The Environment Sustainability Rotarian Action Group (ESRAG) recommended that environmental sustainability be named a distinct Area of Focus rather than a subset of the original six.  They are pleased to announce that 'Supporting the environment' is now officially recognised as the 7th Area of Focus for Rotary.
It joins the other areas of focus, which are:
  1. Peace building and conflict resolution
  2. Disease prevention and treatment
  3. Water sanitation and hygiene
  4. Maternal and child health
  5. Basic Education and literacy
  6. Community economic development
As a result of this decision, Rotary International has announced that the Rotary Foundation will start accepting grant requests under the new 'Supporting the Environment' Area of Focus in July, 2021.   
Two steps are essential before grant making can begin under the new Area of Focus in 2021.
  • The Rotary Foundation must develop the criteria for what kinds of environmental projects will be eligible for global grants.
  • Donors are needed to contribute for environmental grants.
As the Rotary Action Group for environmentalists, ESRAG members will assist Rotary to achieve both tasks.
ESRAG is also raising money to be used for grants reducing or capturing carbon emission. It is interesting to note that by holding its 2020 Convention virtually, rather than flying to Honolulu for it, British Rotarian Keith Tovey estimates that Rotary prevented over 100,000 tons of carbon emissions.  Keith is an expert in calculating carbon footprints.