After what will go down in history as the best rendition of our National Anthem, MC for the evening, Adrian Funston (Funno) called everyone to order, for the Club’s 58th Changeover Dinner. Guests had come from near and far to witness the induction of Isobel Caulfield, as the Rotary Club of Berwick’s new President. 
Geoff Double’s last official role as President, before handing over the collar (and the reins) to Isobel was to share with everyone what a great honour it was to, once again, be the President of the Rotary Club of Berwick. He thanked Lea and Steve Paton for all the work they did with the Club over many years, before they resigned from the Club, and he also thanked Gerald Treasure for stepping up and leading the Club whilst we were without a President. I think that makes Gerald the oldest President our Club has had!
President Isobel Caulfield holding the Rotary Club of Berwick Club Charter!
As well as members of neighbouring Rotary Clubs, Inner Wheel Clubs and Rotaract being on hand to celebrate the year that was and welcome in the new Rotary year, special mention was made of Isobel’s father Graeme and his wife Lily, who had travelled from Maryborough, in central Victoria.
After the formal Toast to Rotary, eloquently presented by Jack Kraan, which was answered by the District 9820’s new Governor, our very own Adrian Froggatt (who took the opportunity to ‘plug’ the Bendigo Conference in March next year), there was one little surprise in store.

A very humbled Jack Kraan was honoured by the Principal of Nossal High, Roger Page, for his commitment to the school. For the last 6 years Jack has been an active member of the School Council, as their community representative.
Roger also took the opportunity to thank the Club for its support of the school, from BBQ’s, Mock Interviews, etc. and he also let all in the room know that Sam McCurdy has taken over the position which Jack had held on the Council. Congratulations Jack!
Geoff took a moment to thank his mentors Jim Wilson, John Rosenthal and Peter Mangan (even though he was very unwell at the time he always made the time to show his support), David Button, Jack Kraan, Gary Castricum and the members of the Board for supporting him and the Club in general, over this period of change.
Geoff’s mid-cycle induction as President lead to a ‘changing of the guard’ for a few members, especially Adrian Funston who took over the role as Sergeant and Jack Kraan for looking after vocational visits. The vacant membership position on the Board was eagerly filled by Jim Wilson and as part of a restructuring of the projects directorship, Gaetano Fina was welcomed to the Board, as Director of ‘Youth and New Ideas’. 
Another change to the Board structure means that future immediate Past Presidents will now remain on the Board in the role of Vice President, to help in the transition of each Board to the next and to provide support for each new President. Geoff would like to see all members continue to support this great Club, to achieve personal growth from being a Rotarian and help in the Club’s future growth by being positive and supportive of all members, projects and new ideas. He reminded us that we are volunteers and he believes that we are all doing the best that we can. Over the past eight months all members have been eager to help wherever possible and to help grow the Club. All our projects and fundraising activities have been conducted in a professional and enthusiastic manner, resulting in very good experiences for everyone concerned. The work done by our members in running our annual Carols event chaired by Diana
Gomez-Fullaway, Australia Day chaired by Isobel Caulfield, the Golf Day chaired by Jim Armstrong and strongly supported by Bob Lay, Deb Balls by the great team of Pete and Sue Batterham and the art screens by Laury Gordyn and his team of helpers has been exceptional. Adrian Funston has been instrumental in keeping the annual Berwick Cemetery clean-up, Wilson Botanic Park works and the Bowls night, this year held at Monbulk, running.
Unfortunately we were unable to bring home the bowls shield this year meaning that Geoff now has the dubious record of two losses against his name!
As well as our fundraising events, the Club is very grateful for the ongoing support of the St John of God Hospital, Berwick and the Beaconsfield District Community Bank Branch, Bendigo Bank. The corporate sponsorship the Club receives from both of these organisations helps us to give extra funds to our local community.
There are also many jobs that are carried out tirelessly every week by members without which the Club would not function like it does. In particular Geoff acknowledged Isobel Caulfield  or all her background administrative work, President Elect and Secretary David Button, Treasurer Gary Castricum, photographer and Joker’s Wild expert Sandi Tarant, Sam McCurdy as Spoke ‘N’ Word editor, and all the other members that help set up and pack up the venue each week. 
Unfortunately this Rotary year we have lost three valuable and much-loved members of this Club...PP Peter Mangan and PP Murray
Newby and our last surviving Charter Member, PP Bill Minns, all of whom are sadly missed by everyone of us. They have left a hole, which
will not be filled.
Geoff said that the Club has had an excellent year of fundraising and  the usual recipients will be The Rotary Foundation, Polio Plus, Berwick College, Windermere,
school awards and many of the Rotary youth programs that we always support.

In the last couple of weeks of Geoff’s year he had the pleasure of being able to present a Paul Harris Fellow on behalf of the Club to Susan Magee, from Casey North Community Information and Support Services, in recognition of all her work in helping the local community. This was followed by a transferring induction of
Rotarian PP Roger Thornton, who is passionate about the work of Donations in Kind (DIK) and his support for Timor Leste, in particular Balibo. Our meeting venue continues to be the envy of other Clubs in the District and Geoff thanked Naomi, Adam and the team from Khan’s for continuing to provide us with a top quality venue and delicious meals each week.
Everyone was urged to get behind President Isobel Caulfield and her team for the 2019 – 2020 Rotary year!