Posted by David Button on Mar 15, 2021
Last Monday, the Rotary Club of Berwick's Board met for the monthly meeting. This meeting was held in person so that all Board members could express their views on the proposed Satellite Club.
The benefits and potential problems of pursuing this idea of sponsoring a Satellite Club were debated at length. Sam summarised the feedback from 14 members, who had responded either verbally and/or in writing to the proposal. 10 members had been against the idea at this point, stating that our existing Club problems needed to be addressed before considering such a proposal. The other 4 members strongly supported the concept. It was confirmed that all the Board members present supported the concept, but not the timing.

There will be a meeting of the potential Satellite Club members on 25th March at 6:30 pm and several of our Board members will attend to gather more information to aid our decision. The Board will reconvene at a future date to discuss the outcomes of that meeting and present the findings to the members for a decision.
This is a worthy project but it is a decision for the whole Club to make. I do not want to draw out the process but rather reach a decisive answer based on how prepared the core of the proposed Satellite Club is. We are in a critical time for our own Club development so I am hoping that the Satellite Club will be very well prepared and will not distract our Board from its commitments. We don't want to find ourselves in a position of getting tangled up in mid-flight.