedly 'heard' from reputable sources, sometimes second-hand or third-hand, and widely believed until discounted.
So over the next little while, the rubber is meeting the road in an improbable story of success and a conclusion that some survey results are fictitious. Naturally, I am looking forward to being proven wrong. 
Lawn Bowls 17th March.
This coming week, at the Berwick Bowls Club, we are supporting the Inner Wheel Club of Berwick and competing with our arch-rivals and good friends, the Rotary Club of Monbulk, in a grudge match of lawn bowls spanning decades.
This is the funniest, most intense game of 'chuck the ball' known to mankind, but shunned by most club members. No experience is required! No talent is expected! Just get with the program and pretend you have got it. Be impressed by how bad you can bowl and celebrate if you win a trophy! 12 members are currently registered as players, with zero hours left. Good thing that I get on with the Rotary Club of Monbulk.
Booking for those who want to experience fun is via the link: 
We do have 4 members registered as spectators and this is actually a very positive change to past years! Our players need all the encouragement they can get!
Vocational Visit 31st March: 
Your current President is opening up his business to a joint Rotary vocational experience, to attempt to bond two clubs into a working partnership. The attendance expectation is 50. The Rotary Clubs of Berwick and Pakenham are in the mix for round one.
If the numbers are low, the rest of the cluster Clubs will be included and if that doesn't float it, there is the public. Find out more about it HERE and if you are in the mood, book in or share it with your friends and family. This will be a catered event to ensure everyone is free to have a good time. It will cost you $25 and that money will go to support our club caterers.
BOOK HERE if you are keen to attend! Don't forget to bring a few friends along!
To allow for plenty of time to walk and talk plants, this will be a catered function. Please wear sturdy footwear. Don't wear your best clothes!
Address:105 Fisheries Road, Devon Meadows 3977
Date:Wednesday, 31st March 2021
Time:From 6:00 pm onwards
Catering:Carlyle Complete Catering @ $25 pp.
 BYO Drinks, chairs
Menu:Marinated chicken thigh fillets
 Roast beef with gravy
Herb roasted potatoes
Roasted sweet potato and pumpkin
Kale and quinoa salad with a lemon Dijon dressing.
Breads with butter

Fruit salad
Cheese board.
Club Birthday Party 5th May 2021:
This year our Club is turning 60, along with PP Gus, Boonie, Di Double and others.
Jane Moore and Jen Marshall have stepped up to organise a 60th birthday celebration for the Club.
We are looking at 70 guests to make our party pump. Jane and Jen have their work cut out for them, so please show your support and help them wherever you can. Anything less than 70 guests will not do.
70 is a very low number for a respected organisation and I would hope that all members would see Rotary as the leading community-based organisation in Casey. Make it 100 and that would be more like it.
It is time to stop talking about what our Club could be and making an effort to making our club into what it should be. We have most of the ingredients, and we have the glue to stick our talents together. Focus on our strengths and we will be a powerhouse in the community again. Be a leader in the community and Party Hard!