Posted by David Button on Jul 30, 2020
It has been a great privilege to have met and worked with Roger Hall over the years in Rotary and with Berwick College. Roger was a funny bloke with a serious side. A genuine person who just made things happen. While there is sadness that he has moved on to a higher place, there is also happiness in the memories I have of Roger.
Many who are reading this will also have been touched by Roger's humour, disarming demeanour and sense of community. His long history in service to the community and in particular Berwick College is testament to his determined effort for a better outcome for anyone who would take the time to listen. We could all take a leaf or two out of Roger's book.
Roger was quite active on Facebook and loved a good meme or two. I thought I would share one of Roger's last posts with you only because its meaning has changed with a blink of an eye.
Rest in Peace Roger. See you again on the other side.