PP Peter Batterham reminded everyone that the Berwick College Presentation Balls will be held on Tuesday 14 May, Wednesday 15 May and Thursday 16 May at The Grand, Cathies Lane, Wantirna.
There are 68 debutantes participating this year and so the Balls are spread over three nights, rather than two.  Four of the boys are partnering several debutantes over the three nights.
The debutantes and their partners will be presented to President Geoff and Di Double at the Wednesday Ball.  Those participating at the Tuesday and Thursday Balls will be presented to the College Principal, Kerri Bolch.
The Balls have already raised approximately $90,000 and may ultimately exceed $100,000.
Several of the Presentation Ball committee will be unavailable, so Peter requires assistance from other Club members over the three nights to manage guest entry and other jobs. 
Helpers will need to be there from 6:00 pm onwards, as the doors open at 6:30 pm.  However, there is no need to stay until the end at 11:00 pm.
Those assisting can bring their partners at no cost.  If you can help, please let Peter know.