The official vision of Rotary International resonates with President Isobel. ‘Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change - across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves’. President Isobel noted that the change may be in ourselves. That could mean by taking on a new role that you didn’t think you could being President...or just the satisfaction of a job well done serving the community.
In Isobel shared with us that she felt overwhelming and honoured to be inducted as President. She congratulated and thanked Geoff for the past few months.
Isobel said the club needed leadership and Geoff stepped up to the job. She also thanked the board and all the club members for supporting Geoff. Isobel spoke of how ironic it was that changeovers have become a thing between the Double’s and Caulfield’s. In 2010 Di passed the IWC Berwick Presidential Collar to Isobel. In 2016
Geoff handed over the Rotary Collar to Mark...and in keeping with the tradition, Geoff was now handing the collar to her. Isobel thanked her father Graeme and her late mother, for being such active members of the community in which they have lived. Doing things for the community is something which Isobel has done
all her life. She especially thanked Mark and their daughters, Rachel and Anna, who also give so much to the community, both through Rotary and through Rotaract.
Isobel pointed out that the first word of Rotary’s vision is ‘together’. Even though she is the person standing up the front, she is relying on the support of all of us around her. Not only Club members, but friends and community members in general. Isobel believes we all have a part to play to strengthen our Club.
Isobel knows that DG Adrian’s District theme of ‘Breaking the Chains’ is a good one! She believes that sometimes we do need to rattle, bend and even break those chains. But, she did point out that you do need to have a strong chain to start with! If we can strengthen those weak links we will be winning. As with
Adrian, Isobel is more about evolution than revolution. 
In the room for this special event there were members from 5 Rotary Clubs, 3 Inner Wheel Clubs and a Rotaract Club. How good is that! Imagine what we could achieve if we all work together. Isobel would like to see more collaboration with our neighbouring Clubs and there are already ‘things in the pipeline’ for the coming 12 months. Isobel is confident that if we all work as a team we will make the Rotary Wheel continue to turn.
In closing, Isobel assured us that she will do the best that she can... and we know that with Isobel’s ‘can do’ attitude and her ongoing commitment to Rotary and to our Club, we are in for a fantastic year! 
Members of the Board (Having a little fun!)
Di Scheepers, Jack Kraan,
Pete Batterham, Geoff Double,
Bob Lay, Gaetano Fina,
David Button, President Isobel,
Gus Dominguez, Gary Castricum
(absent, Rob Wingrave)