Posted by David Button on Mar 03, 2021
The Board has decided to pursue two low-level scholarship grants aimed at Nossal High School. I would love to see Rotary taking the lead to help build better people and this is one way of achieving that goal.

Our recent engagement with the school has uncovered an opportunity to make a difference to two students from struggling families. Each grant requires $500 from the Club and is matched by $500 from the District.

For those members who are unfamiliar with this type of grant, here are the guidelines:

Guidelines for Scholarships:

  1. The students may be enrolled in any year of secondary education in Victorian State High School, College, or similar.  
  2. The scholarship may be used for students located on different campuses of the one institution. 
  3. Scholarships are to be paid directly to the school. 
  4. The scholarship can benefit one to four students, as determined by the school. 
  5. Scholarships are intended for financially disadvantaged students, to assist and encourage them to more fully participate in the normal school curriculum.  
  6. They are not to be used for rewarding the student. Nor are they for use in connection with extra-curricular activity, or any activity outside the normal school program. 
  7. The school will need to account for the full $1,000, so that a statement of the scholarship expenses can be provided for each student.  
  8. Copies of relevant invoices and/or receipts are required to accompany the Club's Report. 
  9. Note that the scholarship grant funds will be paid electronically to the Club by District, following successful completion of the Scholarship Grant Report form with receipts. 
  10. Clubs should be sensitive to the fact that many students and their family shun receiving charity, so the confidentiality of beneficiaries may have to be observed.