Posted by David Button on Feb 25, 2021
When a customer wants to hire art screens from the Rotary Club of Berwick, they expect quality service. Thanks to PP Gus Dominguez and PP Laury Gordyn, that's what they get, even though sometimes it doesn't fit the Club program.
The picture above is about all we are going to see of this week's meeting
on 3rd March! We are off to deliver ART SCREENS!
Art Screen hire is one of the three major income streams of the club that keep our community project activities viable. Like all businesses, cash flow is important and there hasn't been too much of that for many months. If I were a customer wanting art screens from the Rotary Club of Berwick, I would expect unbelievable service from helpful volunteers. Through the work of Gus and Laury, that is what we deliver!
Service, reliability and a can-do attitude are getting rare these days! Trust me, I deal with a lot of businesses that are not meeting my expectations. I can say that our art screen business is first class and I am proud to recommend it to anyone who could use our service.
So where is this all leading to? Well, this week, members have a choice to either join us for a trip down to Sorrento to deliver all our art screens, have pizza and a chat at Tim and Jane's place on the way back, OR have the night off from Rotary. Most of the members participating in the drop off are strong supporters of our Holm Park meetings. With those members gone, there is not enough support for our caterers and it will cost the club members account a couple hundred dollars to make up for the shortfall in the minimum number of meals. The club is already running a deficit in the meal department, as members continue to shun attending Holm Park. This shortfall will mean higher Club dues and losing the venue, if this trend continues.
If you would like to join the caravan of trucks and trailers down to Sorrento and see what we do to earn a bit of cash, contact PP Gus on and book yourself in. Any club member is welcome. It is a great time for fellowship and bonding!