Posted by Jennifer Marshall on Nov 14, 2020
This week we donned the t-shirts, trackies and sweatbands as it was time to get physical! 
Our presenter was Kate Boyle, a nutritionist, pilates instructor, elite level ballet dancer, podcaster, business owner, mum of two and a local Berwick girl! 
Kate shared her top tips for staying healthy while spending so much time at home, her main points are summarised as:
  1. Keep moving with daily exercise
  2. Eat a healthy diet full of wholefoods including your 5 serves of veggies and 2 serves of fruit a day
  3. Take care of your mental health 
Kate then got us moving with some gentle exercises in our chairs and then standing. This quick 10 minutes stretch routine can be done throughout the day when we find ourselves spending long periods of time sitting in our chairs. The routine is attached to the newsletter for those that want a simple program to follow.
For those interested in attending a pilates class check out Kate's business , or for those who prefer to work out at home around a busy schedule, Kate also has an online health and wellness membership too. 
This presentation was part of the club's 'Support a local business' initiative. We were able to raise $95 on the night from attendance fees which will go towards paying Kate for the evening and help continue our program to support local businesses recovering from the shutdown period.