Major centenary projects are underway right now, already making a difference and creating a legacy for the next century. Examples are the  'Give Every Child a Future' and 'End Trachoma by 2020' projects
'Give every Child a Future'
This project is a collaboration led by Australia and New Zealand’s four founding Rotary clubs – Melbourne, Vic, Sydney, NSW, Auckland, NZ, and Wellington, NZ – will work with UNICEF to vaccinate 100,000 children against three common and deadly diseases. They are:
  • Rotavirus, a leading cause of death from diarrhoea in under-five-yearolds
  • Pneumococcal disease, a major cause of meningitis, pneumonia and blood poisoning in young children; and
  • Human papillomavirus, the cause of cervical cancer, which kills disproportionate numbers of women in the Pacific compared to Australia and New Zealand.
To do this, Rotary has partnered with UNICEF across the three regions. UNICEF and Rotary have a long history of partnership, most notably through the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. Rotary’s primary role in RGECAF is to raise funds and awareness for the project, while UNICEF is responsible for delivering the vaccines.
Interested Rotarians, and those wanting to learn more, are invited to visit
'End Trachoma by 2020'
The World Health Organisation has a global goal to eliminate trachoma worldwide by 2020.
Australia is the last developed country in the world where this infectious eye disease persists, affecting remote Aboriginal communities experiencing overcrowding, poor hygiene and poor sanitation.  It is a disease with potentially serious consequences, capable of causing permanent blindness.
While the work of the Australian Government, Fred Hollows Foundation and Indigenous Eye Health to treat trachoma infections has seen rates reduce substantially, we now need to ensure that hygiene practices and community environments are improved to eliminate the disease completely.
'EndTrachoma by 2020', a #Rotary100DownUnder initiative, is making inroads to closing the gap. Aimed at Indigenous communities, Rotary is providing mobile washing machines and sanitation programs to help break the cycle of disadvantage.